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Our Vanishing Wild Life by William T. Hornaday

Part 11 out of 11

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Mary Butcher Fund, to the National Association of Audubon
Societies 12,000
Mrs. Russell Sage, for the purchase of Marsh Island 150,000
American Game Protective and Propagation Association, from
the manufacturers of firearms and ammunition, annually 25,000
Charles Willis Ward and E.A. McIlhenny, purchase of game
preserve presented to Louisiana 39,000
Mrs. Russell Sage, miscellaneous gifts to the National Audubon
Society 20,000
The American Bison Society for the Montana National Herd 10,526
New York Zoological Society, total about 20,000
John E. Thayer, purchase of game preserve 5,000
Caroline Phelps Stokes Bird Fund, N.Y. Zoological Society 5,000
Boone and Crockett Fund for Preservation 5,000
A Friend in Rochester 2,500
Henry C. Frick 1,500
Samuel Thorne 1,250

Of all the above, the only endowment funds yielding an annual income are
those of the National Association of Audubon Societies and the Caroline
Phelps Stokes fund of $5,000 in the treasury of the Zoological Society.

A fund of $25,000 per year for five years has been guaranteed by the
makers of shot-guns, rifles and ammunition, to the American Game
Protective and Propagation Association. This is like a limited

In the civilized world there are citizens of many kinds; but all of them
can be placed in two groups: (1) those with a sense of duty toward
mankind, and who will do their duty as good citizens; and (2) those who
from the cradle to the grave meanly and sordidly study their own selfish
interests, who never do aught save in expectation of a quick return
benefit, and who recognize no such thing as duty toward mankind at

Men and women of the first class are honored in life, mourned when dead,
and gratefully remembered by posterity. They leave the world better than
they found it, and their lives have been successful.

Men and women of the second class are merely so many pieces of animated
furniture; and when they pass out the world cares no more than when old
chairs are thrown upon the scrap-heap.

There are many men so selfish, so ignorant and mean of soul that even
out of well-filled purses they would not give ten dollars to save the
whole bird fauna of North America from annihilation. To all persons of
that brand, it is useless to appeal. As soon as you find one, waste no
time upon him. Get out of his neighborhood as quickly as you can, and
look for help among real MEN.

The wild life of the world cannot be saved by a few persons, even though
they work their hearts out in the effort. The cause needs two million
more helpers; and they must be sought in Group No. 1. They are living,
somewhere; but the great trouble is to find them, _before it is too

There are times and causes in which the good citizen has no option but
to render service. The most important of such causes are: the relief of
suffering humanity, the conservation of the resources of nature, and the
prevention of vandalism. If the American Nation had refused aid to
stricken San Francisco, the callous hard-heartedness of it would have
shocked the world. If the German army of 1871 had destroyed the art
treasures and the libraries of Paris, it would have set the German
nation back ten centuries, into the ranks of the lowest barbarians.

And yet, in America, and in the regions now being scourged by the
feather trade, a wonderful FAUNA is being destroyed! It took _millions
of years_ to develop that marvelous array of wild life; and when gone
_it never can be replaced_! Yet the Army of Destruction is sweeping it
away as joyously as a hired laborer cuts down a field of corn.

That wild life _can_ be saved! If done, it must be done by the men and
women of Group No. 1. The means by which it can be saved are: _Money,
labor_ and _publicity. Every man of_ ordinary means and intelligence can
contribute either money or labor. The men on the firing line must not be
expected to furnish their own food and ammunition. The Workers MUST be
provided with the money that active campaign work imperatively demands!
Those who cannot conveniently or successfully labor should give money
to this cause; but at the same time, every good citizen should keep in
touch with his lawmaking representatives, and in times of need ask for
votes for whatever new laws are necessary.

With money enough to arouse the American people in certain ways, the
wild life of North America (north of Mexico) can be saved. _Money_ can
secure labor and publicity, and the People will do the rest. For this
campaign work I want, _and must have_, a permanent fund of $10,000 per
annum,--cash always ready for every emergency in field work. I greatly
need, _and must have, immediately_, an endowment Wild-Life Fund of at
least $100,000, and eventually $250,000. I can no longer "pass the hat"
each year. This is needed in addition to the several thousands of
dollars annually being expended by the Zoological Society in this work.
The Society is already doing its utmost in wild-life protection, just as
it is in several other fields of activity.

Outside of New York many wealthy men will say, "Let New York do it!"
That often is the way when national campaigning is to be done. In
_national_ wild-life protection work, New York is to-day bearing about
nine-tenths of the burden. It is my belief that in 1912 outside of New
York City less than $10,000 was raised and expended in wild-life
protection save by state and national appropriations. We know that in
the year mentioned New York expended $221,000 in this cause, all from
private sources.

In a very short time I shall call for the $100,000 that I now must have
as an endowment fund for nation-wide work, to be placed at 5-1/2 per
cent interest for the $5,500 annual income that it will yield. How much
of this will come from outside the State of New York? Some of it, I am
sure, will come from Massachusetts and Pennsylvania; but will any of it
come from Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago, St. Louis and San Francisco?

* * * * *


I have now said my say in behalf of wild life. Surely the path of duty
toward the remnant of wild life is plain enough. Will those who read
this book pass along my message that the hour for a revolution has
struck? Will the millions of men commanded by General Apathy now arouse,
before it is too late to act?

