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Ritchie's Fabulae Faciles by John Kirtland, ed.

Part 3 out of 3

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cogo, cogere, coegi, coactus [co- + ago], _drive together, collect;
co-hortor, -hortari, -hortatus, _encourage, exhort_.
Colchi, -orum, m. plur., _Colchians_.
Colchis, -idis, f., _Colchis_.
collum, -i, n., _neck_.
colo, colere, colui, cultus, _till, cultivate; inhabit; worship_.
color, -oris, m., _color_.
columba, -ae, f., _pigeon, dove_.
columna, -ae, f., _column, pillar_.
comes, -itis [com- + eo], m. and f., _companion_.
commeatus, -us, m., _supplies, provisions_.
com-mitto, -mittere, -misi, -missus, _send together; commit, intrust;
expose_; proelium committere, _to join battle_.
com-moror, -morari, -moratus, _tarry, linger, delay, stay_.
com-moveo, -movere, -movi, -motus, _move, rouse; disturb_.
com-mutatio, -tionis, f., _change_.
com-paro, -parare, -paravi, -paratus, _prepare, collect_.
com-pello, -pellere, -puli, -pulsus, _drive together, drive_.
complector, -plecti, -plexus, _embrace_.
com-pleo, -plere, -plevi, -pletus, _fill full, fill up_.
com-plures, -plura, plur. adj., _several, many_.
com-porto, -portare, -portavi, -portatus, _carry_ or _bring together,
com-prehendo, -prehendere, -prehendi, -prehensus, _seize, catch_.
comprimo, -primere, -pressi, -pressus [com- + premo], _press together,
squeeze, compress_.
conatus, -us [conor], m., _attempt, effort_.
con-cedo, -cedere, -cessi, -cessus, _grant, yield_.
con-curro, -currere, -curri, -cursus, _run, rush_, or _dash together_.
con-do, -dere, -didi, -ditus, _put together, found; store away_.
con-fero, conferre, contuli, conlatus, _bring together; grant, confer_;
se conferre, _to betake oneself, make one's way_.
conficio, -ficere, -feci, -fectus [com- + facio], _make_ or _do
completely, complete, finish, accomplish, make; wear out_.
con-firmo, -firmare, -firmavi, -firmatus, _strengthen, establish;
declare, assert_.
con-fligo, -fligere, -flixi, -flictus, _dash together_.
conicio, -icere, -ieci, -iectus [com- + iacio], _throw together; throw,
cast, hurl_.
con-iungo, -iungere, -iunxi, -iunctus, _join together, join_.
coniunx, coniugis [coniungo], m. and f., _spouse, husband, wife_.
conligo, -ligere, -legi, -lectus [com- + lego], _gather together,
con-loco, -locare, -locavi, -locatus, _place together, put, place_.
conloquium, -i [conloquor, _talk together_], n., _conversation_.
conor, -ari, -atus, _try, attempt_.
conscendo, -scendere, -scendi, -scensus [com- + scando, _climb_],
_climb_; navem conscendere, _to climb the ship, go on board, embark_.
consensus, -us [consentio, _agree]_, m., _agreement, consent_.
con-sequor, -sequi, -secutus, _follow up, follow; overtake_.
con-servo, -servare, -servavi, -servatus, _preserve, keep_.
con-sido, -sidere, -sedi, -sessus, _sit down_.
consilium, -i [consulo], n., _advice; plan, design, purpose; prudence_.
con-sisto, -sistere, -stiti, -stitus, _station oneself, take one's stand;
conspectus, -us [conspicio], m., _sight_.
conspicio, -spicere, -spexi, -spectus [com- + specio, _look_], _behold,
perceive, see_.
constituo, -stituere, -stitui, -stitutus [com- + statuo], _set together_
or _up; appoint; determine_.
con-sto, -stare, -stiti, -staturus, _stand together, agree; consist_;
constat, _it is agreed, is well known_.
con-suesco, -suescere, -suevi, -suetus, _become accustomed_; in tenses of
completed action, _have become accustomed, be accustomed_ or _wont_.
consulo, -ere, -ui, -tus, _consult_.
con-sumo, -sumere, -sumpsi, -sumptus, _take completely, use up, consume,
con-tego, -tegere, -texi, -tectus, _cover_.
con-tendo, -tendere, -tendi, -tentus, _stretch, hasten_.
continens, -entis [contineo], f., _'mainland, continent_.
contineo, -tinere, -tinui, -tentus [com- + teneo], _hold together, keep
within, shut up in; bound_.
continuus, -a, -um [contineo], _continuous, successive_.
contra, prep, with acc., _against, contrary to_.
controversia, -ae, f., _quarrel, dispute, debate_.
con-venio, -venire, -veni, -ventus, _come together, assemble_.
con-verto, -vertere, -verti, -versus, _turn round, turn, change_; in
fugam convertere, _to put to flight_.
con-voco, -vocare, -vocavi, -vocatus, _call together, summon, assemble_.
co-orior, -oriri, -ortus, _arise_.
copia, -ae, f., _supply, abundance_; plur., _forces, troops_.
Corinthus, -i, m., _Corinth_.
corium, -i, n., _hide, leather_.
cornu, -us, n., _horn_.
corpus, corporis, n., _body_.
corripio, -ripere, -ripui, -reptus [com- + rapio], _seize, snatch,
snatch up_.
cottidie, adv., _daily, every day_.
credibilis, -e [credo], _credible_.
credo, -dere, -didi, -ditus, _believe_.
creo, -are, -avi, -atus, _elect, appoint_.
Creon, -ontis, m., _Creon_.
crepitus, -us [crepo, _rattle_], m., _rattle, clatter_.
crepundia, -orum [crepo, _rattle_], n. plur., _rattle_.
Creta, -ae, f., _Crete_.
cruciatus, -us [crucio, _torture_], m., _torture_.
crudelis, -e, _cruel_.
crus, cruris, n., _leg_.
cubiculum, -i [cubo], n., _bedroom_.
cubo, -are, -ui, _lie down, lie, recline_.
culter, cultri, m., _knife_.
cum, prep, with abl., _with_.
cum, conj., _when, while, after; since; although_.
cunae, -arum, f. plur., _cradle_.
cupiditas, -tatis [cupidus], f., _desire, longing, eagerness_.
cupidus, -a, -um [cupio], _desirous, eager_.
cupio, -ere, -ivi, -itus, _desire, long for, wish_.
cur, adv., _why_.
curro, currere, cucurri, cursus, run.
cursus, -us, m., _chariot_.
cursus, -us [curro], m., _running_, _course_.
custodio, -ire, -ivi, -itus [custos, _guard], guard_.
Cyclops, -is, m., _Cyclops_
Cyzicus, -i, f., _Cyzicus_.


damnum, -i, n., _harm, injury_.
Danae, -es, f., _Danae_.
de, prep, with abl., _down from_, _from, out of; about, concerning_,
debeo, -ere, -ui, -itus [de+ habeo], _owe_; with infin., _ought_.
debitus, -a, -um [part, of debeo], _owed, due_.
de-cedo, -cedere, -cessi, -cessus, _go away, depart_.
decem, indecl. adj., _ten_.
decido, -cidere, -cidi [de + cado], _fall down_.
decimus, -a, -um [decem], _tenth_.
decipio, -cipere, -cepi, -ceptus [de + capio], _catch, deceive_.
decoro, -are, -avi, -atus [decus, _adornment], adorn, distinguish_.
de-curro, -currere, -cucurri, -cursus, _run down_.
de-decus, -decoris, n., _dishonor_, _disgrace_.
de-do, -dere, -didi, -ditus, _give_ _away_ or _up_.
de-duco, -ducere, -duxi, -ductus, _lead down_ or _away, bring_; navem
deducere, _to draw down_ or _launch a ship_.
de-fendo, -fendere, -fendi, -fensus, _ward off; defend_.
de-fero, -ferre, -tuli, -latus, _bear_ or _carry away_ or _off_.
de-fessus, -a, -um, _worn out_, _exhausted_.
deficio, -ficere, -feci, -fectus [de + facio], _fail_.
Deianira, -ae, f., _Dejanira_.
deicio, -icere, -ieci, -iectus [de + iacio], _throw down, cast, drive out
of one's course_.
deinde, adv., _then, next_.
de-labor, -labi, -lapsus, _slip_ or _fall down_.
deligo, -ligere, -legi, -lectus [de + lego], _choose out, choose,
Delphi, -orum, m. plur., _Delphi_.
Delphicus, -a, -um [Delphi], _of Delphi, Delphic, Delphian_.
demissus, -a, -um [part. of demitto], _downcast, dejected_.
de-mitto, -mittere, -misi, -missus, _send down, let fall_; animos
demittere, _to lose courage_.
de-monstro, -monstrare, -monstravi, -monstratus, _point out, show; make
demum, adv., _at last_.
denique, adv., _lastly, finally_.
dens, dentis, m., _tooth_.
densus, -a, -um, _thick_.
de-pello, -pellere, -puli, -pulsus, _drive off_ or _away, drive_.
de-ploro, -plorare, -ploravi, -ploratus, _lament_.
de-pono, -ponere, -posui, -positus, _put down, deposit; lay aside, give
up_; e memoria deponere, _to forget_.
deripio, -ripere, -ripui, -reptus [de + rapio], _snatch away, tear off,
pull down_.
descendo, -scendere, -scendi, -scensus [de + scando], _climb down,
de-sero, -serere, -serui, -sertus, _desert_.
desertus, -a, -um [part, of desero], _deserted_.
desiderium, -i [desidero, _desire]_, n., _desire, longing_.
desilio, -silire, -silui, -sultus [de + salio], _leap down_.
de-sisto, -sistere, -stiti, -stitus, _set down; leave off, desist, cease,
de-spero, -sperare, -speravi, -speratus, _despair_.
de-super, adv., _down from above_.
de-terreo, -terrere, -terrui, -territus, _frighten off, deter_.
de-traho, -trahere, -traxi, -tractus, _draw_ or _pull off_.
deus, -i, m., _god_.
de-verto, -vertere, -verti, _turn away_ or _aside_.
de-voro, -vorare, -voravi, -voratus, _swallow down, swallow, devour_.
dexter, -tra, -trum, _right_.
dextra, -ae [dexter], f., _right hand_ (manus understood).
Diana, -ae, f., _Diana_.
dico, dicere, dixi, dictus, _say, speak_; diem dicere, _to appoint_ or
_set a day_.
dies, -ei, m. and f., _day_.
difficilis, -e [dis- + facilis], _not easy, difficult_.
difficultas, -tatis [difficilis], f., _difficulty_.
diffundo, -fundere, -fudi, -fusus [dis- + fundo], _pour forth, spread_ or
_shed abroad, diffuse_.
diligenter [diligens, _careful_], adv., _carefully, diligently_.
diligentia, -ae [diligens, _careful_], f., _care, diligence, industry_.
di-lucesco, -lucescere, -luxi, _grow light, dawn_.
dilucide [dilucidus, _distinct_], adv., _distinctly, plainly_.
di-mitto, -mittere, -misi, -missus, _send different ways, send forth_ or
_away, despatch; let slip, lose_.
Diomedes, -is, m., _Diomedes_.
dirus, -a, -um, _dreadful_.
dis-cedo, -cedere, -cessi, -cessus, _go apart, withdraw, depart_.
disco, discere, didici, _learn_.
discrimen, -criminis, n., _crisis, peril, danger_.
discus, -i, m., _discus, quoit_.
disicio, -icere, -ieci, -iectus [dis- + iacio], _throw apart, scatter_.
diu, adv., _for a long time, a long time_ or _while, long_; comp.
diutius, _longer_.
di-vello, -vellere, -velli, -vulsus, _tear apart, rend asunder, tear in
diversus, -a, -um [part. of diverto], _turned different ways, opposite,
contrary, different_.
divido, -videre, -visi, -visus, _divide, separate_.
do, dare, dedi, datus, _give_.
doceo, -ere, -ui, -tus, _teach, explain_.
dolor, -oris [doleo, _be in pain_], m., _pain, grief; anger_.
dolus, -i, m., _trick, craft_.
domina, -ae, f., _mistress_.
domus, -us, f., _house, home_.
donum, -i [do], n., _gift_.
dormio, -ire, -ivi, _sleep_.
draco, -onis, m., _dragon, serpent_.
dubito, -are, -avi, -atus [dubius], _doubt, hesitate_.
dubius, -a, -um, _doubtful, uncertain_.
duco, ducere, duxi, ductus [dux], _lead; make, dig_; with or without in
matrimonium, _marry_.
dudum, adv., _formerly, of old_; iam dudum, _this long time_.
dulcedo, -inis [dulcis], f., _sweetness_.
dulcis, -e, _sweet_.
dum, conj., _while, as; as long as; until_.
duo, -ae, -o, plur. adj., _two_.
duodecim [duo + decem], indecl. adj., _twelve_.
duo-de-viginti, indecl. adj., _eighteen_.
dux, ducis, m. and f., _leader, commander_.


