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Paginas Sudamericanas by Helen Phipps

Part 4 out of 4

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LUEGO _adv._ presently, immediately, then
LUGAR _m._ place, site, spot
LUJO _m._ luxury, extravagance
LUZ _f._ light


LLAMA _m. and f._ llama
LLAMAR _v._ to call
LLANO, -A _adj._ flat, level; _m._ plain
LLANURA _f._ prairie
LLEGAR _v._ to arrive, to reach
LLENO, -A _adj._ full
LLEVAR _v._ to carry, to bring;
---- A CABO to carry out
LLOVER _v._ to rain
LLUVIA _f._ rain, rainfall


MACHETE _m._ cutlass, cane-knife
MADEJA _f._ skein, hank
MADERA _f._ wood, timber, lumber
MADERERIA _f._ lumber yard
MADRUGAR _v._ to rise early
MADURO, -A _adj._ ripe, mature
MAESTRO _m._ teacher
MAGIA _f._ magic
MAIZ _m._ maize, Indian corn
MAJESTUOSO, -A _adj._ majestic
MALEZA _f._ thicket, undergrowth
MANDATORIO _m._ messenger; delegate; ruler
MANDIOCA _f._ cassava _or_ manioc, tapioca
MANDO _m._ command, authority, rule
MANIFESTAR _v._ to show, to manifest
MANIGUA _f._ jungle (_Cub._)
MANO _f._ hand
MANSO, -A _adj._ gentle, tame, mild
MANTECA _f._ lard, fat
MANTEL _m._ table-cloth
MANTENER _v._ to support, to keep up, to maintain
MANZANA _f._ apple; block (of houses)
MANA _f._ skill, cleverness
MAQUINARIA _f._ machinery
MAR _m. or f._ sea
MARAVILLA _f._ marvel, wonder
MARCADO, -A _adj._ marked
MARCO _m._ frame, background
MAREJADA _f._ surf, swell
MARFIL _m._ ivory
MARGEN _f._ margin, bank
MARINA _f._ fleet;
---- DE GUERRA navy
MARTES _m._ Tuesday
MAS _adv._ more;
POR ---- QUE however much;
---- BIEN rather
MASA _f._ mass; dough
MATAR _v._ to kill
MATE _m._ Brazilian holly (_from leaves of which Paraguay tea is
made_); Paraguay tea; gourd _or_ vessel (_in which the tea is made_)
MATERIA _f._ material; subject; subject matter
MATIZ _m._ hue, color
MATRICULA _f._ enrolment
MATRIZ _f._ matrix
MAUSOLEO _m._ mausoleum, tomb
MAYOR _adj._ larger, greater;
HIJO ---- eldest son
MEDIA _f._ stocking
MEDIANTE _prep._ by means of
MEDIDA _f._ measure, standard;
A ---- QUE in proportion that, as
MEDIO _m._ means, medium; middle
MEDIR _v._ to measure
MEDITERRANEO, -A _adj._ inland, interior
MEJOR _adj._ better, superior; _adv._ better
MEJORA _f._ improvement
MELOCOTON _m._ peach
MENA _f._ ore
MENOS _adv._ less
MENTADO, -A _adj._ celebrated, famous
MENUDO, -A _adj._ minute, small; A -O often, frequently
MERCADO _m._ market
MERCED _f._ grace, mercy;
---- A thanks to
MERECER _v._ to deserve
MERIDIONAL _adj._ southern
MES _m._ month
MESA _f._ table
MESETA _f._ plateau, tableland
METALIFERO, -A _adj._ metalliferous
METER _v._ to put in, to set in
MEZCLA _f._ mixture, compound
MEZCLAR _v._ to mix
MIEMBRO _m._ member
MIENTRAS _adv._ while
MILLA _f._ mile
MILLAR _m._ thousand
MINERO, -A _adj._ mining
MINISTERIO _m._ ministry, cabinet, department
MINISTRO _m._ minister (of state);
PRIMER ---- prime minister
MIRA _f._ intention, purpose
MIRAR _v._ to look, to look at, to face
MISIONERO _m._ missionary
MISMO, -A _adj._ same, similar
MITAD _f._ half
MODA _f._ style, fashion
MODELO _m._ model, style
MODICO, -A _adj._ moderate
MODO _m._ method, mode, manner
MOLER _v._ to grind, to pulverize
MOLINO _m._ mill
MONACITA _f._ monazite
MONEDA _f._ coin, coinage, money
MONTANA _f._ mountain
MONTAR _v._ to mount; to equip
MONTON _m._ heap, pile, mass
MORENO, -A _adj._ brown; swarthy
MORIR _v._ to die
MORTAL _adj._ mortal, deadly
MOSTRAR _v._ to show, to prove, to demonstrate
MOTIVO _m._ cause, reason, motive
MUEBLE _m._ piece of furniture
MUELLE _m._ wharf, pier, quay
MUERTE _f._ death
MUESTRA _f._ example, sample
MUJER _f._ woman
MULTIPLO _m._ multiple
MUNDIAL _adj._ of the world, worldly
MUNDO _m._ world, earth