Will the true sportsmen rise up, and do their duty, bravely and

Will the people with wealth to give away do their duty toward wild life
and humanity, fairly and generously?

Will the zoologists awake, leave their tables in their stone palaces of
peace, and come out to the firing-line?

Will the lawmakers heed the handwriting on the wall, and make laws that
represent the full discharge of their duty toward wild life and

Will the editors beat the alarm-gong, early and late, in season and out
of season, until the people awake?

On the answers to these questions hang the fate of the wild creatures of
the world,--their preservation or their extermination.

* * * * *


Abundance of wild life.
Accuracy, value of, in campaigning.
Acklen, J.H.
Adams, Cyrus C., on the lion.
Adirondack State Park.
big game of
game preserves in
rinderpest in
"soon to be shot out".
African big game disappearing.
African game that needs exemption.
Agriculture, Department of.
Akeley, C.E.
deer killed in
laws of.
Alabama Game Commissioner.
brown bears of
new laws needed in
game of
Sitka National Monument in.
Alaska--Yukon region.
_Albatross_, steamer, seals taken by.
Albatrosses, Laysan.
at fault on antelope-shooting
laws of parks of.
Alden, M.P., Percy.
Algonquin National Park.
game wardens killed by
prohibited from owning firearms
slaughter of song-birds by.
Altai Mountains of western China.
American Bison Society.
American Game Protective and Propagation Association.
"American Natural History" on hawks and owls.
American, North, Fish and Game Protective Association.
American private game preserves.
Animallai Hills to-day and in 1877.
"Animal Life in Africa," on status of settlers.
caught by cats
wild, may become nuisances.
attempts to transplant
in Alberta
in Montana
in Nevada
in Texas
in Wyoming
lumpy jaw in
physical weakness of
present status of
preserve in Montana
wrong to kill.
Anthony bill for migratory birds.
Antelopes, African, for the South.
Aphis devouring potato-tops.
Apple crop, losses on.
Aquarium, West Indian seals in.
Areas inhabited by big game.
Argali, Siberian.
new laws needed in
national monuments in.
Arizona elk exterminated.
new laws needed in.
Army of Defense.
Army of Destruction.
Army worm.
Arnold, Craig D.
Ashe, T.J.
Asia, future of big game of.
Asiatic game that should be close-seasoned.
Askins, Charles, article in _Recreation_ by.
Association in Pennsylvania fighting Game Commission.
Association, Wool-Growers, fighting antelope preserve.
Astley, Hubert D.
Atkinson, George.
_Atlanta Journal_.
Audubon Societies, National Association of.
Auk, Great.
Austrians in Minnesota.
animal pests in
game preserves in.
Automatic and pump shot-guns
campaign against, won in New Jersey
denounced by organizations
use of, prohibited by law.
Automobile, use of, in hunting forbidden.
Automobiles detrimental to wild life.
Avare, Game Warden Henry
Avery, Carlos
Avery Island, La., robin slaughter at
_Avicultural Magazine_

+ + + + +

Bag insects
Bag limit,
in Africa;
a delusion,
British Columbia,
Baird, Spencer F.
Baker, Frank
Bancroft, W.F.
Barber, Charles
Barren grounds of the Arctic regions
Baynard, Oscar E.
Bayne law
against sale of game in New York
breeding game under,
genesis of
Beal, F.E.L.
black, in South Carolina
grizzly, ethics of hunting the,
almost gone from United States,
California grizzly
Alaskan brown;
alleged damages by,
grizzly, bag limit demanded on,
in Yellowstone Park, estimated,
killed by Forestry Bureau,
of Yellowstone Park
Beard, Daniel C.,
cartoon by
on bird destruction
Beaver in New Brunswick
Bedford, Duke of, David's deer saved by,
Beebe, C. William;
chapter written by
Bell, Rudolph
Bell, W.B.
Berlin feather trade
Beyer, G.E.
Big Horn Game Preserve
Biological Survey;
on duck disease,
work of,
on wood-duck
Biology, Elementary, by Peabody and Hunt
Bird, Charles S.
Bird boxes distributed by J.M. Phillips
Bird Day in various states
Bird Refuges, National, full list of
becoming extinct in North America;
feeding in winter,
killed by cats,
by dogs,
by foxes,
by mongoose,
by negroes,
by telephone wires,
by wild animals,
destruction of, in Far East,
food habits of certain,
extinct in North America,
in distress,
killed in New York City,
list of, that devour codling moth,
threatened with extermination
Bird skins purchased in London
Bishop, Dr. Louis B.
Bison, American,
now living;
last of Colorado, killed,
Yellowstone Park,
wild, in Yellowstone Park,
value of
Bison herd, Wichita National
Bison ranges created
Bison ranges, National:
in United States,
in Canada
Bison Society, American
proposes National herd
Beaman, D.C.
Blackbird, Crow
destroy cotton-boll weevil
killed as "game"
Black-Snake, Pilot
Blair, Dr. W. Reid
Blaubok, extinct
Blauvelt, George A.
Blesbok in Cape Colony
Blinding decoy birds
Blooming Grove Park
Bluebirds killed by cold weather
Blue Mountain Forest Association
Bontebok in Cape Colony
Bob-White, food habits of
Boone and Crockett Club
Boston Society of Natural History
Bowdish, B.S.
Boxes for birds distributed
Boy Scouts of America, appeal to
Bradley, Guy M., killed by a plume-hunter
Brazil, birds' plumage from
ducks in captivity
game and fur in captivity
Breeding wild animals need seclusion
Brett, Lieut.-Col. L.M., animal census from
Brewster, William
Brimley, H.H. and C.S.
Bringing back
birds and game
vanishing species
British Columbia
game conditions in,
game preserves in
British East Africa, remarkable bag "limit" in
Bronx River, ducks killed by pollution of
Brooklyn Institute
Brooks, Earle A.
Brown, William Harvey, at Salisbury
Brown, William P.
Bryan, W.A.
Buckland, James
Buckskin Mountain
Buffalo Academy of Sciences
Buffalo in Cape Colony
Buffalo, American,
now living,
_see_ Bison.
Buffalo Park, Alberta
Bunting, Snow,
killed for food.
Burnham, John B.
Burtch, Verdi.
Bustard being exterminated.
Butcher bird.
Butler, A.L.
Butler, Amos W.