e, see ex.
ebrius, -a, -um, _drunk_.
e-dico, -dicere, -dixi, -dictus, _declare, proclaim, appoint_.
e-do, -dere, -didi, -ditus, _put forth, give out, utter_.
e-duco, -ducere, -duxi, -ductus, _lead out, draw_.
effervesco, -fervescere, -ferbui [ex + fervesco], _boil up_ or _over,
efficio, -ficere, -feci, -fectus [ex + facio], _make_ or _work out,
accomplish, effect_.
efflo, -flare, -flavi, -flatus [ex + flo], _breathe out_.
effugio, -fugere, -fugi [ex + fugio], _flee out_ or _away, escape_.
effundo, -fundere, -fudi, -fusus [ex + fundo], _pour out_.
ego, mei, pers. pron., _I_.
egredior, -gredi, -gressus [e + gradior], _go out_ or _forth, go ashore,
egregie [egregius, _excellent_], adv., _excellently, splendidly,
Elis, -idis, f., _Elis_.
Elysius, -a, -um, _Elysian_.
e-mitto, -mittere, -misi, -missus, _send out_ or _forth_.
enim, conj., _for_.
e-nuntio, -nuntiare, -nuntiavi, -nuntiatus, _speak out, announce, make
eo, ire, ii, itus, _go_.
eo [is], adv., _to that place, thither_.
equus, -i, m., _horse_.
erectus, -a, -um [part, of erigo], _upright, erect_.
erga, prep, with acc., _toward, for_.
Erginus, -i, m., _Erginus_.
Eridanus, -i, m., _Eridanus_.
erigo, -rigere, -rexi, -rectus [e + rego], _raise_ or _set up, raise,
lift; cheer, encourage_.
eripio, -ripere, -ripui, -reptus [e + rapio], _snatch out_ or _away,
erro, -are, -avi, -atus, _wander, stray; be mistaken_.
erudio, -rudire, -rudivi, -ruditus, _instruct_.
Erymanthius, -a, -um, _of Erymanthus, Erymanthian_.
Erythia, -ae, f., _Erythia_.
et, conj., _and_; et ... et, _both ... and_.
etiam [et + iam], adv., _and now, also, too, even_.
et-si, conj., _even if, although_.
Eunomus, -i, m., _Eunomus_.
Europa, -ae, f., _Europe_.
Eurylochus, -i, m., _Eurylochus_.
Eurystheus, -i, m., _Eurystheus_.
Eurytion, -onis, m., _Eurytion_.
Eurytus, -i, m., _Eurytus_.
e-vado, -vadere, -vasi, -vasus,
_go forth, get away, escape_.
e-vanesco, -vanescere, -vanui, _vanish away_.
e-venio, -venire, -veni, -ventus, _come out; turn out, happen, befall_.
e-voco, -vocare, -vocavi, -vocatus, _call out, challenge_.
e-vomo, -vomere, -vomui, -vomitus, _vomit forth_.
ex or e (the latter never used before words beginning with a vowel or
_h_), prep. with abl., _out of, from; of_.
ex-animo, -animare, -animavi, -animatus, _put out of breath, fatigue,
tire, exhaust; stupefy; kill_.
ex-ardesco, -ardescere, -arsi, -arsus, _blaze out, be inflamed, rage_.
ex-cedo, -cedere, -cessi, -cessus, _go out_ or _forth, depart_.
excipio, -cipere, -cepi, -ceptus [ex + capio], _take out_ or _up,
receive, welcome, entertain_.
ex-cito, -citare, -citavi, -citatus, _call out, arouse_.
ex-clamo, -clamare, -clamavi, -clamatus, _cry out, exclaim_.
excludo, -cludere, -clusi, -clusus [ex + claudo], _shut out, hinder,
ex-cogito, -cogitare, -cogitavi, -cogitatus, _think out, contrive,
devise, invent_.
ex-crucio, -cruciare, -cruciavi, cruciatus, _torture_.
ex-eo, -ire, -ii, -itus, _go out_.
exerceo, -ercere, -ercui, -ercitus, _exercise_.
exercitatio, -onis [exerceo], f., _exercise_.
exercitus, -us, m., _army_.
ex-haurio, -haurire, -hausi, -haustus, _drink up_ or _off, drain_.
existimo, -istimare, -istimavi, -istimatus [ex + aestimo, _value],
consider, believe, think_.
ex-orior, -oriri, -ortus, _arise from, spring up, rise_.
ex-pello, -pellere, -puli, -pulsus, _drive out, expel_.
ex-pio, -piare, -piavi, -piatus, _expiate_.
explorator, -oris [exploro], m., _explorer, scout, spy_.
ex-ploro, -plorare, -ploravi, -ploratus, _search out, explore_.
ex-pono, -ponere, -posui, -positus, _put out, set forth; put on shore,
land; explain_.
exprimo, -primere, -pressi, -pressus [ex + premo], _press out_.
exsilio, -silire, -silui [ex + salio], _leap out_ or _forth_.
exsilium, -i [exsul, _exile_], n., _exile_.
ex-specto, -spectare, -spectavi, -spectatus, _look out for, wait for,
await, expect; wait_.
ex-spiro, -spirare, -spiravi, -spiratus, _breathe out_.
ex-struo, -struere, -struxi, -structus, _pile_ or _heap up, build,
extemplo, adv., _immediately, straightway, at once_.
ex-traho, -trahere, -traxi, -tractus, _draw_ or _drag out, release,
extremus, -a, -um, _last, extreme, furthest_.
exuo, -uere, -ui, -utus, _put_ or _take off_.


faber, fabri, m., _smith_.
fabricor, -ari, -atus [faber], _make, fashion_.
fabula, -ae [for, _speak_], f., _story_.
facile [facilis, _easy_], adv., _easily_.
facinus, facinoris [facio], n., _deed, crime_.
facio, facere, feci, factus, _make, do_; iter facere, see iter.
facultas, -tatis [facilis, _easy_], f., _possibility, opportunity,
chance, means_.
fallo, fallere, fefelli, falsus, _deceive_.
falsus, -a, -um [part. of fallo], _feigned, pretended, false_.
falx, falcis, f., _sickle; curved sword, falchion_.
fama, -ae [for, _speak_], f., _report, rumor_.
fames, -is, abl. fame, f., _hunger_.
far, farris, n., _grain; meal_.
fatum, -i [part. of for, _speak_], n., _destiny, fate_.
fauces, -ium, f. plur., _throat_.
fax, facis, f., _torch, firebrand_.
feliciter [felix, _happy_], adv., _happily, fortunately, successfully_.
femina, -ae, f., _woman_.
fera, -ae [ferus, _wild_], f., _wild animal, beast_.
fere, adv., _nearly, about, almost, for the most part_.
fero, ferre, tuli, latus, _bear, bring_.
ferox, -ocis [ferus, _wild_], adj., _fierce, savage_.
ferreus, -a, -um [ferrum, _iron_], _of iron, iron_.
ferveo, -ere, _boil; glow, burn_.
fessus, -a, -um, _exhausted, worn out, weary_.
figura, -ae, f., _form, shape, figure_.
filia, -ae, f., _daughter_.
filius, -i, m., _son_.
fingo, fingere, finxi, fictus, _invent, make up_.
finis, -is, m., _end, boundary; _ plur., _borders, territory, country_.
finitimus, -a, -um [finis], _neighboring, adjoining_.
fio, fieri, factus sum, _be done_ or _made, become, happen_.
flamma, -ae, f., _flame_.
flumen, -minis [fluo, _flow_], n., _river_.
fons, fontis, m., _fountain, spring_.
foras [foris], adv., _out of doors, forth, out_.
foris [foris], adv., _out of doors, without_.
foris, -is, f., _door_.
forma, -ae, f., _form, appearance; beauty_.
formosus, -a, -um [forma], _beautiful_.
forte [fors, _chance_], adv., _by chance, accidentally_.
fortis, -e, _brave_.
fortiter [fortis], adv., _bravely_.
fortuna, -ae [fors, _chance_], f., _fortune_.
fossa, -ae [part. of fodio, _dig_], f., _ditch, trench_.
frango, frangere, fregi, fractus, _break; dash to pieces, wreck_.
frater, fratris, m., _brother_.
fraus, fraudis, f., _deception, fraud_.
fremitus, -us [fremo, _roar_], m., _roaring, roar_.
freno, -are, -avi, -atus [frenum, _bridle_], _bridle, restrain_.
fretum, -i, n., _strait_.
frons, frontis, f., _forehead_.
fructus, -us [fruor, _enjoy_], m., _enjoyment; fruit_.
frumentor, -ari, -atus [frumentum], _fetch grain, forage_.
frumentum, -i [fruor, _enjoy_], n., _grain_.
frustra, adv., _in vain_.
fuga, -ae, f., _flight_.
fugio, fugere, fugi, fugiturus [fuga], _flee, run away_.
fumus, -i, m., _smoke_.
furor, -oris [furo, _rage_], m., _rage, fury, frenzy, madness_.
furtum, -i [fur, _thief_], n., _theft_.


