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Snow-Bound at Eagle's by Bret Harte

Part 3 out of 3

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slightly drawing her pretty lips together. "He did not wear his
trousers rolled up over his boots in the company of ladies, as
you're doing now, nor did he make his first appearance in this
house with such a hat as you wore this morning, or I should not
have admitted him."

There were a few moments of embarrassing silence.

"Do you intend to give that package to Mr. Falkner yourself,
Colonel?" asked Mrs. Scott.

"I shall hand it over to the Excelsior Company," said the Colonel,
"but I shall inform Ned of what I have done."

"Then," said Mrs. Scott, "will you kindly take a message from us to

"If you wish it."

"You will be doing ME a great favor, Colonel," said Hale, politely.

Whatever the message was, six months later it brought Edward
Falkner, the reestablished superintendent of the Excelsior Ditch,
to Eagle's Court. As he and Kate stood again on the plateau,
looking towards the distant slopes once more green with verdure,
Falkner said--

"Everything here looks as it did the first day I saw it, except
your sister."

"The place does not agree with her," said Kate hurriedly. "That is
why my brother thinks of leaving it before the winter sets in."

"It seems so sad," said Falkner, "for the last words poor George
said to me, as he left to join his cousin's corps at Richmond,
were: 'If I'm not killed, Ned, I hope some day to stand again
beside Mrs. Hale, at the window in Eagle's Court, and watch you and
Kate coming home!'"

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