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Roving East and Roving West by E.V. Lucas

Part 3 out of 3

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Delhi--the camel omnibuses
its architecture
and the Mutiny
Dickens, Charles, presentation copies

"Eha," his three books
Elephanta, caves of

Fakirs in India
Faneuil Hall, Boston
Fifth Avenue
Foss, Mr. Samuel W., his Boston poem
Franklin, Benjamin
Funerals in India and England

Ganges, the
Geisha dances
Gilbert, Mr. Cass
Girard, Stephen
Goschen, Lord, wounds the tiger

Hakone, Lake
Herford, Mr. Oliver
Hindus, the, and animals
Holmes, Oliver Wendell
Hong-Kong, funeral at
Hooghli, the
Hotels in America
Humayun's Tomb
Huntington, Mr. H. E.

Jahan, Shah, his buildings
Jains, the, their preservation of life
Japan--its lack of idlers
and animal life
its women
its American reading
Japanese, their small stature
public manners
their gold teeth
Journalism in America

Katsuragava rapids
Keats' _Lamia_, 1820
Kesteven, Sir Charles, his library
Khan, Sir Umar Hayat
Kohinoor, the
Kutb Minar, the
Kyoto, its temples

Lake Placid Club
Lamb, Mr. A. M., his distress at Honolulu
Charles, first editions
Landor, Walter Savage
Lavater abroad
Lincoln Memorial
Liston, Lt.-Col. Glen
Lucknow and the Mutiny
its delectability
Lutyens, Sir Edwin Landseer, R.A., goes hawking
and Imperial Delhi
and the priests
and the divers
hunts the tiger
Marquis, Mr. Don
Moguls, the
Mohammedan customs
Morgan, Mr. J. Pierpont
Mount Vernon
Mutiny, the

Nautch, the
Nawanagar, the Jam of
New or Imperial Delhi
New York, its skyscrapers
its buildings
its aquarium
its shops
its dances
its sky signs
its pictures
its MSS.
its maturity
Newspapers in America
Newton, Mr. A. Edward

Otome Pass

Painters, American, in England
Parsees, the
Peacock Throne, the
Pictures in America
Prince of Wales in New York
Pronunciation in America

Ranjitsinhji, Prince
Roosevelt, Theodore, his Memorial Road
"Rose Aylmer"
Ruth, "Babe"

San Francisco
_Saturday Evening Post_, the
Scott, Mr. A. P., his house
Sculpture in America
Shaw, Mr. Bernard
Simplified spelling
Slang in America
Snake-poison antidotes
St. Gaudens, Augustus
Stevenson, Robert Louis
Swamp-deer hunting
Swan, Mr. Thomas, his despair at Honolulu

Taj Mahal, the
Talmadge, Constance
Tavernier on the Moguls
Theatre, the, in Japan
Tiger hunt, a
Tinney, Frank
Tokio, its dress
its theatre
Tolstoi, Count Leo
Towers of Silence
Townsend, Joe, his ballad

Valley Forge
Venice and Benares
Vers Libre

Wayne, Anthony
Wayside Inn, the
Wheeler, Mr. Charles Stetson, his story
Women in America
in Japan
Woolworth Building, the

Yamaguchi, Madame

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