NACER _v._ to be born; to begin
NADA _pron._ anything, nothing
NAIPE _m._ playing-card
NARANJA _f._ orange (_the fruit_)
NARANJO _m._ orange tree
NATAL _adj._ native;
DIA ---- birthday
NATURAL _adj._ natural; native
NAVEGAR _v._ to navigate
NEGOCIO _m._ business, occupation; affair
NEVADO, -A _adj._ snow-covered, snowy
NEVASCA _f._ snowstorm
NIEBLA _f._ mist
NIEVE _f._ snow
NINGUN, NINGUNO _pron._ no, none, not one
NINO, -A _m. and f._ child
NIQUEL _m._ nickel
NITRATO _m._ nitrate
NITRERIA _f._ saltpeter works
NIVEL _m._ level
NOCTURNO, -A _adj._ night, nocturnal
NOMBRAR _v._ to name, to nominate
NOMBRE _m._ name, title; fame
NORDESTE _m._ northeast
NORUEGO, -A _adj._ Norwegian
NOTAR _v._ to notice, to take note of;
ES DE ----SE it is worthy of note
NOTICIA _f._ news, information
NUEVO, -A _adj._ new
NUEZ _f._ nut
NUNCA _adv._ never


NANDUTI _m._ lace (_guarani for_ TELA DE ARANA)


O _conj._ or, either;
---- SEA that is, that is to say
OBISPO _m._ bishop
OBRA _f._ work
OBRERO _m._ workman
OBSTANTE _pres. part. of_ OBSTAR (to hinder, to withstand);
NO ---- nevertheless, notwithstanding
OBTENER _v._ to obtain
OCCIDENTAL _adj._ western
OCULTAR _v._ to hide
OCULTO, -A _adj._ hidden
OESTE _m._ west
OFICINA _f._ office
OFICIO _m._ office;
HACER EL ---- DE to serve as;
ARTES Y ----S arts and trades
OFRECER _v._ to offer
OJEADA _f._ glance
OLA _f._ wave
OLVIDAR _v._ to forget
ONDULADO, -A _adj._ undulating
ORACION _f._ sentence
ORBE _m._ orb;
EL ---- the earth
ORIGINARIO, -A _adj._ original, native
ORILLA _f._ shore, bank; limit
ORO _m._ gold
ORQUESTA _f._ orchestra
OTORGAR _v._ to grant
OVEJA _f._ sheep, ewe