+ + + + +

new laws needed in
Academy of Sciences
National monuments of
State Game Preserve
University of.
Call, San Francisco.
Calliste, Superb.
Camp-Fire Club of America
code of ethics of.
Camp-Fire Club of Detroit.
Campion, C.
Camp laborers as game destroyers.
game laws and preserves in.
Cape Province, South Africa, big game in.
Carbonell, E.T.
in Nova Scotia
in general, status of
killed for their tongues
slaughtered and wasted, in Quebec.
Caribou disease.
Carleton, L.T.
Carnegie Institute of Washington.
Carrick, Penn., bird day at.
Cartridges, estimated annual production of.
Cat and its victim.
Cats, birds destroyed by.
Caterpillars eaten by shore-birds.
Caton, John Dean.
Cause, choice of a.
Cedar Bird, eaten as "game".
Cereals, losses on, from insects.
Corbin bison herd.
Chambers, Fred. W.
Chamois, slaughter of protected, in Switzerland.
Chapman, Arthur.
Charles, Salem D.
Cheney, Henry W.
Chicago Academy of Sciences.
as a plague-spot for sale of game
devours Norway ptarmigan
University of
barren of wild life
raked and scraped for ducks.
Chinese now buyers of game.
Christian, L.T.
Cigarette beetle.
Cincinnati Zoological Gardens.
Clark, J.C.
Clark, W.A.
Claxton, Dr. P.P., on Tennessee robin slaughter.
Clergy, Italian, duty of.
Cleveland-Cliffs Iron Co.
Close season law in New York.
Close season,
at discretion
long, needed.
Clubs opposed to automatic guns.
Coccidiosus, intestinal, in ducks.
Cock of the Rock.
Codling moth, birds that devour the.
Cold storage of game in New York.
Cold storage warehouses and steamers in China.
Collier's Weekly.
Colonist, Victoria.
new laws needed in
game-breeding laws of
national monuments of
Comity between states, lack of.
Commission, New York Conservation.
Commissions, State Game.
Comparative Zoology, Museum of.
Condor, California.
Conference of Powers on African wild life.
Congo Free State.
acts of, for wild life
creates National Bison Range
creates National monuments
saves the starving elk.
Connaught National Park.
new laws needed in
protects wood-duck.
Conrad bison herd.
Conrad, Charles H.
Corbin, Austin
deer sold by.
Cormorant, Pallas.
Corn and hogs, and wild life protection.
Corn, losses on.
Corn-root worm.
Cornell University.
Cotton-boll weevil.
loss on
rise in price of, affects birds.
Cougars destroyed in British Columbia.
Country Life in America.
Cox, J.D.
destroyed in British Columbia
Crandall, L.S., on breeding mallard duck,
Cranes in Alberta
Crane, Whooping
Crater Lake National Park
Crayfishes eaten by shore-birds
Credit for work done
Cree Indians
Crow, ducklings destroyed by
Crow, F.L., robins slaughtered by
of "aigrette" hunters
of albatross killers
Cuppy, W.B., deer raised by
Currituck County wild-fowl slaughter
Currituck Sound, N.C.
Cuthbert Rookery

+ + + + +

Dakota, South, National monuments of
Dallas, Tex., disgraced by robin slaughter
Dalton and Young
Damages by deer in Vermont
David's deer
Davis, C.B., narrative of elk slaughter
Davis, Capt. M.B.
Deadfall traps in Burma
accept protection
as a food supply,
cash value of,
caught in Hudson River,
damages to crops by,
danger from,
in New York City,
killed in Louisiana,
killed in Vermont since 1897,
pamphlet on raising,
possibilities in,
present status of,
slaughter in Montana,
value of,
European red,
Indian sambar,
red, of Europe,
white-tailed, breeding,
future of,
in Iowa,
killed in various states,
portrait of,
weights of, in Vermont
Defects in the protection of western big game
Defenders of wild life
new laws needed in
Denmead, Talbott
Destroyers of wild life
Destruction, Army of
Detroit, Camp-Fire Club of
Dike, A.C., on cats
Dill, Homer R.
Dimock, Julian A.
Diseases, destruction of wild life by
District of Columbia, new laws needed in
Ditmars, Raymond L.
Dix, Governor John A.
Dogs as destroyers of birds
killed and eaten as "game,"
killed 1909-10 in Louisiana
Downham, C.F.
Downtrodden hunters and anglers
Duck disease
mallard, breeding of, in captivity
Duck breeder, ducks killed by
Duck Mountain Game Preserve
Duck-shooting preserves
accept protection
in distress from severe winter,
killed 1909-10 in Louisiana
Dutcher fund, Mary
Dutcher law against bird millinery
Dutcher, William;
denounces automatic guns
Duties of the hour
of nations, states and lawmakers
of zoologists
Dyche, Lewis Lindsay

