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Selections from the Speeches and Writings of Edmund Burke. by Edmund Burke

Part 9 out of 9

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Regicidal legislature of France.

Regicide, atrocious principles of.
--the sanguinary ante-chamber of.

Reliefs, on the ancient customs of.

Religion, on the union of love and dread in.
--our civilization dependent on the spirit of.
--within the province of a Christian magistrate.
--false, courts obscurity.
--negative, a nullity.

Remedy, on the distemper of.

Representatives, on the conduct and duty of.

Republicanism, on the jargon of.

Republicans, on the legislation of.

Republics, on the character of, in the abstract.

Resignation of the mind.

Restrictive virtues too high for humanity.

Retrospect of the memory.

Revenue, refusal productive of a.
--the state its own.
--necessity of its payment.
--on the best mode of raising the.

Revolution of France, horrors of the.
--Burke's idea of.
--its frightful scenes.
--founded on regicide, Jacobinism, and atheism.
--reflections on.
--causes of the.
--evils of.
--on the politics of the.
--specious justification of.

Revolution, the Glorious, of England in 1688.
--its objects.
--principles of the.

Revolution Society, dangerous objects of the.

Revolutions of France and England compared.

"Right, Declaration of," its objects.

"Right, Petition of," on the famous law of.

Rights, natural and civil.
--prescriptive, on the justice and necessity of.

Robespierre, on the instruments of his tyranny.

Rockingham, Lord, vindication of his measures.

Rome, the great centre of early Christianity in the western world.
--assailed by France.

Rousseau, philosophic vanity of.
--paradoxical writings of.

Rulers, on the disputes of the people with.

Salaries, public, on the justice of, for particular service.

Santerre, the regicide atrocity of.

Saracens, irruptions of the.

Saville, Sir George, his intellectual and moral character.

Saxon conquests, state of Britain at the time of.
--religious conversion of the Saxons.

Self-inspection tends to concentrate the forces of the soul.

Sentiment, genuine, not discordant with sound policy.

Silence, prudential advantages of.

Simon, the son of Onias, scriptural panegyric on.

Smith, Sir Sidney, on his treatment as a French prisoner.

Social contract, definition of the.

Society and solitude, on the balance between.

Solitude a positive pain.

Sound of words, its effect.

Sovereign jurisdictions, on the advantage of.

Speciousness, ideas of.

Speculation and history, general disquisition on.

State, the, on the union of the Church with.
--consecrated by the Church.
--the revenue of, its own.

State-consecration, on the principles of.

Style, on clearness and strength in.

Sublime, sources of, and what constitutes the.

Subserviency, base, bad laws productive of.

Subsistence, means of, should be certain.

Superstition, monastic and philosophic.

Sympathy, on the bond of.
--extensions of.
--its influences.

Tallien, the regicide atrocity of.

Taste, philosophy of.
--principles of.
--standard of.

Taxation, on the principle involved in.
--on the right of.

Test Acts, Burke's proposed oath on the.

Theodorus, archbishop of Canterbury, the great promoter of English literature.

Theory, liability to error in.

--on the proper use of.

Toleration, on the intolerancy of.

Townshend, Right Hon. Charles, his character and great acquirements.

Truth, on the security of.

Ugliness, on the nature of.

Vanity, philosophic, ethics of.

Venality, dangers of.

Virtues, the restrictive, almost too high for humanity.

Visionary, character of the.

Voice of the people to be consulted.

Vulgar, conceptions of the.

Wages, on their connection with labour.

Walpole, Sir Robert, on the policy of.

War, on the tremendous consequences of.

War and will of the people.

Warning for a nation, founded on the state of public affairs.

Weakness in government, on the evils of.

Wealth, on the relation of, to national dignity.

Wilkes, John, on his right of election to Parliament.

William the Conqueror, on the sovereign qualities of;
--his policy.

William III., on his succession to the English crown.
--his vigorous policy against France.

Words, their power and influence.
--effect of.
--various qualities of.

End of PG's Selections from the Speeches and Writings of Edmund Burke

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