PAGAR _v._ to pay
PAIS _m._ country, region
PAISAJE _m._ landscape
PAJA _f._ straw
PAJARO _m._ bird
PALABRA _f._ word
PALMERA _f._ palm tree
PALMITO _m._ palmetto, dwarf fan-palm
PALMO _m._ span, handsbreadth
PALO _m._ stick, wood;
---- DE TINTE dye wood;
---- SANTO lignum vitae
PALTA _f._ alligator pear
PAMPA _f._ plain, prairie (_Arg._)
PAN _m._ bread
PANADERO _m._ baker
PANTANO _m._ reservoir
PANTEON _m._ pantheon
PAO _(Port.) f._ bread, loaf;
---- D'ASSUCAR sugar-loaf
PAPEL _m._ paper;
HACER UN ---- to play a part
PAQUETE _m._ packet, parcel
PAR _adj._ equal;
A LA ---- QUE just as, like
PARA _prep._ for; _conj._ in order to, until;
ESTAR ---- to be on the point of
PARADA _f._ stop, stopping place, port of call
PARADOJICO, -A _adj._ paradoxical
PARAGUAS _m._ umbrella
PARAR _v._ to stop;
---- MIENTES to notice
PARECER _v._ to seem;
AL ---- apparently;
----SE to resemble
PARECIDO, -A _adj._ similar
PARLAMENTARIO, -A _adj._ parliamentary
PARQUE _m._ park
PARTICIPAR _v._ to inform, to share
PARTICULAR _adj._ particular; private
PARTIDO _m._ party
PARTIR _v._ to split, to separate; to depart
PASAJE _m._ passage, journey
PASAJERO _m._ traveler, passenger
PASEO _m._ promenade, avenue; walk;
---- EN COCHE drive
PASILLO _m._ passage, corridor
PASO _m._ pass, passing, way
PASTO _m._ pasture
PASTOREO _m._ pasturage
PATA _f._ foot (of an animal);
DE ---- SEGURA sure-footed
PATATA _f._ potato
PATIO _m._ court, courtyard
PATRON _m._ pattern, standard
PAULATINAMENTE _adv._ slowly
PAVIMENTAR _v._ to pave
PAZ _f._ peace
PECUARIO, -A _adj._ pertaining to cattle
PECHO _m._ chest, breast
PEDREGOSO, -A _adj._ stony
PENA _f._ pain, trouble
PENDIENTE _m._ slope
PENSAR _v._ to think
PENULTIMO, -A _adj._ penultimate, next to last
PEON _m._ day-laborer, peasant
PEQUENO, -A _adj._ small
PERDER _v._ to lose
PERDIDA _f._ loss
PERIODICO _m._ newspaper
PERITO, -A _adj._ expert, skilled
PERJUICIO _m._ detriment, injury
PERLA _f._ pearl
PERMANECER _v._ to remain
PERMISO _m._ permission
PERSONAJE _m._ personage
PERSONAL _m._ personnel, faculty
PERSPECTIVA _f._ outlook, prospect
PERTENECER _v._ to belong, to pertain
PESAR _v._ to weigh; A ---- DE in spite of
PESCUEZO _m._ neck
PESETA _f._ silver coin (_worth about twenty cents_)
PESO _m._ weight, dollar
PESQUERA _f._ fishery, fishing grounds
PESQUERIA _f._ fishery, fishing grounds
PETITGRAIN _(Fr.) m._ oil extracted from leaves of the orange tree
PICO _m._ point, peak, bill
PIE _m._ foot
PIEDRA _f._ stone
PIEL _f._ skin, hide; leather
PIERNA _f._ leg