+ + + + +

Eagle, golden,
destroys sheep and goats
in British Columbia
Eagles being exterminated
Eastgate, Alfred
Eaton, Howard
Edgell, George S.
colonies in Florida,
preserve of E.A. McIlhenny,
being exterminated
slaughter of, in Venezuela,
young, starving on nest,
Eland in Cape Colony
Elephant, Congo Pygmy
Elephant Seals taken by C.H. Townsend
Arizona, now extinct
calves killed by pumas,
distribution of living,
easily bred in captivity,
fed in Jackson Hole,
of Yellowstone Park and Jackson Hole,
progressive extermination of,
saved by Congress in 1911,
Seton's map of former and existing ranges,
slaughter on Buffalo Flats, Mont.
supply of elk wasted
Elk Island Park
Elk River Game Preserve, B.C.
Elm beetles
Elrod, Morton J.
Engel, C.M., on the lion
Epicure and quail
Espeut, W.B.
Estes Park
Ethics of sportsmanship
Eaton's "Birds of New York,"
Evans, Game Commissioner Kelly
Ewbank, E.L.
Exempt species, lists of proposed
African animals in line for
birds threatened with,
of big game,
of birds for women's hats,
of birds of paradise,
of species, by states,
Extinct species of North American birds

+ + + + +

Falcon, perigrine
Fallow deer; introduced in Lambay
Farmers, supineness of
Farming, fox
Feather sales in London
Federal migratory bird law needed
Felton, W.R.
"Fence" for sale of stolen game, in Washington
Ferry, John F.
Fever tick eaten by plovers
Field, George W.
Field, The American
Field and Stream
Figgis & Co.
Fines, schedule of suitable
Finley, W.L.
owned by natives in India
Fisher, Walter K.
Flamingo, American
Fleming, James W.
Flies eaten by quail
deer killed in,
new laws needed in
destroy boll weevil
Foes of wild life
Food for winter birds
Food habits of certain birds
Food supply of deer, possible
Forbes, Professor
Forbush, E.H.
on heath hen,
quotation from,
on the Sunday gun,
on upland plover,
portrait of
Forest and Stream
Forestry Bureau, United States
on predatory animals
losses on
National, should be game preserves,
of the Far East,
preservation of National,
Fox, black or "silver"
Fox pest in Australia
Fox skins sold in London
Foxes as bird destroyers
Fruit, losses on
bird plumage trade in
song birds sold for food in,
Frazer River Game Preserve
Frick, Henry C.
Fullerton, Samuel
Fund, wild life endowment
Funk Island
Fur-bearing mammals killed in Louisiana
Fur News Magazine
Furs, degradation of fashions in
Fur Seal
Furs sold in London

+ + + + +

and agriculture
as a state asset,
belongs to the People,
big, of North America,
bill, how to draw a,
birds, as a mass,
in Yellowstone Park,
in Glacier Park,
killed in Louisiana,
law, how to make a new,
market value of,
dead game in New York,
of Africa, absurd bag limit on,
preserves, map of national,
slaughter with automatic guns
"Game Birds, Wild Fowl and Shore Birds,"
not easily educated
Game preserve, _see_ Preserve.
Gardiner, Montana;
antelope attacked in,
Gaspesian F.F. and G. Preserve
Geay, F.
Geer vs. Connecticut, decision in Supreme Court
killed 1909-10 in Louisiana
slaughter of, by automatic guns
Gemsbok in Cape Colony
deer killed in,
new laws needed in
Gerard, W.W.
Gerhardt, Fred.
German Carp
Gibb, Walter S.
Glacier Park, Alberta;
game in,
Glenn County Club, record slaughter at.
Globe, New York.
Globe-Democrat, St. Louis.
Goat, White Mountain, present status of.
in Glacier Park
killed for food
mountain, killed by eagles.
Goding, Edward N.
Goeldi, E.A.
Goodnight, Charles.
Grand Canyon Game Preserve.
Grant, General, National Park.
Grant, Madison
portrait of
game laws proposed by.
Grasshoppers eaten
by quail
by shore-birds.
Gray, J.C., protector of ducks.
Grinnell, G.B.
Grinnell, Joseph, on California condor.
Grisol, Mayeul.
Grizzly, California,
almost extinct
punishing an impudent
silver-tip, in British Columbia.
Grouse becoming extinct in
North Dakota
Grouse, Canada.
Grouse, pinnated, diminishing in
North Dakota
increasing in Manitoba
shot in Kansas.
Grouse, Prairie Sharp-Tailed.
Grouse, Ruffed, illegally shipped.
Grouse, Sage
in California
becoming extinct in Montana.
Guadaloupe Island, elephant seals on.
Guanaco in Patagonia.
Guerrillas of destruction.
Guessaz, O.L.
slaughtered on Laysan Island
and terns saved by Audubon Societies.
two, of Kansas City
who kill to the limit
will not give up shooting "rights".
Guns, automatic or machine
bill to prohibit use of
increase in deadliness of
four machine
statistics of
swivel and punt, suppressed.
Gurkha soldiers destroying game.
Gypsy Moth
cost of fighting.