galea, -ae, f., _helmet_.
Gallia, -ae, f., _Gaul_.
gaudeo, gaudere, gavisus, _be glad, rejoice_.
gaudium, -i [gaudeo], n., _gladness, joy_.
gens, gentis, f., _race, nation_.
genus, generis, n., _kind, nature_.
gero, gerere, gessi, gestus, _carry, wear; carry on, do_.
Geryon, -onis, m., _Geryon_.
gigno, gignere, genui, genitus, _produce, bring forth_.
gladius, -i, m., _sword_.
Glauce, -es, f., _Glauce_.
gloria, -ae, f., _glory_.
Gorgo, -onis, f., _Gorgon_.
Graeae, -arum, f. plur., _the Graeae_.
Graecia, -ae [Graecus], f., _Greece_.
Graecus, -a, -um, _Greek_.
gratia, -ae [gratus], f., _favor; gratitude, thanks_; plur., _thanks_;
gratias agere, _to give thanks, thank_; gratiam referre, _to return
a favor, show gratitude, requite_.
gratus, -a, -um, _pleasing, grateful_.
gravis, -e, _heavy; severe, grievous, serious_.
graviter [gravis], adv., _severely, seriously_.
guberno, -are, -avi, -atus, _steer_.
gusto, -are, -avi, -atus, _taste_.


habeo, -ere, -ui, -itus, _have, hold; consider_.
habito, -are, -avi, -atus [freq. of habeo], _dwell, inhabit_.
Hades, -ae, m., _Hades_.
haereo, haerere, haesi, haesurus, _stick; hesitate_.
haesito, -are, -avi, -atus [freq. of haereo], _hesitate_.
Hammon, -onis, m., _Hammon_.
harena, -ae, f., _sand; shore_.
Harpyiae, -arum, f. plur., _Harpies_.
haud, adv., _not at all, by no means, not_.
haudquaquam [haud + quisquam], adv., _in no wise, not at all_.
haurio, haurire, hausi, haustus, _draw_.
herba, -ae, f., _herb, plant_.
Hercules, -is, m., _Hercules_.
Hesione, -es, f., _Hesione_.
Hesperides, -um, f. plur., _the Hesperides_.
hesternus, -a, -um [heri, _yesterday_], _of yesterday, yesterday's_,
hesternus dies, _yesterday_.
hic [hic], adv., _here; hereupon_.
hic, haec, hoc, dem. pron., _this_; ille ... hic, _that ... this, the
former ... the latter_.
hinc [hic], adv., _from this place, hence_.
Hippolyte, -es, f., _Hippolyte_.
Hispania, -ae, f., _Spain_.
Homerus, i-, m., _Homer_.
homo, hominis, m., _man_.
honor, -oris, m., _honor_.
hora, -ae, f., _hour_.
horribilis, -e [horreo, _shudder_], _dreadful, terrible, horrible_.
hortor, -ari, -atus, _exhort, encourage, urge_.
hortus, -i, m., _garden_.
hospitium, -i [hospes, _host_], n., _hospitality_.
hostis, -is, m. and f., _enemy, foe_.
huc [hic], adv., _to this place, hither_.
humanus, -a, -um [homo], _of man, human_.
humi [loc. of humus, _ground_], adv., _on the ground_.
Hydra, -ae, f., _Hydra_.
Hylas, -ae, m., _Hylas_.


iaceo, -ere, -ui, _lie, be prostrate_.
iacio, iacere, ieci, iactus, _throw, cast, hurl_.
iam, adv., _now, already_.
ianua, -ae, f., _door_.
Iason, -onis, m., _Jason_.
ibi [is], adv., _in that place, there_.
ictus, -us [ico, _strike_], m., _blow_.
idem, eadem, idem [is], dem. pron., _the same_; sometimes to be
translated _likewise, also_.
idoneus, -a, -um, _suitable, fit; favorable_.
igitur, conj., _therefore_.
ignarus, -a, -um [in-, _not_ + gnarus, _knowing_], _ignorant_.
ignavus, -a, -um [in-, _not_ + gnavus, _active_], _lazy, cowardly_.
ignis, -is, m., _fire_.
ignoro, -are, -avi, -atus, _ be ignorant of_.
ignotus, -a, -um [in-, _not_ + notus], _unknown_.
Ilias, -adis, f., _the Iliad_.
ille, illa, illud, dem. pron., _that; he, she, it, they_; ille ... hic,
see hic.
imber, imbris, m., _rain, shower_.
imbuo, -buere, -bui, -butus, _wet, soak, dip_.
immanitas, -tatis [immanis, _cruel_], f., _cruelty, barbarity_.
immitto, -mittere, -misi, -missus, _send_ or _let in_.
immolo, -molare, -molavi, -molatus [in + mola], _sacrifice_ (the victim
was sprinkled with consecrated meal).
impedio, -pedire, -pedivi, -peditus [in + pes], _hinder, prevent,
impello, -pellere, -puli, -pulsus [in + pello], _drive_ or _urge on,
incite, urge_.
imperator, -oris [impero], m., _commander, general_.
imperatum, -i [part, of impero], n., _command, order_.
imperitus, -a, -um [in-, _not_ + peritus], _inexperienced, unskilled,
imperium, -i [impero], n., _command; sway, rule_.
impero, -perare, -peravi, -peratus, _command, order, enjoin_.
impetro, -petrare, -petravi, -petratus, _gain one's end, obtain_ (a
impetus, -us [in + peto], m., _attack_; impetum facere, _to charge_.
impono, -ponere, -posui, -positus [in + pono], _place_ or _lay upon,
impose; embark_.
improbus, -a, -um [in-, _not_ + probus, _upright_], _wicked_.
in, prep, with acc., _into, in, to, upon_; with abl., _in, on_.
incido, -cidere, -cidi [in + cado], _fall into_ or _upon_.
includo, -cludere, -clusi, -clusus [in + claudo, _shut_], _shut up in,
inclose, imprison_.
incola, -ae [incolo], m. and f., _inhabitant_.
in-colo, -colere, -colui, _inhabit_.
incolumis, -e, _unhurt, safe_.
in-commodum, -i, n., _inconvenience_.
in-credibilis, e, _incredible_.
in-duco, -ducere, duxi, -ductus, _lead in_ or _on, move, excite_.
induo, induere, indui, indutus, _put on; clothe_.
in-eo, -ire, -ii, -itus, _go into, enter; adopt_.
infandus, -a, -um [in-, _not_ + ger. of for, _speak_], _unspeakable,
infans, -fantis [in-, _not_ + part. of for, _speak_], m. and f.,
_infant, babe_.
infectus, -a, -um [in-, _not_ + part. of facio], _not done, undone,
in-felix, -felicis, adj., _unhappy, unfortunate_.
inferi, -orum [inferus, _below_], m. plur., _inhabitants of the
underworld, the dead, the shades_.
infero, inferre, intuli, inlatus, _bring in_ or _against, wage against;
infestus, -a, -um, _unsafe, dangerous_.
inficio, -ficere, -feci, -fectus [in + facio], _stain, dye_.
in-fundo, -fundere, -fudi, -fusus, _pour in_ or _upon_.
ingens, -gentis, adj., _huge, vast_.
inicio, -icere, -ieci, -iectus [in +iacio], _throw in_ or _upon; cause,
inimicus, -a, -um [in-, _not_ + amicus], _unfriendly, hostile_.
initium, -i [ineo], n., _beginning_.
iniuria, -ae [in-, _not_ + ius], f., _injury, wrong, hurt, harm_.
inluvies, -ei, f., _dirt, filth_.
inquam, inquis, inquit, defective verb, _I say, you say, he says_.
in-rideo, -ridere, -risi, -risus, _laugh at, mock_.
in-rumpo, -rumpere, -rupi, -ruptus, _burst into_ or _in_.
in-ruo, -ruere, -rui, _rush in_.
insania, -ae [insanus, _mad_], f., _madness, insanity_.
insciens, -scientis [in-, _not_ + part. of scio], adj., _unknowing,
in-sequor, -sequi, -secutus, _follow upon_ or _up, pursue_.
insidiae, -arum, f. plur., _ambush; plot, stratagem_.
inspergo, -spergere, -spersi, -spersus [in + spargo], _sprinkle on_ or
inspicio, -spicere, -spexi, -spectus [in + specio], _look into_ or
instituo, -stituere, -stitui, -stitutus [in + statuo], _decide upon,
in-struo, -struere, -struxi, -structus, _build in_ or _into; draw up;
equip, furnish_,
insula, -ae, f., _island_.
intellego, -legere, -lexi, -lectus, _perceive, understand_.
in-tendo, -tendere, -tendi, -tentus, _stretch out; stretch, draw, aim_.
inter, prep, with acc., _among, between_.
interea [inter], adv., _in the meantime, meanwhile_.
interficio, -ficere, -feci, -fectus [inter + facio], _put out of the way,
interior, -ius [comp. from inter], adj., _interior, inner_.
inter-mitto, -mittere, -misi, -missus, _leave off, interrupt; let pass; _
pass., _be left between, intervene, elapse_.
inter-sum, -esse, -fui, -futurus, _be_ or _lie between_.
intervallum, -i, n., _interval, space, distance_.
intra [inter], prep. with acc., _within_.
intro, -are, -avi, -atus [intra], _go within_ or _into, enter_.
introitus, -us [introeo, _go within_], m., _entrance_.
in-tueor, -tueri, -tuitus, _look upon, behold_.
in-usitatus, -a, -um, _unusual, extraordinary_.
in-utilis, -e, _not useful, useless_.
in-venio, -venire, -veni, -ventus, _come upon, find_.
invito, -are, -avi, -atus, _invite_.
invitus, -a, -um, _unwilling_.
Iolaus, -i, m., _Iolaus_.
Iole, -es, f., _Iole_.
Iovis, gen. of Iuppiter.
Iphicles, -is, m., _Iphicles_.
ipse, ipsa, ipsum, intensive pron., _self, himself, herself, itself,
themselves_; often to be rendered by _very_.
ira, -ae, f., _anger, wrath_.
irascor, irasci, iratus [ira], _be angry_.
iratus, -a, -um [part, of irascor], _angered, enraged, angry, furious_.
is, ea, id, dem. pron., _this, that; he, she, it, they_.
iste, ista, istud, dem. pron., _that of yours, that_.
ita [is], adv., _in this manner, thus, so_; ita ut, _as_.
Italia, -ae, f., _Italy_.
ita-que, adv., _and so, accordingly, therefore_.
iter, itineris [eo], n., _a going, journey, march_; iter facere, _to
journey, march_.
iterum, adv., _again, a second time_.
Ithaca, -ae, f., _Ithaca_.
iubeo, iubere, iussi, iussus, _bid, order, command_.
iucundus, -a, -um, _sweet, pleasant_.
iudex, iudicis [ius + dico], m., _judge_.
iugum, -i [iungo], n., _yoke_.
iungo, iungere, iunxi, iunctus, _join; yoke, harness_.
Iuno, -onis, f., _Juno_.
Iuppiter, Iovis, m., _Jupiter_ or _Jove_.
ius, iuris, n., _right, justice, law_; ius dicere, _to pronounce
judgment_; ius iurandum, iuris iurandi [ger. of iuro, _swear_], _oath_.
iussum, -i [part, of iubeo], n., _order, command_.
iussus, -us [iubeo], m., _bidding, command_.
iustus, -a, -um [ius], _just_.
iuvenis, -is, m., _young man, youth_.