PIEZA _f._ piece, coin; room
PINO _m._ pine (wood _or_ tree)
PINTOR _m._ painter
PINTORESCO, -A _adj._ picturesque
PINTURA _f._ painting; paint
PINA _f._ pineapple
PIRATA _m._ pirate
PISO _m._ floor, story
PLACER _m._ pleasure
PLANICIE _f._ plain
PLANO, -A _adj._ smooth, level; _m._ plan, design
PLATA _f._ silver;
---- LABRADA wrought silver
PLATANO _m._ banana
PLATINO _m._ platinum
PLAYA _f._ beach, shore
PLAZA _f._ square, market-place
PLOMO _m._ lead
POBLACION _f._ population; town
POBLADO _m._ city, town
POBLAR _v._ to colonize, to populate
POCITO _m._ small well
POCO, -A _adj._ little; -OS -AS few, some
PODER _v._ to be able; _m._ power
PODEROSO, -A _adj._ powerful
PODRIDO, -A _adj._ decayed
POLICIA _f._ police
POLITICA _f._ politics; policy
POMADA _f._ salve, pomade
PONER _v._ to place
POR _prep._ by, for, through;
---- CIENTO per cent;
---- EXCELENCIA par excellence
PORVENIR _m._ future
POSEER _v._ to possess
POSTERIOR _adj._ later
POTENCIA _f._ power
POZO _m._ well; shaft (of a mine)
PRACTICAR _v._ to perform; to make
PRADERA _f._ prairie, meadow
PRECIO _m._ price
PRECOLOMBINO, -A _adj._ pre-Columbian, antedating Columbus
PREFERIR _v._ to prefer
PREGUNTA _f._ question
PRELADO _m._ prelate
PRENDA _f._ pledge, token;
---- DE VESTIR garment
PRESTAR _v._ to lend;
---- ATENCION to pay attention
PREVER _f._ to foresee
PRIMER, PRIMERO, -A _adj._ first
PRIMO, -A _adj._ first; MATERIA -A raw material
PRINCIPIO _m._ beginning; principle
PRIVADO, -A _adj._ private
PROBAR _v._ to try, to test, to prove
PROCEDIMIENTO _m._ process, proceeding
PRODUCIR _v._ to produce
PROEZA _f._ prowess
PROMEDIO _m._ average
PRONTO, -A _adj._ quick, prompt; -O _adv._ quickly, promptly
PROPAGAR _v._ to propagate
PROPIAMENTE _adv._ properly;
---- DICHO strictly speaking
PROPICIO, -A _adj._ propitious, suitable
PROPIO, -A _adj._ proper, own, same, very, characteristic
PROPORCIONAR _v._ to furnish, to supply; to adjust
PROPOSITO _m._ purpose;
A ---- DE regarding
PROSEGUIR _v._ to pursue, to proceed, to prosecute
PROTEGER _v._ to protect
PROVEER _v._ to provide, to supply
PROVENIR _v._ to proceed, to arise
PROVISORIO, -A _adj._ provisional, temporary
PROXIMO, -A _adj._ nearest; next
PROYECTO _m._ project, plan
PRUEBA _f._ proof, evidence, test;
A ---- DE proof against
PUEBLO _m._ town; people, population; nation
PUERTO _m._ port;
---- DE EMBARQUE shipping port
PUES _conj._ since, because; _adv._ then
PUESTO _m._ position; _see also_ PONER;
---- QUE since
PULGADA _f._ inch
PUNTO _m._ point, dot, place