+ + + + +

Hagenbeck, Carl
agent for.
Hale & Sons.
Halifax, Curator of Museum at.
Hankow, cold storage plant in.
Harrison, George L., experience of.
Hartebeest in Cape Colony.
Hathaway, Harry S.
Hawaiian Islands Reservation (Laysan).
Hawk law of Pennsylvania.
being exterminated
general status of.
Hay, loss on.
Heath hen,
present status of.
Henshaw, Henry W., pamphlet by.
Herald, New York.
colonies under protection
plumage sold in London.
Hessian fly.
Hippopotami for the South.
Himalayan birds being exterminated.
Hodge, C.F.
Hog-and-corn area of extermination.
Holman. Ralph.
Hooper, Franklin W.
Hopkins, A.D.
Hornaday, W.T.,
bison census
code of ethics written by.
Horse, bicolored wild.
Hough, Emerson, gloomy views of.
Howard, P.M.
Howard, James.
Huffman, L.A.
Hume, A.O.
being exterminated
skins sold in London.
Humphrey, J.J.
Humphrey, William E.
Hungarian partridge.
Hungarians, song birds killed by.
Hunt, Arthur E., text book by.
Hunter, W.D.
Hunting licenses in all states.
Hurd, Lyman E.

+ + + + +

Ibis being exterminated.
Ibis, Scarlet.
new laws needed in
slaughter of starving elk in
state game preserve.
new laws needed in.
Impeyan pheasant not bred in captivity.
In-and-in breeding in wild animals.
Independent, New York.
Index-Appeal, Pittsburgh
India, sasin antelope in
new laws needed in
Indianapolis assists in exterminating bird-of-paradise
and game of Alaska
as game exterminators
rights of, in game
unjustifiable license given to
Insect ravages in New South Wales.
Insectivorous birds killed for food in Minnesota.
eaten by quail
eaten by shore-birds
losses by
In the Open magazine.
Introduced pests;
English sparrow;
fox in Australia;
gypsy moth;
rabbits in Australia and New Zealand.
new laws needed in;
deer in.
Iroquois Theatre fire, lesson of the.
Italian peninsula a migration route.
Italian population,
in Minnesota;
must be educated.
slaughter of song birds by;
song birds caught alive by;
song birds sold as food by;
vulture, eaten by.

+ + + + +

Jackson Hole, starving elk of.
Jacobs, Captain of the _Thetis_.
Jacobs, J. Warren.
Japanese poachers on Laysan Island.
Jasper Park.
Jones, C.J. ("Buffalo");
captures nine pumas.
Jordan, Arthur.
Journal, Minneapolis.
Judd, Sylvester.

+ + + + +

Kadiak Island, bear slaughter proposed on.
Kaegebehn, Ferdinand.
Kaibab Plateau, catalo herd on.
Kalbfus, Joseph;
Kangaroo skins.
new laws needed in;
University of.
Kansas City gunners.
Kashmir, game protection in.
Keller, II. W.
Kelly, A.F.
Kennard, Frederic H.
new laws needed in;
robbed of game for Pittsburgh.
Keuka Lake, ducks in distress on.
Kildeer Plover;
portrait of.
Killing men by "mistake".
Kingfisher, Belted.
Kite, White-Tailed.
Klamath Lakes of Oregon.
Kleinschmidt, Frank E.
Kudu in Cape Colny.

+ + + + +

Laborers as game-killers.
Lacey, John P.
Laglaize, Leon.
Lampson & Co., C.M.
Lark, meadow, eaten as game.
Laurentides Park.
making close seasons by petition;
of Nature, an inexorable;
prohibiting firearms to aliens;
proposed for animal nuisances;
proposed for Sunday gun.
Lawmakers, work with.
Lawrence, S.C.
absolutely necessary to wild life;
how to secure new;
new, needed.
Lawyer, George A.
Laysan Island, bird tragedy on.
League of American Sportsmen.
Leek, S.N.;
elk photographs by.
Lemon, Frank E.
Le Souef, W.H.D.
Lewis and Clark Club.
Lewis & Peet.
Licenses, hunting, in all states.
"Life Histories of Northern Animals".
Lincoln, Robert Page.
Lion, map of disappearance of the.
Lobbying a duty.
Locusts eaten by shore-birds.
Lodge, Senator Henry Cabot.
London Chamber of Commerce.
London feather trade.
Lord, William R.
Loring, J. Alden, wild birds tamed by.
deer killed in;
game in;
new laws needed in;
state game preserve;
state wild-fowl refuge.
Lumpy-jaw in antelope and sheep.
Lydekker, Richard, on rabbits.
Lynxes destroyed.
Lyre bird being exterminated.

