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Roget's Thesaurus by Peter Mark Roget

Part 15 out of 15

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Int. hallelujah, allelujah[obs3]! hosanna! glory be to God! O Lord!
pray God that! God grant, God bless, God save, God forbid! sursum corda
Phr. "making their lives a prayer" [Whittier]; ora et labora[Lat];
"prayers ardent open heaven" [Young].

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#991. Idolatry. -- N. idolatry, idolism[obs3]; demonism[obs3],
demonolatry[obs3]; idol-worship, demon-worship, devil-worship, fire-
worship; zoolatry, fetishism, fetichism; ecclesiolatry[obs3], heliolatry,
Mariolatry, Bibliolatry[obs3].
deification, apotheosis, canonization; hero worship.
sacrifices, hecatomb, holocaust; human sacrifices, immolation,
mactation[obs3], infanticide, self-immolation, suttee.
idol, golden calf, graven image, fetich, avatar, Juggernath[obs3],
lares et penates[Lat]; Baal &c. 986[obs3].
V. worship idols, worship pictures, worship relics; deify, canonize.
Adj. idolatrous.
Phr. adorer le veau d'or[Fr].

#992. Sorcery.-- N. sorcery; occult art, occult sciences; magic, the
black art, necromancy, theurgy, thaumaturgy[obs3]; demonology,
demonomy[obs3], demonship[obs3]; diablerie[Fr], bedevilment; witchcraft,
witchery; glamor; fetishism, fetichism, feticism[obs3]; ghost dance,
hoodoo; obi, obiism[obs3]; voodoo, voodooism; Shamanism [Esquimaux],
vampirism; conjuration; bewitchery, exorcism, enchantment, mysticism,
second sight, mesmerism, animal magnetism; od force, odylic force[obs3];
electrobiology[obs3], clairvoyance; spiritualism, spirit rapping, table
divination &c. (prediction) 511; sortilege[obs3], ordeal, sortes
Virgilianae[obs3]; hocus-pocus &c. (deception) 545.
V. practice sorcery &c.n.; cast a nativity, conjure, exorcise, charm,
enchant; bewitch, bedevil; hoodoo, voodoo; entrance, mesmerize, magnetize;
fascinate &c. (influence) 615; taboo; wave a wand; rub the ring, rub the
lamp; cast a spell; call up spirits, call up spirits from the vasty deep;
raise spirits from the dead.
Adj. magic, magical; mystic, weird, cabalistic, talismanic,
phylacteric[obs3], incantatory; charmed &c. v.; Circean, odylic[obs3],

#993. Spell.-- N. spell, charm, incantation, exorcism, weird,
cabala[obs3], exsufflation|, cantrap[obs3], runes, abracadabra, open
sesame, countercharm[obs3], Ephesian letters, bell book and candle, Mumbo
Jumbo, evil eye, fee-faw-fum.
talisman, amulet, periapt[obs3], telesm[obs3], phylactery, philter;
fetich, fetish; agnus Dei[Latin: lamb of God]; furcula[obs3],
madstone[obs3]; mascot, mascotte[obs3]; merrythought[obs3]; Om, Aum[obs3];
scarab, scarabaeus[obs3]; sudarium[obs3], triskelion, veronica, wishbone;
swastika, fylfot[obs3], gammadion[obs3].
wand, caduceus, rod, divining rod, lamp of Aladdin[obs3]; wishing-cap,
Fortunatus's cap.

#994. Sorcerer.-- N. sorcerer, magician; thaumaturgist[obs3],
theurgist; conjuror, necromancer, seer, wizard, witch; hoodoo, voodoo;
fairy &c. 980; lamia[obs3], hag.
warlock, charmer, exorcist, mage[obs3]; cunning man, medicine man;
Shaman, figure flinger, ecstatica[obs3]; medium, clairvoyant, fortune
teller; mesmerist; deus ex machina[Lat]; soothsayer &c. 513.
Katerfelto, Cagliostro, Mesmer, Rosicrucian; Circe, siren, weird