QUEBRAR _v._ to break
QUEDAR _v._ to remain
QUEHACER _m._ occupation, task;
----ES affairs, business
QUEMAR _v._ to burn
QUERER _v._ to wish, to desire
QUIEN _pron._ who
QUIMICA _f._ chemistry
QUIMICO _m._ chemist
QUINA _f._ cinchona, Peruvian bark
QUINTA _f._ estate, country place
QUINTAL _m._ quintal, hundred-weight
QUIZA, QUIZAS _adv._ perhaps


RADA _f._ roadstead, bay
RAIZ _f._ root;
A ---- DE immediately after
RAJA _f._ crack, fissure
RAMA _f._ branch, shoot
RAMBLA _f._ ramble, walk
RAMIFICACION _f._ branch, branching
RAMO _m._ branch
RARO, -A _adj._ rare;
----A VEZ seldom
RASCACIELOS _m._ skyscraper
RASGO _m._ stroke, dash, trace, feature
RAYO _m._ ray
RAZA _f._ race
RAZON _f._ reason, right;
A ---- DE at the rate of
REALISTA _adj. and m. or f._ royalist
REBANO _m._ flock
RECIAL _m._ rapids
RECINTO _m._ inclosure, precinct
RECLAMAR _v._ to claim, to demand
RECOBRAR _v._ to recover
RECOGER _v._ to gather, to harvest, to collect; to retake
RECOLECCION _f._ crop, harvest; harvesting
RECONOCER _v._ to recognize, to acknowledge
RECORRER _v._ to examine, to survey, to traverse
RECREO _m._ recreation, pastime
RECTO, -A _adj._ straight, erect, upright
RECTOR _m._ rector; president (of a university)
RECURSO _m._ resource
RECHAZAR _v._ to repulse
REDUCIDO, -A _adj._ small
REDUCIR _v._ to reduce
REEMPLAZAR _v._ to replace
REFERIR _v._ to refer
REFORMADOR _m._ reformer
REFRESCO _m._ refreshment, cold drink
REGAR _v._ to water, to irrigate
REGATA _f._ regatta, boat race
REGENTAR _v._ to rule, to govern
REGENTE _m._ regent
REGIR _v._ to rule, to control, to prevail
REGLA _f._ rule, law
REGRESAR _v._ to return
REINO _m._ kingdom, reign
RELIQUIA _f._ relic, residue, trace
RELOJ _m._ watch, clock
RELUCIENTE _adj._ shining, glittering, bright
REMONTAR _v._ to go up, to ascend
RENDIMIENTO _m._ yield, crop, income
RENDIR _v._ to yield, to bear; to render;
----SE to submit; to be tired
RENOMBRADO, -A _adj._ renowned
RENTA _f._ rent, income, revenue
RENIDO, -A _adj._ violent, hard-fought
REPETIR _v._ to repeat
REQUIEBRO _m._ compliment
REQUISITO _m._ requirement, requisite
RESENA _f._ summary
RESGUARDAR _v._ to protect, to defend
RESINA _f._ resin
RESOLVER _v._ to resolve
RESPETAR _v._ to concern
RESPUESTA _f._ reply, answer
RESTO _m._ rest, remainder
RESTRINGIR _v._ to restrain, to limit, to confine
RESULTADO _m._ result
RETRATO _m._ portrait, picture
REUNION _f._ meeting, gathering
REUNIR _v._ to gather, to unite, to assemble
REVELAR _v._ to reveal
REVESTIR _v._ to dress, to clothe; to be invested with
REVISTA _f._ magazine, review
REY _m._ king
RICO, -A _adj._ rich
RIEGO _m._ irrigation
RIO _(Port.) m._ river
RIO _m._ river
RIQUEZA _f._ riches, wealth
RIVALIZAR _v._ to rival;
---- CON to vie with
ROCA _f._ rock
RODEAR _v._ to surround, to inclose
ROJO, -A _adj._ red, crimson
ROMPER _v._ to break, to tear
ROMPIENTE _m._ surf, breaker
ROPA _f._ clothing;
---- HECHA ready-made clothing
ROSTRO _m._ face
RUBI _f._ ruby
RUTA _f._ route