labor, labi, lapsus, _slip, glide, fall_.
labor, -oris, m., _labor, toil_.
laboro, -are, -avi, -atus [labor], _labor, toil_.
lac, lactis, n., _milk_.
Laconia, -ae, f., _Laconia_.
lacrima, -ae, f., _tear_.
lacus, -us, m., _lake_.
laetitia, -ae [laetus, _joyful_], f., _joy_.
lamenta, -orum, n. plur., _lamentation_.
Laomedon, -ontis, m., _Laomedon_.
lapis, -idis, m., _stone_.
laqueus, -i, m., _noose_.
Larisa, -ae, f., _Larisa_.
lassitudo, -inis [lassus, _weary_], f., _weariness_.
lateo, -ere, -ui, _lie hid, be concealed_.
latro, -onis, m., _robber_.
latus, -a, -um, _broad, wide_.
legatus, -i [part. of lego, _depute_], m., _ambassador_.
lenis, -e, _gentle_.
leo, -onis, m., _lion_.
Lernaeus, -a, -um, _of Lerna_, _Lernean_.
Lethe, -es, f., _Lethe_.
levis, -e, _light, slight_.
leviter [levis], adv., _slightly_.
libenter [libens, _willing_], adv., _willingly, gladly_.
liberi, -orum [liber, _free_], m. plur., _children_.
libero, -are, -avi, -atus [liber, _free_], _set free, free, liberate,
libertas, -tatis [liber, _free_], f., _freedom, liberty_.
Libya, -ae, f., _Libya, Africa_.
licet, -ere, -uit or -itum est, impers., _is lawful_ or _permitted_.
Lichas, -ae, m., _Lichas_.
ligneus, -a, -um [lignum], _of wood, wooden_.
lignum, -i, n., _wood_.
Ligures, -um, m. plur., _Ligurians_.
Liguria, -ae [Ligures], f., _Liguria_.
limen, -minis, n., _threshold; door_.
limus, -i, m., _mud_.
linter, lintris, f., _boat, skiff_.
Linus, -i, m., _Linus_.
litus, litoris, n., _shore_.
locus, -i, m., plur. loca, -orum, n., _place, situation_.
longe [longus], adv., _far_.
longinquus, -a, -um [longus], _distant, remote_.
longus, -a, -um, _long; tedious_.
loquor, loqui, locutus, _speak_.
lotus, -i, f., _lotus_.
lucrum, -i, n., _gain_.
luctor, -ari, -atus, _wrestle, struggle_.
ludus, -i, m., _game, sport_.
lumen, -minis, n., _light_.
lux, lucis, f., _light_.


magicus, -a, -um, _magic_.
magis, comp. adv., _more, rather_.
magister, -tri [magis], m., _master_.
magnifice [magnificus], adv., _splendidly_.
magnificentia, -ae [magnificus], f., _splendor, magnificence_.
magnificus, -a, -um [magnus + facio], _splendid, magnificent_.
magnitudo, -tudinis [magnus], f., _greatness, size_.
magnopere [abl. of magnum opus], adv., _greatly, very much, exceedingly;
magnus, -a, -um, _large, big, great, mighty; loud_.
maior, maius, comp. of magnus.
male [malus], adv., _badly, ill_.
malo, malle, malui [magis + volo], _wish rather, prefer_.
malum, -i [malus], n., _evil, mischief_.
malus, -a, -um, _bad_.
malus, -i, m., _mast_.
mando, -dare, -davi, -datus [manus + -do, _put_], _put in hand, intrust,
commit; charge, command_.
mane, adv., _in the morning, early in the morning_.
maneo, manere, mansi, mansus, _remain_.
manes, -ium, m. plur., _spirit, shade_.
manus, -us, f., _hand_.
mare, maris, n., _sea_.
maritus, -i, m., _husband_.
Mars, Martis, m., _Mars_.
mater, matris, f., _mother_.
matrimonium, -i [mater], n., _marriage_; in matrimonium ducere, _marry_.
maturo, -are, -avi, -atus [maturus, _ripe_], _ripen; hasten_.
maxime [maximus], adv., _very greatly, exceedingly, especially_.
maximus, -a, -um, superl. of magnus.
Medea, -ae, f., _Medea_.
medicamentum, -i [medico, _heal_], n., _drug; poison, potion_.
medicina, -ae [medicus, _physician_], f., _art of healing, medicine_.
medius, -a, -um, _mid, middle_.
Medusa, -ae, f., _Medusa_.
membrum, -i, n., _limb, member_.
memoria, -ae [memor, _remembering_], f., _memory_.
memoro, -are, -avi, -atus [memor, _remembering_], _remind of, mention_.
mentio, -onis, f., _mention_.
mercator, -oris [mercor, _trade_], m., _trader, merchant_.
merces, mercedis, f., _pay, reward, wages_.
Mercurius, -i, m., _Mercury_.
mergo, mergere, mersi, mersus, _dip, plunge, sink_.
meridianus, -a, -um [meridies], _midday, noonday_; meridianum tempus,
_midday, noon_.
meridies, -ei [medius + dies], m., _midday, noon; south_.
meritus, -a, -um [part. of mereo], _deserved, due, just_.
meus, -a, -um [ego, mei], _my, mine_.
miles, militis, m., _soldier_.
militaris, -e [miles], _military, warlike_; res militaris, _art of war,
mille, indecl. adj., _a thousand_; milia, -ium, n. plur., _thousands_;
milia passuum, _thousands of paces, miles_.
minae, -arum, f. plur., _threats_.
Minerva, -ae, f., _Minerva_.
minime [minimus, _least_], adv., _least, very little; by no means, not at
minimum [minimus, _least_], adv., _very little, slightly_.
minitor, -ari, -atus [minae], _threaten_.
Minos, Minois, m., _Minos_.
minus, comp. adv., _less_.
Minyae, -arum, m. plur., _Minyae_.
miraculum, -i [miror], n., _wonder, marvel, miracle_.
miror, -ari, -atus [mirus], _wonder, wonder at_.
mirus, -a, -um, _wonderful, strange_.
misceo, miscere, miscui, mixtus, _mix, mingle_.
misericordia, -ae [misericors, _pitiful_], f;, _pity, compassion_.
mitto, mittere, misi, missus, _send_.
modo [modus], adv., _only_.
modus, -i, m., _way, manner_.
moenia, -ium, n. plur., _walls_.
mola, -ae, f., _meal_.
molestia, -ae [molestus, _annoying_], f., _annoyance_.
moneo, -ere, -ui, -itus, _warn_.
mons, montis, m., _mountain_.
monstro, -are, -avi, -atus [monstrum], _point out, show_.
monstrum, -i, n., _wonder, monster_.
mora, -ae, f., _delay_.
mordeo, mordere, momordi, morsus, _bite_.
morior, mori, mortuus, _die_.
moror, -ari, -atus [mora], _delay, linger, stay_.
mors, mortis [morior], f., _death_.
mortalis, -e [mors], _mortal_.
mortifer, -fera, -ferum [mors + fero], _death-bringing, deadly_.
mortuus, -a, -um [part. of _morior_], _dead_.
mos, moris, m., _way, manner, habit, custom_.
moveo, movere, movi, motus, _move_.
mox, adv., soon.
mugio, -ire, -ivi, _low, bellow_.
mugitus, -us [mugio], m., _lowing, bellowing_.
mulier, mulieris, f., _woman_.
multitudo, -tudinis [multus], f., _multitude_.
multo [multus], adv., _by much_ or _far, much, far_.
multum, -i [multus], n., _much_.
multum [multus], adv., _much, greatly, far_.
multus, -a, -um, _much, great_; plur., _many_.
munio, -ire, -ivi, -itus [moenia], _fortify_.
munus, muneris, n., _service, office, duty; present, gift_.
murus, -i, m., _wall_.
musica, -ae, f., _music_.
muto, -are, -avi, -atus [freq. of moveo], _change_.
Mysia, -ae, f., _Mysia_.