+ + + + +

MacDougal, Dr. D.T.
McAtee, W.L.,
on enemies of codling moth;
on "Our Vanishing Shore-Birds"
McBride, scout, counts game in Yellowstone Park
McIlhenny, Edward A.;
on egret preserve,
on Louisiana birds,
robin slaughter mentioned by,
testimony from, on shed plumes
McLean, Marshall, on codification of New York game laws
McLean, Senator George P.;
bill for migratory birds
Macaw, Gosse's;
Mackay, G.H.
Mail and Express, New York
deer killed in,
new laws needed in,
protects wood-duck
Malayana, wild life in
Mammals, wholly or nearly extinct
game reserves of
of game preserves in Africa,
of National game preserves,
of states prohibiting sale of game,
of wilderness area of North America,
used in campaign for Bayne law
Marlatt, C.L., on losses by insects
Marlin Fire-Arms Co.
Marsh Island,
a market-gunner on;
map of
Martin, A.P.
Martin, Purple;
shot for food,
deer killed in,
new laws needed in
deer killed in,
excellent laws of
Fish and Game Protective Association,
Game Commission,
protects wood-duck,
State Board of Agriculture,
Megantic Club,
Meloy, Andrew D.
Merkel, Hermann W.
Mershon, W.B.
Mesa Verde National Park,
elephant seals of,
Sierre Madre of
Meyer, A.H.
Mice and rats destroyed by owls,
deer killed in,
good laws of
Migratory birds, federal protection demanded for
Miles, George W., Indiana Game Commissioner
Miller, Frank M., on wood-duck
Miller, H.N.
Milliners' Association, American
Millinery, bird extermination for
Miners as game destroyers in Wyoming
deer killed in,
National Game Preserve in
new laws needed in
deer killed in,
new laws needed in
new laws needed in
Mitchell, Consul Mason, and the takin
Mitchell, W.I.
Monachus tropicalis almost extinct
Monal pheasant skins
Money, need for
Mongoose pest in various islands
grizzlies of,
National Bison Range,
National monuments of,
new laws needed in,
state game preserves
Monuments, National, full list of
Moody, C.S.
Moore, John D.
in Alaska;
increasing in New Brunswick,
in Glacier Park,
in the United States,
season in Wyoming
Mosquitoes eaten by quail
Mt. Olympus National Monument
Mulberry, Russian, as food-tree for birds
Murder of wild animals
Milwaukee Public,
of Comparative Zoology,
United States National
Musk-Ox, previous slaughter of

+ + + + +

Napier, Ernest;
arouses New Jersey against machine guns,
Nash, C.W.
National Academy of Sciences
National measures for wild-life protection
National Museum, United States
National organizations of New York City
National Zoological Park
Natives, rights of, in game
protection for extinct game in,
Needs of wild-life cause, greatest.
Negroes, song-bird slaughter by, in the South.
Nelson, E.W.
Nepal, destruction of pheasants in.
Nets used in taking pigeons.
new laws needed in.
New Brunswick;
game laws of.
New Hampshire;
deer killed in;
new laws needed in.
New Jersey;
deer killed in;
few new laws needed in;
game commissioner.
New Mexico;
good game laws in;
National monuments of.
New South Wales, birds destroyed in.
New York;
Academy of Sciences;
Conservation Commission;
deer killed in;
excellent laws of;
nuisance law of;
protects wood-duck;
state game preserve of.
New York City
formerly a "fence";
wild deer in.
News, Buffalo.
Newspapers, value of, in campaigns.
New Zealand
game preserves;
red deer in.
Niagara Falls, swans swept over.
Nice, Margaret M.
Nicol, G.H.
as insect-destroyer;
shot for food.
Niobrara Bison Range.
Nooe, Bennet.
Norboe, R.M.
Norris, Governor Edward P.
North, Paul.
North American, Philadelphia.
North Carolina;
deer killed in;
hopeless condition of;
private preserves in.
North Dakota;
new laws needed in.
Norton, Arthur H.
Nova Scotia;
game laws of.
Nuisances, wild animals may become.

+ + + + +

Observer, Utica.
hopeless condition.
bison in;
new laws needed in;
new code of game laws needed.
Oldys, Henry,
on sale of game;
on value of game.
Olympus, Mount.
game preserves of.
to game protection
in Pennsylvania;
in Montana;
to legislation, how to meet.
grizzlies of.
destroy cotton-boll weevil.
Orlady, Judge, decision of.
case of the;
Italian, kills song birds for food.
Osborn, Prof. Henry Fairfield.
Otter, sea.
Outdoor Life magazine.
Outdoor World magazine.
Outing magazine.
great horned;
general status of;
horned, in British Columbia.