SABER _v._ to know;
A ---- namely, to wit
SABIO, -A _adj._ wise, learned
SABROSO, -A _adj._ savory, palatable
SACAR _v._ to take out, to extract
SACO _m._ bag, sack
SACUDIR _v._ to shake
SAL _f._ salt
SALADERO _m._ salting-place, salting-tub
SALADO, -A _adj._ salted
SALIDA _f._ exit, departure, start, outlet
SALIR _v._ to leave, to start, to go out
SALITRE _m._ saltpeter, nitrate
SALITRERO, -A _adj._ nitrate; _f._ nitrate bed
SALUBRE _adj._ salubrious
SALUD _f._ health
SALUDABLE _adj._ healthful
SALVAJE _adj._ savage, wild, rough
SALVAR _v._ to save; to span, to pass over
SANGRE _f._ blood
SANIDAD _f._ sanitation
SANO, -A _adj._ healthful
SAO _(Port.) m._ saint
SATISFACER _v._ to satisfy
SAVIA _f._ sap
SAZON _f._ maturity, season;
A LA ---- at that time
SECAR _v._ to dry
SECO, -A _adj._ dry
SEDA _f._ silk
SEDIENTO, -A _adj._ thirsty
SEDOSO, -A _adj._ silky
SEGUIDA _f._ continuation;
EN ---- immediately
SEGUIR _v._ to follow, to continue
SEGUN _prep. and conj._ according to
SEGURO, -A _adj._ sure, safe, secure
SELVA _f._ forest
SEMANA _f._ week
SEMBRAR _v._ to sow, to scatter
SEMEJANTE _adj._ like, similar
SEMEJAR _v._ to resemble
SEMILLA _f._ seed
SENADO _m._ senate
SENCILLO, -A _adj._ simple
SENDERO _m._ path, footpath
SENTAR _v._ to seat;
----SE to sit down
SENTIDO _m._ sense, perception, direction
SENTIR _v._ to feel, to experience
SENALADO, -A _adj._ famous, celebrated
SEPTENTRIONAL _adj._ northern
SERICULTURA _f._ silkworm culture
SERVIDUMBRE _f._ servitude, serfdom
SERVIR _v._ to serve;
---- DE to serve as
SI _conj._ if;
---- BIEN although
SIEMBRA _f._ sowing; seed-time; sown field
SIEMPRE _adv._ always
SIERRA _f._ mountain range
SIGLO _m._ century
SIGUIENTE _adj._ following, successive
SILVESTRE _adj._ wild, uncultivated
SILLA _f._ chair;
---- DE MONTAR saddle
SIN _prep._ without;
---- EMBARGO nevertheless
SINO _conj. and prep._ except, besides, but
SINSABOR _m._ trouble, pain, disgust
SITIO _m._ place, site, siege
SOBRE _prep._ on, upon, over, above
SOBRENOMBRE _m._ nickname
SOBREVENIR _v._ to overtake, to come upon
SOBRINO _m._ nephew
SODIO _m._ sodium
SOL _m._ sun; dollar (Peruvian)
SOLDADO _m._ soldier
SOLDAR _v._ to solder, to weld
SOLER _v._ to be accustomed to
SOLICITAR _v._ to seek, to solicit
SOMBRA _f._ shade, shadow
SOMBRERO _m._ hat
SOMETER _v._ to submit; to subject
SONIDO _m._ sound
SONRIENTE _adj._ smiling
SORBER _v._ to sip
SORPRENDER _v._ to surprise
SORTIJA _f._ ring
SOSIEGO _m._ calmness
SOSTENER _v._ to sustain, to support
SUAVE _adj._ soft, smooth, gentle
SUBACUEO, -A _adj._ underwater
SUBIDO, -A _adj._ high, high-priced
SUBIR _v._ to mount, to climb
SUBITO, -A _adj._ sudden
SUBLEVAR _v._ to raise;
----SE to rebel
SUBVENCIONAR _v._ to subsidize
SUBYUGAR _v._ to subjugate
SUCEDER _v._ to happen; to succeed
SUCESO _m._ event, happening
SUDADERO _m._ sudatory, sweating-room
SUECO, -A _adj._ Swedish
SUELA _f._ sole, sole-leather
SUELO _m._ ground, soil; floor
SUERTE _f._ chance, fate, luck;
DE ---- QUE so that, with the result that
SUFRIR _v._ to suffer
SUIZO, -A _adj._ Swiss
SUL _(Port.) m._ south
SUMAMENTE _adv._ extremely, highly
SUMINISTRAR _v._ to furnish, to provide
SUMO, -A _adj._ highest, greatest
SUNTUOSO, -A _adj._ sumptuous, splendid
SUPERAR _v._ to surpass
SUPERFICIE _f._ surface
SUPONER _v._ to suppose, to assume
SUPRIMIR _v._ to suppress
SUR _m._ south
SURGIR _v._ to issue, to rise, to break out
SURTIR _v._ to furnish, to provide
SUSODICHO, -A _adj._ aforementioned