nactus, part. of nanciscor.
nam, conj., _for_.
nam-que, conj., _for_.
nanciscor, nancisci, nactus, _get, obtain, find_.
narro, -are, -avi, -atus, _tell, relate, narrate_.
nato, -are, -avi, -atus [freq. of no, _swim_], _swim, float_.
natura, -ae [nascor, _be born_], f., _nature, character_.
nauta, -ae [navis], m., _sailor_.
nauticus, -a, -um [nauta], _naval, nautical_.
navigatio, -onis [navigo], f., _sailing, navigation, voyage_.
navigo, -are, -avi, -atus [navis + ago], _sail_.
navis, -is, f., _ship_.
-ne, enclitic introducing a question, untranslatable.
ne, adv., _not_; ne ... quidem, _not ... even_; conj., _that not, lest_.
nec, see neque.
necesse, indecl. adj., _necessary_.
neco, -are, -avi, -atus, _put to death, slay, kill_.
neglego, -legere, -lexi, -lectus [nec + lego, _gather_], _disregard,
nego, -are, -avi, -atus, _say no_ or _not, deny, refuse_.
negotium, -i [nec + otium, _leisure_], n., _business, matter; task,
trouble, difficulty_.
Nemeaeus, -a, -um, _of Nemea, Nemean_.
nemo, neminis [ne-, _not_ + homo], m. and f., _no one, nobody_.
nepos, nepotis, m., _grandson_.
Neptunus, -i, m., _Neptune_.
neque or nec [ne-, _not_ + -que], conj., _and not, nor_; neque ... neque,
_neither ... nor_; neque enim, _for ... not_.
nervus, -i, m., _sinew, muscle_.
ne-scio, -scire, -scivi, _not know, be ignorant_; nescio quis, _I know
not who, some one or other_ (nescio is thus used with other
interrogative words also).
Nessus, -i, m., _Nessus_.
neu, see neve.
neuter, neutra, neutrum [ne-, _not_ + uter], _neither_.
neve or neu [ne + -ve, _or_], conj., _and that not, and not, nor_.
niger, nigra, nigrum, _black_.
nihil, n., indecl., _nothing_.
nisi [ne-, _not_ + si], conj., _if not, unless_.
nix, nivis, f., _snow_.
noctu [nox], adv., _at_ or _by night_.
nocturnus, -a, -um [nox], _of night, nocturnal_; nocturnum tempus,
nolo, nolle, nolui [ne-, _not_ + volo], _not wish, be unwilling_.
nomen, -minis [nosco, _come to know_], n., _name_ (that by which one is
non, adv., _not_.
non-dum, adv., _not yet_.
non-ne, adv., introducing a question to which an affirmative answer is
expected, _not_?
non-nullus, -a, -um, _not none, some, several_.
nos, plur. of ego.
noster, -tra, -trum [nos], _our_.
notus, -a, -um [part. of nosco, _come to know_], known, well-known,
novem, indecl. adj., _nine_.
novitas, -tatis [novus], f., _newness, novelty_.
novus, -a, -um, _new_; novissimus, _last_.
nox, noctis, f., _night_.
nubes, -is, f., _cloud_.
nudus, -a, -um, _naked, bare_.
nullus, -a, -um [ne-, _not_ + ullus], _not any, none, no_.
num, adv., introducing a question to which a negative answer is expected,
numerus, -i, m., _number_.
nummus, -i, m., _coin_.
numquam [ne-, _not_ + umquam, _ever_], adv., _never_.
nunc, adv., _now_.
nuntio, -are, -avi, -atus [nuntius], _report, announce_.
nuntius, -i [novus], m., _messenger; message_.
nuper [novus], adv., _newly, lately, recently_.
nusquam [ne-, _not_ + usquam, _anywhere_], adv., _nowhere_.
nympha, -ae, f., _nymph_.


ob, prep. with acc., _on account of, for_; in compounds, _to, against_.
obicio, -icere, -ieci, -iectus [ob + iacio], _throw in the way_ or _to_.
ob-iurgo, -iurgare, -iurgavi, -iurgatus, _chide, scold, reproach_.
ob-lino, -linere, -levi, -litus, _daub over, smear_.
oblitus, -a, -um [part. of obliviscor], _forgetful, unmindful_.
obliviscor, -livisci, -litus, _forget_.
obscuro, -scurare, -scuravi, -scuratus [obscurus], _darken, hide,
obscurus, -a, -um, _dark_.
obsecro, -secrare, -secravi, -secratus, _beseech, entreat_.
ob-sero, -serere, -sevi, -situs, _sow, plant; cover, fill_.
obsideo, -sidere, -sedi, -sessus [ob + sedeo], _beset, besiege_.
ob-struo, -struere, -struxi, -structus, _build against, block up_.
ob-testor, -testari, -testatus, _call to witness; beseech, implore_.
obtineo, -tinere, -tinui, -tentus [ob + teneo], _hold_.
obviam [ob + via], adv., _in the way, opposite, face to face_; obviam
fieri, _to meet_; obviam ire, _to go to meet_.
occasio, -onis [occido, _fall_], f., _chance, opportunity_.
occasus, -us [occido, _fall_], m. _setting_.
occido, -cidere, -cidi, -cisus [ob + caedo, _cut_], _cut down, kill_.
occupo, -cupare, -cupavi, -cupatus [ob + capio], _seize; fill_.
occurro, -currere, -curri, -cursus [ob + curro], _run against, meet_.
Oceanus, -i, m., _Oceanus, the ocean_.
oculus, -i, m., _eye_.
odi, odisse, used only in tenses of completed action with the force of
tenses of incomplete action, _hate_.
odium, -i [odi], n., _hatred_.
odor, -oris, m., _smell, odor_.
Oechalia, -ae, f., _Oechalia_.
Oeneus, -i, m., _Oeneus_.
Oeta, -ae, f., _Oeta_.
offendo, -fendere, -fendi, -fensus, _offend_.
offero, offerre, obtuli, oblatus [ob + fero], _bear to, proffer, offer_.
officina, -ae, f., _workshop, smithy_.
officium, -i, n., _service; duty_.
olim, adv., _once upon a time, once, formerly, of old_.
Olympus, -i, m., _Olympus_.
omitto, -mittere, -misi, -missus [ob + mitto], _let go, neglect,
disregard, throw away, lose_.
omnino [omnis], adv., _altogether, wholly, entirely_.
omnis, -e, _all, every_.
onero, -are, -avi, -atus [onus, _load_], _load, burden_.
opera, -ae [opus], f., _effort, work, labor_.
opinio, -onis [opinor, _think_], f., _opinion, expectation; reputation_.
oppidum, -i, n., _town_.
opportunus, -a, -um, _suitable, seasonable, convenient, opportune_.
opprimo, -primere, -pressi, -pressus [ob + premo], _press against,
overpower, crush_.
optimus, -a, -um, superl. of bonus.
opus, operis, n., _work, task_.
oraculum, -i [oro], n., _oracle_.
oratio, -onis [oro], f., _speech_; orationem habere, _to deliver an
oration, speak_.
orbis, -is, m., _circle_; orbis terrae or terrarum, _circle of the earth_
or _lands, earth, world_.
Orcus, -i, m., _Orcus, under-world_.
ordo, ordinis, m., _arrangement, order, rank_; ex ordine, _in order_.
orior, -iri, -tus, _arise, come forth, spring up_; orta luce, _at dawn_.
orno, -are, -avi, -atus, _equip, adorn_.
oro, -are, -avi, -atus [os], _speak; beg, pray_.
Orpheus, -i, m., _Orpheus_.
os, oris, n., _mouth_.
ostendo, -tendere, -tendi, -tentus [ob + tendo], _stretch out before,
show, explain_.
ostium, -i [os], n., _mouth, doorway, door_.
ovis, -is, f., _sheep_.