+ + + + +

Pacific bird refuges.
Page wire fence.
Palmer, Theodore S.;
circular on National Reserves;
deer statistics from;
game laws proposed by;
Olympus National Monument;
on antelope;
on laws.
Paradise, birds of,
being exterminated;
greater bird of.
purple Guadeloupe.
Parasitic infection of ducks.
Parents, duty of.
Crater Lake;
General Grant;
Mt. Rainier;
Sully Hills;
Parliament, British.
Parrot, Yellow-Winged Green.
Patagonia, guanaco in.
Peabody, James W., text book by.
Pearson, T. Gilbert;
Pelican Island bird sanctuary.
Pellett, F.C.
Penalties, schedule of.
Pennock, C.J.
aliens may not own firearms;
decision on automatic guns;
deer killed in;
game wardens killed;
new laws needed by;
state game preserves.
Penrose, Dr. C.B.
Pests, introduced species that have become.
Petrel, Black-Capped.
being exterminated;
English, value of in market,
introduced species of,
not bud-eaters,
shipped from China to England,
shipped at Hankow, China
Philadelphia Academy of Sciences
Phillips, John M.;
educational campaign in schools by,
on goats killed for food,
Pennsylvania Game Commissioner,
Photographing live game, code of ethics on
Pickhardt, Carl, on caribou slaughter
Pierce, Ray V.,
private game preserve of;
sambar deer acclimatized by
Victoria crowned
Pinchot, Gifford
Pinnated Grouse disappearing, in
Pioneer, value of game to the
Pittsboro, disgrace of, by robin slaughter
Pittsburgh, City
ornithologist of;
illegal sale of game in
Plague-spots for sale of game
Plant-lice in wheat
Platform, Sportsman's
Platt National Park
Post, New York Evening
Posting farm lands advised
Potato-bug bird
Pot-hunter defined
Poultry destroyed by hawks and owls
Predatory wild animals
Preserve, every National forest should be a game
Athi Plains,
British Columbia,
Budonga Forest,
Duck Mountain,
Elephant Marsh,
Freycinet's Peninsula,
Grand Canyon,
Kangaroo Island,
Little Barrier Island,
Nweru Marsh,
Pennsylvania State,
Riding Mountain,
Snow Creek,
Spruce Woods,
Superior National Game,
Turtle Mountain,
Wilson's Promontory
Preserved game, murdering,
private game;
private and public interests in
duty of Italian;
New York,
value of, in campaigns,
Prichard, W.H.H., on guanaco
Prospectors, license given to
accepted by
mule deer,
of shore-birds
"Protected" game, sale of, forbidden
Protective Association, Wild Life
Prince Consort of England
Prince Edward Island;
breeding foxes on
Prince, German Crown
Ptarmigan, Norway, eaten in Chicago
in campaign work;
value of
Puma as a game-destroyer
Pumas destroyed in British Columbia
Pump guns;
campaign against, won in New Jersey

+ + + + +

Quagga, extinct
food habits of,
portrait of,
protection recognized by,
failures in restocking with,
California Valley, very scarce,
killed in 1909-10 in Louisiana,
killed by cats
Quetico Forest Reserve

+ + + + +

Rabbit plague
killed in Louisiana,
introduced on Laysan Island
Rangoon, pheasant plumage seized in
Ranier National Park
Rainey, Paul J.
Rats and mice destroyed by owls
Reasons against sale of game
Recreation Magazine
Refuges, National bird
Red deer,
introduced in New Zealand;
of Europe
Reed, Elizabeth A.
Remington Arms Co.
Renshaw, Graham
Republican, Springfield
Resident game-butchers
Rhea being exterminated
great Indian;
Rhodesian fauna
Rhode Island;
new laws needed in
Rhytina, extinction of
Rice, Jr., James H.
Riding Mountain Game Preserve
Rifles in hands of boys
Rinderpest in Africa
Roberts. Mrs. Mary G., of Tasmania
Robin slaughter,
in Pittsboro, N.C.
by Italians
by negroes
in eight southern states
in Texas
in Tennessee
in Louisiana.
food of
killed by cats.
Robinson, Arthur, on automatic guns.
Roccolo, Italian, for catching birds.
Rochester Academy of Sciences.
Rocky Mountain Park.
Rod and Gun in Canada.
Rod and Gun Club of Sheridan, Wyoming.
Rogers, Josiah.
Roosevelt, Kermit.
Roosevelt, Theodore.
Rose, John J.
Rothschild, Walter.
Rubber culture and wild life.
Ruffed Grouse.
Rush, Frank.