TACHA _f._ flaw
TAGUA _f._ vegetable ivory
TAL _adj._ such, similar
TALLER _m._ shop, factory
TALLO _m._ stem
TAMANO _m._ size
TAMBIEN _adv._ also
TANINO _m._ tannin
TANTO, -A _adj._ as much, so much;
UN ----O a little;
EN ----O QUE while;
POR LO ----O therefore;
----O POR CIENTO percentage
TARDAR _v._ to delay, to take long
TASAJO _m._ jerked beef, hung beef
TECHO _m._ roof
TEJA _f._ tile
TEJADO _m._ roof
TEJAS _m._ Texas
TEJEDOR _m._ weaver
TEJER _v._ to weave, to knit
TEJIDO _m._ tissue, fabric, textile
TELA _m._ cloth, fabric
TELAR _m._ loom
TEMBLOR _m._ earthquake, shock
TEMPLADO, -A _adj._ temperate, moderate
TEMPORADA _f._ season, spell;
LUGAR DE ---- pleasure resort
TEMPORADISTA _m._ pleasure-seeker
TENDER _v._ to tend to; to stretch out
TENER _v._ to have;
---- EN CUENTA to take into account;
---- QUE to be obliged to
TENERIA _f._ tannery
TENIENTE _m._ lieutenant, deputy
TENTATIVA _f._ attempt
TERMAL _adj._ thermal;
EL ECUADOR ---- the heat belt
TERMINAR _v._ to end, to complete
TERMINO _m._ term, period
TERRA _(Port.) f._ land
TERREMOTO _m._ earthquake
TERRENO _m._ land, piece of ground, grounds
TIENDA _f._ store, shop;
---- DE CAMPANA tent
TIERNO, -A _adj._ tender, soft
TIERRA _f._ earth, land, soil, country, region
TINA _f._ tub, vat
TINIEBLAS _f. pl._ darkness
TINO _m._ prudence, judgment, skill
TINTE _m._ dye, stain
TINTOREO, -A _adj._ tinctorial, relating to dyes
TIPO _m._ type
TIRAR _v._ to throw, to shoot, to draw, to pull;
---- A to tend toward
TIRON _m._ pull, jerk
TITANICO, -A _adj._ titanic, immense
TITULO _m._ title
TOCADOR _m._ dressing-table
TOCAR _v._ to touch; to play
TODAVIA _adv._ still, yet; nevertheless
TOMAR _v._ to take
TONELADA _f._ ton
TORNAR _v._ to turn, to return;
----SE to become
TORREFACCION _f._ drying, roasting
TORTUOSO, -A _adj._ crooked, tortuous
TOSTAR _v._ to toast, to roast, to tan
TRABAJO _m._ work
TRADUCIR _v._ to translate
TRAER _v._ to bring
TRAJE _m._ clothes, costume
TRANSCURRIR _v._ to pass, to elapse
TRANSITO _m._ passage, transit, trip
TRANSPORTE _m._ transport
TRANVIA _m._ street car
TRAS _prep._ after, behind
TRASBORDO _m._ transfer
TRASLADAR _v._ to remove;
----SE to go
TRASPUESTA _f._ transfer
TRASTORNO _m._ disturbance
TRATADO _m._ treaty
TRATAMIENTO _m._ treatment
TRAVES _m._ inclination;
A ---- DE across, through
TRAVIESA _f._ cross-tie (of railroad)
TRAZAR _v._ to trace, to plan
TREN _m._ train
TREPADOR, -ORA _adj._ climbing
TRIBU _f._ tribe
TRIGO _m._ wheat
TRILLADORA _f._ thrashing machine
TRONADOR, -ORA _adj._ thundering
TRONCO _m._ trunk
TRONO _m._ throne
TROPA _f._ troop
TUBERCULO _m._ tuber
TUBO _m._ tube, pipe