pabulum, -i [pasco], n., _food, fodder_.
paene, adv., _almost, nearly_.
palaestra, -ae, f., _wrestling-place, gymnasium_.
palus, -i, m., _stake_.
palus, -udis, f., _swamp, marsh_.
paratus, -a, -um [part. of paro], _prepared, equipped, ready_.
pareo, -ere, -ui, _obey_.
paro, -are, -avi, -atus, _make ready, prepare_.
pars, partis, f., _part, side, direction_.
parvus, -a, -um, _little, small_.
pasco, pascere, pavi, pastus, _feed_.
passus, -us [pando, _stretch]_, m., pace_; milia passuum, see mille.
pastor, -toris [pasco], m., _shepherd_.
patefacio, -facere, -feci, -factus [pateo, _be open_ + facio], _throw_,
or _lay open, open_.
pater, patris, m., _father_.
patior, pati, passus, bear, _suffer, allow_.
patria, -ae [pater], f., _fatherland, country_.
pauci, -ae, -a, plur. adj., _few_.
paulo [paulus, _little]_, adv., _by a little, a little, somewhat_.
paulum [paulus, _little_], adv., _a little, somewhat_.
pavor, -oris [payeo, _be terrified_], m., _terror, panic_.
pectus, pectoris, n., _breast_.
pecunia, -ae [pecus], f., _money_ (the possession of cattle constituting
wealth in early times).
pecus, pecoris, n., _herd, flock, cattle_.
pecus, pecudis, f., _head of cattle, beast, sheep, goat_.
Pelias, -ae, m., _Pelias_.
pellis, -is, f., _hide, skin, pelt_.
pello, pellere, pepuli, pulsus, _drive, drive away, beat, rout_.
pendo, pendere, pependi, pensus, _weigh out, pay_.
Penelope, -es, f., _Penelope_.
per, prep, with ace., _through, by means of_.
percipio, -cipere, -cepi, -ceptus [per + capio], _feel_.
percutio, -cutere, -cussi, -cussus [per + quatio], _strike through,
per-duco, -ducere, -duxi, -ductus, _lead_ or _bring through, lead,
peregrinus, -i, m., _stranger, foreigner_.
perennis, -e [per + annus], _lasting throughout the year, perennial,
per-eo, -ire, -ii, -iturus, _pass away, perish_.
per-fero, -ferre, -tuli, -latus, _bear through, bear, endure; weather_.
perficio, -ficere, -feci, -fectus [per + facio], _do_ or _make through,
per-flo, -flare, _blow through_ or _over_.
per-fodio, -fodere, -fodi, -fossus, _dig_ or _pierce through, transfix_.
periculum, -i, n., _danger, peril, risk_.
per-lustro, -lustrare, -lustravi, -lustratus, _look over, examine,
per-maneo, -manere, -mansi, -mansus, _remain_.
perpetuus, -a, -um [per + peto], _continuous, perpetual_; in perpetuum,
_for all time, forever_.
per-rumpo, -rumpere, -rupi, -ruptus, _break_ or _burst through, break_.
per-scribo, -scribere, -scripsi, scriptus, _write through_ or _in full,
describe fully, recount_.
per-sequor, -sequi, -secutus, _follow up, pursue_.
Perseus, -i, m., _Perseus_.
per-solvo, -solvere, -solvi, -solutus, _pay completely, pay_.
per-suadeo, -suadere, -suasi, -suasus, _persuade, prevail upon,
per-terreo, -terrere, -terrui, -territus, _thoroughly frighten, terrify_.
per-turbo, -turbare, -turbavi, -turbatus, _greatly disturb, disturb,
agitate, throw into confusion_.
per-venio, -venire, -veni, -ventus, _come through, come, arrive, reach_.
pes, pedis, m., _foot_.
peto, -ere, -ivi or -ii, -itus, _seek, ask; attack_.
Phasis, -idis, m., _Phasis_.
Phineus, -i, m., _Phineus_.
Pholus, -i, m., _Pholus_.
Phrixus, -i, m., _Phrixus_.
pinguis, -e, _fat_.
piscator, -toris [piscor, _fish_], m., _fisherman_.
plausus, -us [plaudo, _clap_], m., _applause_.
plures, -a [comp. of multus], plur. adj., _more, many, several_.
plurimus, -a, -um, superl. of multus.
Pluto, -onis, m., _Pluto_.
poculum, -i [poto, _drink_], n., _cup_.
poena, -ae, f., _penalty, punishment_.
poeta, -ae, m., _poet_.
polliceor, -liceri, -licitus, _promise_.
Polydectes, -is, m., _Polydectes_.
Polyphemus, -i, m., _Polyphemus_.
pomum, -i, n., _fruit, apple_.
pondus, ponderis [pendo], n., _weight_.
pono, ponere, posui, positus, _place, put_; poni with in and abl., _to be
placed in, rest_ or _depend on_.
pons, pontis, m., _bridge_.
porcus, -i, m., _pig, hog, swine_.
porta, -ae, f., _gate; door_.
portus, -us, m., _harbor, haven, port_.
posco, poscere, poposci, _ask, demand_.
possideo, -sidere, -sedi, -sessus, _hold, possess_.
possum, posse, potui [potis, _able_ + sum], _be able, have power, can_.
post, adv., _after, later_; prep. with acc., _after, behind_.
postea [post], adv., _after this, afterwards_.
posterus, -a, -um [post], _following, next_.
post-quam, conj., _later than, after, when_.
postremus, -a, -um [superl. of posterus], _last_.
postridie [posterus + dies], adv., _the day after, the next day_.
postulo, -are, -avi, -atus, _ask, request, demand_.
potior, -iri, -itus [potis, _able_], _become master of, get possession
prae-acutus, -a, -um, _sharp at the end, pointed, sharp_.
praebeo, -ere, -ui, -itus [prae, _before_ + habeo], _hold forth, supply,
furnish, give; show, present, exhibit_.
prae-caveo, -cavere, -cavi, -cautus, _beware beforehand, beware, be on
one's guard_.
praecipio, -cipere, -cepi, -ceptus [prae, _before_ + capio], _take
beforehand, anticipate; order, charge_.
praecipue [praecipuus, _especial_], adv., _especially_.
prae-clarus, -clara, -clarum, _very bright; splendid, remarkable,
praeda, -ae, f., _booty, spoil, plunder_.
prae-dico, -dicere, -dixi, -dictus, _say beforehand, foretell, predict_.
praedor, -ari, -atus [praeda], _plunder_.
praemium, -i, n., _reward_.
praesens, -sentis [part. of praesum], adj., _present, immediate,
praesentia, -ae [praesens], f., _the present_.
praeses, praesidis, m., _protector_.
praesidium, -i [praeses], n., _protection; guard, escort_.
praestans, -stantis [part. of praesto], adj., _preeminent, remarkable_.
prae-sto, -stare, -stiti, -stitus, _stand in front; show_.
prae-sum, -esse, -fui, _be before, preside over, have charge of,
praeter [prae, _before_], prep. with acc., _before, past, by; besides,
praeterea [praeter], adv., _besides this, besides, moreover_.
praeter-eo, -ire, -ii, -itus, _pass by_.
preces, -um, f. plur., _prayer, entreaty_.
prehendo, -hendere, -hendi, -hensus, _seize_.
premo, premere, pressi, pressus, _press, check, restrain_.
pretium, -i, n., _price, charge_.
primo [primus], adv., _at first_.
primum [primus], adv., _first, in the first place_.
primus, -a, -um [superl. from pro], _first, foremost_.
pristinus, -a, -um [prius], _former_.
prius [prior, _former_], adv., _before, first_.
prius-quam, conj., _before than, sooner than, before_.
pro, prep. with abl., _before, in front of; for, in behalf of; for, as;
in return for, for_.
procul, adv., _at_ or _from a distance, far_.
proelium, -i, n., _battle, combat_; proelium committere, _to join
profectio, -onis [proficiscor], f., _departure, start_.
proficiscor, -ficisci, -fectus [proficio, _make progress_], set out,
depart, start, march_.
progredior, -gredi, -gressus [pro + gradior], _go forward, advance_.
prohibeo, -hibere, -hibui, -hibitus [pro + habeo], _hold back, prevent,
proicio, -icere, -ieci, -iectus [pro + iacio], _throw forth_ or _down,
cast away, throw_.
pro-mitto, -mittere, -misi, -missus, _send_ or _put forth, promise_.
promo, promere, prompsi, promptus [pro + emo], _take_ or _bring out,
promunturium, -i, n., _headland, promontory_.
propero, -are, -avi, -atus, _hasten_.
pro-pono, -ponere, -posui, -positus, _put_ or _set before, offer,
propose; set forth, say_.
propter, prep. with acc., _on account of, because of_.
prora, -ae, f., _prow, bow_.
pro-sequor, -sequi, -secutus, _follow forward, follow_.
Proserpina, -ae, f., _Proserpina, Proserpine_.
pro-sterno, -sternere, -stravi, -stratus, _strew_ or _spread before,
throw_ or _knock down_.
pro-sum, prodesse, profui, _be of advantage, profit, avail, assist_.
pro-veho, -vehere, -vexi, -vectus, _carry forward_.
pro-voco, -vocare, -vocavi, -vocatus, _call forth_ or _out, challenge_.
proximus, -a, -um [superl. from prope, _near_], _nearest, next_.
prudentia, -ae [prudens, _prudent_], f., _prudence_.
puella, -ae [puer], f., _girl, maiden_.
puer, pueri, m., _boy_.
pueritia, -ae [puer], f., _boyhood_.
pugna, -ae, f., _fighting, battle, combat_.
pugno, -are, -avi, -atus [pugna], _fight_.
pulcher, pulchra, pulchrum, _beautiful_.
pulso, -are, -avi, -atus [freq. of pello], _push_ or _strike against,
knock, knock at_.
punctum, -i [pungo, _prick_], n., _point, instant, moment_.
purgo, -are, -avi, -atus [purus, _clean_ + ago], _make clean, clean,
puto, -are, -avi, -atus, _think_.
Pythia, -ae, f., _Pythia_.


qua [qui], adv., _in which place, where_.
quaero, quaerere, quaesivi, quaesitus, _seek; ask, inquire_.
qualis, -e, _of what sort? what kind of_?
quam [quis and qui], adv., _how? as; than_; with superl., _as ... as
quam-quam, conj., _however much, although_.
quantum [quantus], adv., _how much? how_?
quantus, -a, -um, _how great_ or _much_?
quartus, -a, -um [quattuor], _fourth_.
quasi [qui + si], conj., _as if_.
quattuor, indecl. adj., _four_.
-que, enclitic conj., _and_.
qui, quae, quod, rel. pron., _who, which_.
qui, quae, quod, interrog. pron. adj., _what_?
quidam, quaedam, quoddam, indef. pron., _a certain, certain_.
quidem, adv., _in fact, indeed, certainly_; ne ... quidem, _not ...
quies, quietis, f., _rest, repose_.
quin, conj., _so that ... not, but that, but_.
quinquaginta [quinque, _five_], indecl. adj., _fifty_.
quintus, -a, -um [quinque, _five_], _fifth_.
quis, quid, interrog. pron., _who? which? what_?
quis, qua, quid, indef. pron., _any one, anybody, anything, some one,
somebody, something_.
quis-nam, quaenam, quidnam, interrog. pron., _who, which_, or _what,
pray? who? which? what_?
quis-quam, quicquam, indef. pron., _any one, anything_.
quis-que, quaeque, quidque, indef. pron., _each_.
quo [quis and qui], adv., _to what place? whither? to which place,
whither; for which reason, wherefore, therefore_; quo usque, _till
when? how long_?
quod [qui], conj., _that, in that, because_.
quoniam [cum + iam], conj., _since now, since_.
quoque [qui + -que], adv., _also_.
quotannis [quot, _how many_ + annus], adv., _every year, yearly,
quotiens [quot, _how many_, adv., _as often as_.