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#995. Churchdom.-- N. church, churchdom; ministry, apostleship[obs3],
priesthood, prelacy, hierarch[obs3], church government, christendom, pale
of the church.
clericalism, sacerdotalism[obs3], episcopalianism,
ultramontanism[obs3]; theocracy; ecclesiology[obs3], ecclesiologist[obs3];
priestcraft[obs3], odium theologicum[Lat].
monachism[obs3], monachy[obs3]; monasticism, monkhood[obs3].
[Ecclesiastical offices and dignities] pontificate, primacy,
archbishopric[obs3], archiepiscopacy[obs3]; prelacy; bishopric,
bishopdom[obs3]; episcopate, episcopacy; see, diocese; deanery, stall;
canonry, canonicate[obs3]; prebend, prebendaryship[obs3]; benefice,
incumbency, glebe, advowson[obs3], living, cure; rectorship[obs3];
vicariate, vicarship; deaconry[obs3], deaconship[obs3]; curacy; chaplain,
chaplaincy, chaplainship; cardinalate, cardinalship[obs3]; abbacy,
holy orders, ordination, institution, consecration, induction, reading
in, preferment, translation, presentation.
popedom[obs3]; the Vatican, the apostolic see; religious sects &c.
council &c. 696; conclave, convocation, synod, consistory, chapter,
vestry; sanhedrim, conge d'elire[Fr]; ecclesiastical courts, consistorial
court, court of Arches.
V. call, ordain, induct, prefer, translate, consecrate, present.
take orders, take the tonsure, take the veil, take vows.
Adj. ecclesiastical, ecclesiological[obs3]; clerical, sacerdotal,
priestly, prelatical, pastoral, ministerial, capitular[obs3], theocratic;
hierarchical, archiepiscopal; episcopal, episcopalian; canonical; monastic,
monachal[obs3]; monkish; abbatial[obs3], abbatical[obs3]; Anglican[obs3];
pontifical, papal, apostolic, Roman, Popish; ultramontane, priest-ridden.

#996. Clergy.-- N. clergy, clericals, ministry, priesthood,
presbytery, the cloth, the desk.
clergyman, divine, ecclesiastic, churchman, priest, presbyter,
hierophant[obs3], pastor, shepherd, minister; father, father in Christ;
padre, abbe, cure; patriarch; reverend; black coat; confessor.
dignitaries of the church; ecclesiarch[obs3], hierarch[obs3];
ebdomarius[Lat]; eminence, reverence, elder, primate, metropolitan,
archbishop, bishop, prelate, diocesan, suffragan[obs3], dean,
subdean[obs3], archdeacon, prebendary, canon, rural dean, rector, parson,
vicar, perpetual curate, residentiary[obs3], beneficiary, incumbent,
chaplain, curate; deacon, deaconess; preacher, reader, lecturer;
capitular[obs3]; missionary, propagandist, Jesuit, revivalist, field
churchwarden, sidesman[obs3]; clerk, precentor[obs3], choir; almoner,
suisse[Fr], verger, beadle, sexton, sacristan; acolyth[obs3],
acolothyst[obs3], acolyte, altar boy; chorister.
[Roman Catholic priesthood] Pope, Papa, pontiff, high priest,
cardinal; ancient flamen[obs3], flamen[obs3]; confessor, penitentiary;
spiritual director.
cenobite, conventual, abbot, prior, monk, friar, lay brother,
beadsman[obs3], mendicant, pilgrim, palmer; canon regular, canon secular;
Franciscan, Friars minor, Minorites; Observant, Capuchin, Dominican,
Carmelite; Augustinian[obs3]; Gilbertine; Austin Friars[obs3], Black
Friars, White Friars, Gray Friars, Crossed Friars, Crutched Friars;
Bonhomme[Fr], Carthusian, Benedictine[obs3], Cistercian, Trappist, Cluniac,
Premonstatensian, Maturine; Templar, Hospitaler; Bernardine[obs3],
Lorettine, pillarist[obs3], stylite[obs3].
abbess, prioress, canoness[obs3]; religieuse[Fr], nun, novice,
[Under the Jewish dispensation] prophet, priest, high priest, Levite;
Rabbi, Rabbin, Rebbe; scribe.
[Mohammedan &c.] mullah, muezzin, ayatollah; ulema, imaum[obs3], imam,
sheik; sufi; kahin[obs3], kassis[obs3]; mufti, hadji, dervish; fakir,
faquir[obs3]; brahmin[obs3], guru, kaziaskier[obs3], poonghie[obs3],
sanyasi[obs3]; druid, bonze[obs3], santon[obs3], abdal[obs3], Lama,
talapoin[obs3], caloyer[obs3].
V. take orders &c. 995.
Adj. the Reverend, the very Reverend, the Right Reverend; ordained, in
orders, called to the ministry.

#997. Laity. -- N. laity, flock, fold, congregation, assembly,
brethren, people; society [U.S.].
temporality, secularization.
layman, civilian; parishioner, catechumen; secularist.
V. secularize.
Adj. secular, lay, laical, civil, temporal, profane.