U _conj._ or, either
ULTIMAMENTE _adv._ recently; lastly
ULTIMO, -A _adj._ last
UNICO, -A _adj._ only
UNIDAD _f._ unity; unit
UNIR _v._ to unite
URBANIZAR _v._ to build up
USAR _v._ to use
UTIL _adj._ useful; _m. pl._ tools, utensils
UTILIZAR _v._ to use, to utilize


VA _see_ IR
VACUNO, -A _adj._ bovine
VAGO, -A _adj._ vague
VAINA _f._ scabbard, sheath (of a knife)
VALER _v._ to be worth
VALIOSO, -A _adj._ valuable
VALOR _m._ value, price
VALLE _m._ valley
VANADIO _m._ vanadium
VAPOR _m._ steam, steamer
VAQUERO _m._ herdsman, cowboy
VARA _f._ rod, pole; yard (_Spanish, of about 33 inches_)
VARIAR _v._ to change, to vary
VARON _m._ man
VASIJA _f._ container, vessel
VECINDAD _f._ vicinity
VECINO, -A _adj._ neighboring; _m. and f._ neighbor
VENA _f._ vein
VENADO _m._ deer
VENCER _v._ to conquer
VENDER _v._ to sell
VENENO _m._ poison
VENIR _v._ to come
VENTA _f._ sale, market
VENTAJA _f._ advantage
VER _v._ to see
VERANEAR _v._ to summer
VERANEO _m._ summering;
LUGAR DE ---- summer resort
VERANIEGO, -A _adj._ summerlike
VERANO _m._ summer
VERDAD _f._ truth
VERDADERO, -A _adj._ real, true, genuine
VERDE _adj._ green
VEREDA _f._ path
VERIFICAR _v._ to verify;
----SE to take place
VERTER _v._ to pour, to shed, to cast
VESTIR _v._ to clothe, to dress; to wear
VETA _f._ vein, lode
VEZ _f._ time, turn;
CADA ---- MAS more and more;
DE ---- EN CUANDO from time to time;
EN ---- DE in place of;
HACER LAS VECES DE to take the place of
VIA _f._ way, road, route, track;
---- FLUVIAL waterway;
---- FERREA railway
VIAJE _m._ voyage, journey
VIAJERO _m._ traveler;
AGENTE ---- traveling salesman
VIDA _f._ life
VIDRIO _m._ glass
VIEJO, -A _adj._ old, ancient
VILLA _f._ town; country seat
VINO _m._ wine; _also see_ VENIR
VINA _f._ vineyard
VINEDO _m._ vineyard
VIRREINATO _m._ viceroyalty
VIRREY _m._ viceroy
VISTA _f._ sight, vision, view;
PUNTO DE ---- point of view
VISTOSO, -A _adj._ beautiful
VITALICIO, -A _adj._ lifelong
VITICULTURA _f._ viticulture, vine growing
VIVERES _m. pl._ provisions, food
VIVIENDA _f._ dwelling house
VIVIR _v._ to live
VOLAR _v._ to fly; to blast
VOLVER _v._ to return;
---- A _to repeat the action expressed by the infinitive following
the phrase_
VOZ _f._ voice; word
VUELO _m._ flight;
A ---- DE PAJARO on the wing


YACER _v._ to lie
YACIMIENTO _m._ bed, ore deposit, vein
YODO _m._ iodine
YUGO _m._ yoke
YUTE _m._ jute


ZAMBULLIDA _f._ dive, plunge
ZAPATO _m._ shoe
ZUMO _m._ sap, juice

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