ramus, -i, m., _branch, bough_.
rapio, -ere, -ui, -tus, _seize, snatch_.
ratio, -onis [reor, _think_], f., plan, means, method, manner_.
recipio, -cipere, -cepi, -ceptus [re- + capio], _take_ or _get back,
recover_; se recipere, _to betake oneself, withdraw; to collect
oneself, recover_.
re-creo, -creare, -creavi, -creatus, _make anew, renew, refresh_.
rectus, -a, -um [part. of rego, _direct_], _direct, straight_.
re-cumbo, -cumbere, -cubui, _lie back_ or _down_.
recupero, -are, -avi, -atus, _recover_.
recuso, -cusare, -cusavi, -cusatus [re- + causa], _give a reason against,
reddo, -dere, -didi, -ditus [re- + do], _give back, return, restore;
redeo, -ire, -ii, -itus [re- + eo], _go back, return_.
redintegro, -integrare, -integravi, -integratus [re- + integro, _make
whole_], _make whole again, renew_.
reditus, -us [redeo], m., _return_.
re-duco, -ducere, -duxi, -ductus, _lead_ or _bring back; restore_.
re-fero, referre, rettuli, relatus, _bring_ or _carry back, return_;
pedem referre, _to draw back, retire, retreat_; gratiam referre,
see gratia.
reficio, -ficere, -feci, -fectus [re- + facio], _make anew, renew,
re-fugio, -fugere, -fugi, _flee back, run away, retreat_.
re-fulgeo, -fulgere, -fulsi, _flash back, shine_.
regia, -ae [regius, _royal_], f., _palace_.
regina, -ae [rex], f., _queen_.
regio, -onis [rego, _direct_], f., _direction; country, region_.
regno, -are, -avi, -atus [regnum], _reign, rule_.
regnum, -i [rex], n., _royal power, rule, throne; kingdom, realm_.
regredior, -gredi, -gressus [re- + gradior], _go back, return_.
re-linquo, -linquere, -liqui, -lictus, _leave behind, leave_.
reliquus, -a, -um [relinquo], _left, the remaining, the other, the rest
remedium, -i [re- + medeor, _heal_], n., _remedy_.
remigo, -are [remex, _rower_], _row_.
re-moveo, -movere, -movi, -motus, _move back, remove_.
remus, -i, m., _oar_.
re-nuntio, -nuntiare, -nuntiavi, -nuntiatus, _bring back word, report,
re-pello, repellere, reppuli, repulsus, _drive back_ or _away, repulse,
reperio, reperire, repperi, repertus, _find, discover_.
repertor, -oris [reperio], m., _discoverer, inventor_.
re-pleo, -plere, -plevi, -pletus, _fill again_ or _up, fill_.
re-pono, -ponere, -posui, -positus, _put_ or _set back; store up_ or
re-porto, -portare, -portavi, -portatus, _carry_ or _bring back_.
re-pugno, -pugnare, -pugnavi, -pugnatus, _fight against, struggle,
res, rei, f., _thing, matter, affair, circumstance, situation_; re vera,
_in truth, in fact, really_.
re-sisto, -sistere, -stiti, _stand back, resist_.
re-spiro, -spirare, -spiravi, -spiratus, _breathe back_ or _out,
re-spondeo, -spondere, -spondi, -sponsus, _reply, answer_.
responsum, -i [part. of respondeo], n., _reply, answer, response_.
restituo, -stituere, -stitui, -stitutus [re- + statuo], _set up again,
put back, restore_.
retineo, -tinere, -tinui, -tentus [re- + teneo], _hold_ or _keep back,
keep, restrain; hold fast_.
revertor, -verti, -versus, perf. act. -verti [re- + verto], _turn back,
rex, regis [rego, _direct_], m., _king_.
Rhadamanthus, -i, m., _Rhadamanthus_.
rideo, ridere, risi, risus, _laugh_.
ripa, -ae, f., _bank_.
rite [ritus, _rite]_, adv., _duly, fitly_.
robur, roboris, n., _oak_.
rogo, -are, -avi, -atus, _ask_.
rogus, -i, m., _funeral pile, pyre_.
Roma, -ae, f., _Rome_.
rostrum, -i [rodo, _gnaw_], n., _beak_.
ruo, -ere, -i, -iturus, _rush_.
rupes, -is, f., _rock, cliff; reef_.
rursus [for reversus, part, of revertor], adv., _again_.


saccus, -i, m., _bag, sack_.
sacerdos, -dotis [sacer, _holy_ + do], m. and f., _priest, priestess_.
sacrificium, -i [sacrifice], n., _sacrifice_.
sacrifico, -are, -avi, -atus [sacer, _holy_ + facio], _sacrifice_.
saepe, adv., _often, frequently_.
saevus, -a, -um, _fierce, savage_.
sagitta, -ae, f., _arrow_.
sal, salis, m., _salt_.
Salmydessus, -i, m., _Salmydessus_.
salsus, -a, -um [sal], _salted, salt_.
salus, salutis [salvus, _safe_], f., _safety, deliverance, escape_.
sanctus, -a, -um [part, of sancio, _make sacred_], _consecrated, sacred_.
sanguis, sanguinis, m., _blood_.
sanitas, -tatis [sanus, _sound_], f., _soundness; right reason, sanity_.
satis, adv., _enough, sufficiently_.
saxum, -i, n., _rock, stone_.
scapha, -ae, f., _boat, skiff_.
scelus, sceleris, n., _wickedness, crime_.
scientia, -ae [scio], f., _knowledge, skill_.
scio, -ire, -ivi, -itus, _know_.
scribo, scribere, scripsi, scriptus, _write_.
scutum, -i, n., _shield_.
se-cedo, -cedere, -cessi, -cessus, _go apart, withdraw_.
secundus, -a, -um [sequor], _following, favorable_.
sed, conj., _but_.
sedeo, sedere, sedi, sessus, _sit_.
sedes, -is [sedeo], f., _seat, abode_.
sementis, -is [semen, _seed_], f., _seeding, sowing_.
semper, adv., _always_.
senex, senis, m., _old man_.
sententia, -ae [sentio], f., _opinion; purpose_.
sentio, sentire, sensi, sensus, _perceive, feel_.
sepelio, sepelire, sepelivi, sepultus, _bury_.
septimus, -a, -um [septem, _seven_],_seventh_.
sepultura, -ae [sepelio], f., _burial_.
sequor, sequi, secutus, _follow_.
Seriphus, -i, f., _Seriphos_.
sermo, -onis [sero, _interweave_], m., _conversation, talk, speech_.
sero, serere, sevi, satus, _sow, plant_.
serpens, -entis [part, of serpo, _crawl_], f., _serpent_.
servio, -ire, -ivi, -itus [servus], _be subject to, serve_.
servitus, -tutis [servus], f., _slavery, servitude_.
servo, -are, -avi, -atus, _save, preserve_.
servus, -i, m., _slave, servant_.
si, conj., _if_.
sic, adv., _so, thus_.
Sicilia, -ae, f., _Sicily_.
signum, -i, n., _sign, signal_.
silva, -ae, f., _wood, forest_.
simul, adv., _at the same time_; simul atque or ac, _as soon as_.
sine, prep. with abl., _without_.
sinister, -tra, -trum, _left_.
sinistra, -ae [sinister], f., _left hand_ (manus understood).
sinus, -us, m., _bosom, lap_.
situs, -a, -um [part. of sino], _placed, situated_.
si-ve or seu, conj., _or if_; sive ... sive, _whether ... or_.
socius, -i [sequor], m., _companion, comrade, ally_.
sol, solis, m., _sun_.
solium, -i [sedeo], n., _seat, throne_.
sollicitudo, -tudinis [sollicitus], f., _anxiety, care, apprehension_.
sollicitus, -a, -um, _troubled, anxious_.
solus, -a, -um, _alone_.
solvo, solvere, solvi, solutus, _loosen, unbind, release; pay_; with or
without navem, _cast off, set sail, put to sea_.
somnus, -i, m., _sleep, drowsiness_.
sonitus, -us [sono, _sound_], m. _sound, noise_.
sonorus, -a, -um [sono, _sound_], _sounding, loud, noisy_.
soror, -oris, f., _sister_.
sors, sortis, f., _lot_.
sortior, -iri, -itus [sors], _cast_ or _draw lots_.
spargo, spargere, sparsi, sparsus, _scatter, sprinkle_.
spatium, -i, n., _space, interval; space of time, time_.
species, -ei [specio, _look_], f., _sight, appearance, shape_.
spectator, -oris [specto], m., _looker-on, spectator_.
specto, -are, -avi, -atus [freq. of specio, _look_], _look at_ or _on_.
speculum, -i [specio, _look_], n., _looking-glass, mirror_.
spelunca, -ae, f., _cave, cavern_.
sperno, spernere, sprevi, spretus, _despise, scorn_.
spero, -are, -avi, -atus [spes], _hope_.
spes, spei, f., _hope_.
sponte, f. abl. sing., modified by mea, tua, sua, _of one's own accord,
squalor, -oris [squaleo, _be dirty_], m., _dirt, filth_.
stabulum, -i [sto], n., _standing-place, stall, stable, inclosure_.
statim [sto], adv., _on the spot, forthwith, at once, immediately_.
statuo, statuere, statui, statutus [sto], _cause to stand; decide,
stipendium, -i, n., _tax, tribute_.
sto, stare, steti, status, _stand_.
stringo, stringere, strinxi, strictus, _draw, unsheathe_.
studeo, -ere, -ui, _be eager, give attention, apply oneself_.
studiosus, -a, -um [studium], _eager, diligent, studious_.
studium, -i [studeo], n., _eagerness, zeal; study, pursuit_.
stupeo, -ere, -ui, _be stunned, astounded_, or _amazed_.
Stymphalus, -i, m., _Stymphalus_.
Stymphalis, -idis [Stymphalus], adj., _of Stymphalus, Stymphalian_.
Styx, Stygis, f., _Styx_.
suavis, -e, _sweet, pleasant_.
sub, prep. with acc. and abl., _under_; sub vesperum, _towards evening_.
sub-do, -dere, -didi, -ditus, _put under, apply_.
sub-duco, -ducere, -duxi, -ductus, _draw up, beach_.
sub-eo, -ire, -ii, -itus, _go under; undergo, submit to, sustain, bear,
subicio, -icere, -ieci, -iectus [sub + iacio], _throw_ or _place under_.
subito [subitus, _unexpected_], adv., _unexpectedly, suddenly_.
sub-levo, -levare, -levavi, -levatus, _lift from beneath, lift, raise_.
sub-mergo, -mergere, -mersi, -mersus, _plunge under, sink, overwhelm_.
subsidium, -i [sub + sedeo], n., _reserve, reinforcement, support, help_.
succedo, -cedere, -cessi, -cessus [sub + cedo], _go_ or _come under,
follow after, succeed_.
succendo, -cendere, -cendi, -census, _kindle beneath, set on fire_.
succido, -cidere, -cidi, -cisus [sub + caedo], _cut below_ or _down_.
sucus, -i, m., _juice_.
sui, sibi, se or sese, reflexive pron., _himself, herself, itself,
sum, esse, fui, futurus, _be_.
summus, -a, -um [superl. of superus, _upper_], _uppermost, highest,
sumo, sumere, sumpsi, sumptus [sub + emo], _take under_ or _up, take_;
poenam sumere, _to exact_ or _inflict punishment_.
superior, -ius [comp. of superus, _upper_], adj., _higher; former,
previous, preceding_.
supero, -are, -avi, -atus [superus, _upper_], _overcome, defeat,
super-sum, -esse, -fui, _be over_ or _left, remain_.
supplicium, -i [supplex, _kneeling_], n., _punishment, torture_.
suppono, -ponere, -posui, -positus [sub + pono], _place_ or _put under_.
supra [superus, _upper_], adv. and prep. with acc., _above, before_.
supremus, -a, -um [superl. of superus, _upper_], _highest, last_.
suscipio, -cipere, -cepi, -ceptus [sub + capio], _undertake_.
suspendo, -pendere, -pendi, -pensus [sub + pendo], _hang up, hang_.
suspicio, -onis [suspicio, _look askance at_], f., _suspicion_.
suspicor, -spicari, -spicatus [suspicio, _look askance at_], _suspect_.
sustineo, -tinere, -tinui, -tentus [sub + teneo], _hold_ or _bear up,
sustain, withstand_.
suus, -a, -um [sui], _his, her, its_, or _their own; his, her, its,
Symplegades, -um, f. plur., _the Symplegades_.