#998. Rite.-- N. rite; ceremony, ritual, liturgy, ceremonial;
ordinance, observance, function, duty; form, formulary; solemnity,
sacrament; incantation &c. (spell) 993; service, psalmody &c. (worship)
ministration; preaching, preachment; predication, sermon, homily,
lecture, discourse, pastoral.
[Christian ritual for induction into the faith] baptism, christening,
chrism; circumcision; baptismal regeneration; font.
confirmation; imposition of hands, laying on of hands; ordination &c.
(churchdom) 995; excommunication.
[Jewish rituals] Bar Mitzvah, Bas Mitzvah[Fr], Bris.
Eucharist, Lord's supper, communion; the sacrament, the holy
sacrament; celebration, high celebration; missa cantata[Lat];
asperges[obs3]; offertory; introit; consecration; consubstantiation,
transubstantiation; real presence; elements; mass; high mass, low mass, dry
matrimony &c. 903; burial &c. 363; visitation of the sick.
seven sacraments, impanation[obs3], subpanation[obs3], extreme
unction, viaticum, invocation of saints, canonization, transfiguration,
auricular confession; maceration, flagellation, sackcloth and ashes;
penance &c. (atonement) 952; telling of beads, processional;
thurification[obs3], incense, holy water, aspersion.
relics, rosary, beads, reliquary, host, cross, rood, crucifix,
pax[Lat], pyx, agnus Dei[Lat], censer, thurible, patera[obs3];
eileton[obs3], Holy Grail; prayer machine, prayer wheel; Sangraal[obs3],
ritualism, ceremonialism; sabbatism[obs3], sabbatarianism[obs3];
ritualist, sabbatarian[obs3].
holyday, feast, fast.
[Christian holy days] Sabbath, Pentecost; Advent, Christmas, Epiphany;
Lent; Passion week, Holy week; Easter, Easter Sunday, Whitsuntide; agape,
Ascension Day, Candlemas[obs3], Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, Holy Thursday;
Lammas, Martinmas, Michaelmas; All SAint's DAy, All Souls' Day
[Moslem holy days] Ramadan, Ramazan; Bairam &c.[obs3], &c.
[Jewish holy days] Passover; Shabuoth; Yom Kippur, Day of Atonement;
Rosh Hashana, New Year; Hanukkah, Chanukkah, Feast of Lights; Purim, Feast
of lots.
V. perform service[ritual actions of clergy], do duty, minister,
officiate, baptize, dip, sprinkle; anoint, confirm, lay hands on; give the
sacrament, administer the sacrament; administer extreme unction; hear
confession, administer holy penance, shrive; excommunicate, ban with bell
book and candle.
[ritual actions of believers] attend services, attend mass, go to
mass, hear mass; take the sacrament, receive the sacrament, receive
communion, attend the sacrament, partake of the sacrament, partake of
communion; communicate; receive extreme unction; confess, go to
confession, receive penance; anele[obs3].
[teaching functions of clergy] preach, sermonize, predicate, lecture.
Adj. ritual, ritualistic; ceremonial; baptismal, eucharistical;
Phr. "what art thou, thou idol ceremony?" [Henry V].

#999. Canonicals. -- N. canonicals, vestments; robe, gown, Geneva gown
frock, pallium, surplice, cassock, dalmatic[obs3], scapulary[obs3], cope,
mozetta[obs3], scarf, tunicle[obs3], chasuble, alb[obs3], alba[obs3],
stole; fanon[obs3], fannel[obs3]; tonsure, cowl, hood; calote[obs3],
calotte[obs3]; bands; capouch[obs3], amice[obs3]; vagas[obs3], vakas[obs3],
vakass[obs3]; apron, lawn sleeves, pontificals[obs3], pall; miter, tiara,
triple crown; shovel hat, cardinal's hat; biretta; crosier; pastoral staff,
thurifer[obs3]; costume &c. 225.

#1000. Temple.-- N. place of worship; house of God, house of prayer.
temple, cathedral, minster[obs3], church, kirk, chapel, meetinghouse,
bethel[obs3], tabernacle, conventicle, basilica, fane[obs3], holy place,
chantry[obs3], oratory.
synagogue; mosque; marabout[obs3]; pantheon; pagoda; joss house[obs3];
dogobah[obs3], tope; kiosk; kiack[obs3], masjid[obs3].
[clergymen's residence] parsonage, rectory, vicarage, manse, deanery,
glebe; Vatican; bishop's palace; Lambeth.
altar, shrine, sanctuary, Holy of Holies, sanctum sanctorum[Lat],
sacristy; sacrarium[obs3]; communion table, holy table, Lord's table; table
of the Lord; pyx; baptistery, font; piscina[obs3], stoup; aumbry[obs3];
sedile[obs3]; reredos; rood loft, rood screen.
[parts of a church: list] chancel, quire, choir, nave, aisle,
transept, vestry, crypt, golgotha, calvary, Easter sepulcher; stall, pew;
pulpit, ambo[obs3], lectern, reading desk, confessional, prothesis[obs3],
credence, baldachin, baldacchino[obs3]; apse, belfry; chapter house;
presbytery; anxious-bench, anxious-seat; diaconicum[Lat], jube[obs3];
mourner's bench, mourner's seat.
[exterior adjacent to a church] cloisters, churchyard.
monastery, priory, abbey, friary, convent, nunnery, cloister.
Adj. claustral, cloistered; monastic, monasterial; conventual.
Phr. ne vile fano[It]; "there's nothing ill can dwell in such a
temple" [tempest].

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