taceo, -ere, -ui, -itus, _be silent_.
tacitus, -a, -um [part. of taceo], _silent_.
Taenarus, -i, m., _Taenarus_.
talaria, -ium [talus, _ankle_], n. plur., _winged shoes_.
talis, -e, _such_.
tam, adv., _so_.
tamen, adv., _however, yet, nevertheless_.
tandem, adv., _at length_ or _last, finally_.
tango, tangere, tetigi, tactus, _touch_.
tantum [tantus], adv., _so much_ or _far, only_.
tantus, -a, -um, _so great_ or _much_.
Tartarus, -i, m., _Tartarus_.
taurus, -i, m., _bull_.
tego, tegere, texi, tectus, _cover_.
telum, -i, n., _missile, spear, weapon_.
temere, adv., _rashly_.
tempestas, -tatis [tempus], f., _weather; storm, tempest_.
templum, -i, n., _sanctuary, temple_.
tempto, -are, -avi, -atus, _try, attempt_.
tempus, temporis, n., _time, season_.
teneo, -ere, -ui, -tus, _hold, keep; hold back, restrain, stop_.
tenuis, -e, _thin_.
tergum, -i, n., _back_.
terra, -ae, f., _land, earth_.
terreo, -ere, -ui, -itus, _frighten, terrify_.
terribilis, -e [terreo], _dreadful, terrible_.
terror, -oris [terreo], m., _terror, fright_.
tertium [tertius], adv., _the_ or _a third time_.
tertius, -a, -um [tres], _third_.
texo, -ere, -ui, -tus, _weave_.
Thebae, -arum, f. plur., _Thebes_.
Thebani, -orum [Thebae], m. plur., _Thebans_.
Thermodon, -ontis, m., _Thermodon_.
Theseus, -i, m., _Theseus_.
Thessalia, -ae, f., _Thessaly_.
Thracia, -ae, f., _Thrace_.
Tiberis, -is, m., _Tiber_.
timeo, -ere, -ui, _fear_.
timor, -oris [timeo], m., _fear_.
tingo, tingere, tinxi, tinctus, _wet, soak, dye_.
Tiryns, Tirynthis, f., _Tiryns_.
tollo, tollere, sustuli, sublatus, _lift, raise; take away, remove_;
ancoras tollere, _to weigh anchor_.
torqueo, torquere, torsi, tortus, _turn_.
totus, -a, -um, _all the, the whole_ or _entire_.
tracto, -are, -avi, -atus [freq. of traho], _handle, touch, feel_.
trado, -dere, -didi, -ditus [trans + do], _give across, over_, or _up,
deliver; hand down, relate, report_.
traduco, -ducere, -duxi, -ductus [trans + duco], _lead across_.
traho, trahere, traxi, tractus, _draw, drag_.
traicio, -icere, -ieci, -iectus [trans + iacio], _throw across, strike
through, pierce_.
traiectus, -us [traicio], m., _crossing over, passage_.
trano, -nare, -navi [trans + no, _swim_], _swim across_ or _over_.
tranquillitas, -tatis [tranquillus], f., _calm_.
tranquillus, -a, -um, _calm_.
trans, prep. with acc., _across, over_.
trans-eo, -ire, -ii, -itus, _go across_ or _over, cross_.
trans-figo, -figere, -fixi, -fixus, _thrust_ or _pierce through,
trans-porto, -portare, -portavi, -portatus, _carry across_ or _over,
trans-veho, -vehere, -vexi, -vectus, _carry across_ or _over_.
tres, tria, plur. adj., _three_.
tributum, -i [part. of tribuo, _contribute_], n., _contribution,
tristitia, -ae [tristis, _sad_], f., _sadness_.
Troia, -ae, f., _Troy_.
Troiani, -orum [Troia], m. plur., _Trojans_.
tu, tui, pers. pron., _thou, you_.
tum, adv., _then, at that time_.
turbo, -are, -avi, -atus [turba, _confusion_], _confuse, throw into
disorder, disturb, trouble_.
turbo, turbinis [turbo], m., _whirlwind, hurricane_.
turpis, -e, _disgraceful_.
tutus, -a, -um [part. of tueor, _watch over_], _safe_.
tuus, -a, -um [tu], _thy, thine, your_.


ubi, adv., _where_; conj., _when_.
ulciscor, ulcisci, ultus, _avenge_.
ullus, -a, -um, _any_.
ulterior, -ius [comp. from ultra, _beyond_], adj., _farther_.
Ulixes, -is, m., _Ulysses_.
umbra, -ae, f., _shadow, shade_.
umerus, -i, m., _shoulder_.
umquam, adv., _ever_.
unda, -ae, f., _wave_.
unde, adv., _whence_.
undecimus, -a, -um [undecim, _eleven_], _eleventh_.
undique [unde + -que], adv., _from_ or _on all sides_.
ungo, ungere, unxi, unctus, _smear, anoint_.
unguentum, -i [ungo], n., _ointment_.
universus, -a, -um [unus + verto], _all together, whole, entire, all_.
unus, -a, -um, _one; only, alone_.
urbs, urbis, f., _city_.
uro, urere, ussi, ustus, _burn_.
usque, adv., _all the time_; usque ad, _as far as, until_; quo usque,
see quo.
usus, -us [utor], m., _use; experience_.
ut, conj., _as; when; that_; ita ut, _as_.
uter, utra, utrum, _which_? of two.
uter, utris, m., _wine-skin_.
uter-que, utraque, utrumque, _each, either, both_.
utor, uti, usus, _use_.
utrimque [uterque], adv., _on either side_ or _both sides_.
uxor, -oris, f., _wife_.


vacuus, -a, -um [vaco, _be empty_], _empty_.
valeo, -ere, -ui, -iturus, _be strong_ or _effectual, have effect,
validus, -a, -um [valeo], _strong_.
vallis, -is, f., _valley_.
varius, -a, -um, _various_.
vas, vasis, n., plur. vasa, -orum, _vessel_.
vasto, -are, -avi, -atus [vastus], _lay waste_.
vastus, -a, -um, _waste, huge, enormous, vast_.
vehementer [vehemens, _violent_], adv., _violently, vehemently;
earnestly; exceedingly, greatly_.
veho, vehere, vexi, vectus, _carry_.
vellus, velleris, n., _fleece_.
velo, -are, -avi, -atus [velum, _veil_], _veil, cover_.
vel-ut, _even_ or _just as, as_.
venatio, -onis [venor, _hunt_], f., _hunting_.
venenum, -i, n., _poison_.
venio, venire, veni, ventus, _come_.
venter, ventris, m., _belly_.
ventus, -i, m., _wind_.
verbum, -i, n., _word_.
vereor, -eri, -itus, _fear_.
vero [verus], adv., _in truth, indeed; however_.
versor, -ari, -atus [freq. of verto], _keep turning, be busy_ or
_employed, be_.
verto, vertere, verti, versus, _turn_.
verus, -a, -um, _true_; re vera, _in truth, in fact_.
vescor, -i, _feed on, eat_.
vesper, vesperi, m., _evening_.
vester, -tra, -trum [vos], _your_.
vestigium, -i [vestigo, _track_], n., _track, foot-print_.
vestis, -is, f., _clothing, dress, robe_.
vestitus, -us [vestio, _clothe_], m., _clothing_.
via, -ae, f., _road, way_.
viator, -toris [via], m., _wayfarer, traveler_.
victima, -ae [vinco, _overcome_], f., _victim_.
victoria, -ae [vinco, _overcome_], f., _victory_.
victus, -us [vivo], m., _sustenance, food_.
vicus, -i, m., _village_.
video, videre, vidi, visus, _see; _ pass., _seem_.
vigilia, -ae [vigil, _awake_], f., _watch_.
viginti, indecl. adj., _twenty_.
villa, -ae, f., _country-house, villa_.
vimen, -minis, n., _osier_.
vincio, vincire, vinxi, vinctus, _bind_.
vinculum, -i [vincio], n., _bond, chain_.
vinum, -i, n., _wine_.
vir, viri, m., _man_.
virgo, virginis, f., _maiden_.
virtus, -tutis [vir], f., _manliness, courage, bravery_.
vis, vis, f., _violence, force; virtue, potency, efficacy_; plur. vires,
-ium, _strength_; omnibus viribus, _with all one's strength, with
might and main_.
visus, -us [video], m., _sight_.
vita, -ae [vivo], f., _life_.
vito, -are, -avi, -atus, _avoid, escape_.
vivo, vivere, vixi, victus, _live_.
vivus, -a, -um [vivo], _alive, living_.
vix, adv., _with difficulty, scarcely, hardly, barely_.
voco, -are, -avi, -atus [vox], _call, summon_.
Volcanus, -i, m., _Vulcan_.
volo, -are, -avi, -aturus, _fly_.
volo, velle, volui, _wish_.
volucris, -is [volo], f., _bird_.
voluntas, -tatis [volo], f., _wish, will_.
voluptas, -tatis [volo], f., _pleasure_.
vos, plur. of tu.
voro, -are, -avi, -atus, _swallow whole, devour_.
vox, vocis, f., _voice; word_.
vulnero, -are, -avi, -atus [vulnus], _wound_.
vulnus, vulneris, n., _wound_.


Zephyrus, -i, m., _Zephyrus, the west wind_.
Zetes, -ae, m., _Zetes_.


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