+ + + + +

Sage Grouse in California.
Sage, Mrs. Russell, gifts by, to cause of bird protection.
Sale of game,
plague spots for
proposed for California
suppress, the.
Salt Lake, mortality in ducks on.
Sambar deer.
Sanctuaries, demand for forest reserve.
Sanctuaries in India.
Sandhill Crane nearly extinct in Alberta.
killed for food
Sandwichmen employed in London.
Sanford, L.C.
Sauter, Frederick.
Scab in Mountain Sheep.
"Scatter" rifle for ducks.
Schlemmer, Max.
Sconce, Harvev J.
Scott, Thomas H.
Sea-lion accepts protection.
California Elephant
West Indian, in New York Aquarium.
Sea otter.
Seaman, Frank, phoebe birds of.
Sentiment in preservation of game.
Sequoia Park.
Seton, Ernest T.
map of elk by.
Sharp-shinned hawk.
Shea plumage bill.
next species to become extinct
killed by pumas
in Colorado
present status of
in Lower California
in Glacier Park
curse of cattle and game
opposition from owners of.
Sheep-herders of Wyoming.
Sheep, black, lumpy-jaw in.
Sheep owners exterminating Thylacine.
Shields, G.O.
protects birds of New York City.
Shield's Magazine.
Shikar Club of London.
Shiras, 3rd, George.
Shikaree, new status of native.
Shooting game in preserves.
Shore birds,
becoming extinct, in
New York
North Dakota
South Carolina
general status of
killed in Louisiana
Shore, W.B., on elk shipments.
Skunk as bird destroyer.
Slaughter-grounds for wild fowl.
of wild fowl in North Carolina
of non-game birds in North Carolina
in Tennessee
of deer in Montana
in Louisiana
of geese in California
of band-tailed pigeons
of protected chamois
of song birds in New York City
of starving elk.
Sloanaker, J.L., on pinnated grouse.
Smith, Charles L.
Smith, Lee II.
Smyth, C. II.
Snakes as bird destroyers.
Snares for pheasants.
Snipe, Jack, portrait of.
Snow Creek
antelope preserve
game preserve.
Audubon, National, _see_ Audubon,
Royal, for the Protection of Wild Birds
N.Y. Zoological, _see_ Zoological Society.
South America.
South Carolina
deer killed in
almost hopeless condition of
private preserves in.
South Dakota
few laws needed by.
Sparrow pest.
Sparrows consume weed-seeds.
Spoonbill, Roseate.
case of a
character of true
definition of a.
Sportsman's Platform.
Sportsman's Review.
Sports Afield.
Sprague, John P.
Spruce Woods Game Preserve.
fox, extinct in New York;
gray, in danger,
red, as bird destroyer
Squirrels killed in Louisiana
Standard-Union, Brooklyn
Stanford, Harry P.;
on deer slaughter
Staley, Walter C.
Star, Washington
States, a roll-call of the
State game preserves;
New York,
Stratton, James W.
Stebbing, E.P.
Stephan, S.A., agent for Carl Hagenbeck,
Stevens Arms Co.
Stevenson-Hamilton, Maj. J., of the Transvaal;
status of the settlers,
on Sportsman's Platform
Stokes fund, Caroline Phelps
Stone, Witmer
St. Vincent Island game preserve
Sully Hills National Park
Sunday gun
Sunken Lands of Arkansas
Sun, New York
Superior National Game Preserve
Supreme Court decision
Swan, Trumpeter
Swans swept over Niagara Falls
Swallows, as insect destroyers
Switzerland, chamois slaughter in

+ + + + +

Tagging game for sale
Taming wild birds and mammals
Taylor, W.P.
Taylor, W.J.
Teachers, duty of
Teaching wild life protection to the young
Telegraph wires, birds killed by
Tener, Governor, at Carrick, Pa.
a reformation needed in,
Game Commissioner of
Tern, Common
Terns and Gulls saved by Audubon people
Terns becoming extinct
in Delaware;
in North Carolina
Teton Game Preserve
insects destroyed by birds,
laws needed in
duty of writers of
Thayer John E.
Thome, Samuel
Thylacine of Australia disappearing
Tilcomb, John W.
Timber in National forests not to be cut
Times, New York
Tinkham, H.W.
Tobacco pest
Tomalin, Richard W.
Toucan, toco, being exterminated
Toumay, James W.
Towne, S.G.
Townsend, C.V.R.
Townsend, Charles C., on protected ducks
Townsend, C.H., elephant seals taken by,
Trapper uses game for bait, in Wyoming
Trappers as game destroyers
Trapping grizzly bears strongly opposed
Traps on Burma-Chinese border
Treaty, international, for protecting migratory birds
Triangle Islands, seals on
Tribune, New York
Trogon being exterminated
Trophies, purchase and sale of
Trout caught near Spokane
Trouvelot, Leopold, introducer of gypsy moth
Truck crops
Tuna Club, angling ethics of
Turkey vulture
incident on Long Island;
eaten by Italians
Turkey, Wild, in
South Carolina;
Turner, J.P.
Turtle Mountain Game Preserve

+ + + + +

Union and Advertiser
Union Fire-Arms Co.
United States Government, recent work in game protection by
Upp, Thomas M.
"Useful Birds and Their Protection,"
new laws needed in,
national monuments of

+ + + + +

Vancouver Island, elk on
Vanishing species not always recoverable
Van Kennan, E.A.
a plume-hunter in
wild birds' plumage from
"Vermin" destructive to birds
deer killed in,
deer killed in Vermont since 1897,
few new laws needed in,
management of deer in,
protects wood-duck
re-stocking, with deer
Viquesnev, J.A.
deer killed in,
many new laws needed in
Vreelarid, Frederick K.

+ + + + +

Wagner, George E.
Wallace, Dillon
estimates 3,500 sheep in Colorado
Wallace, John H., Jr.
on Florida laws
in Alt. Olympus National Monument,
(_see also_, Elk)
Ward, Charles Willis;
donor of bird preserve
Ward, Henry L.
seals discovered by
Warden service based on merit system
Wardens, game;
killed on duty,
number of salaried
Ward-McIlhenny Wild Fowl Preserve
Waterton Lakes Park
grizzlies in,
a new code of laws needed in
Wayne, Arthur T.
Webber, F.T., on Colorado quail
Webster, F.M.
Webster, Frederic S.
Weed seeds eaten by quail
Weeks, J.W., bird bill of
Weevil, cotton-boll
Western Districts Game and Trout Protective Association
Western Field
West Virginia;
deer killed in,
good conditions in,
protects wood-duck
Wharton, William P.
census by
Wheat, losses on
Whipple, James S.
Whitney, Caspar
Whooping Crane extinct;
in Manitoba,
Wichita National Bison Herd
Wichita National Game Preserve
Wilcox, Albert;
bequest from
Wild fowl;
slaughter grounds,
refuge, Louisiana State
Wildebeest in Cape Colony,
Wild Life Call
"Wild Life in Australia"
Wild Life Protective Association
Wilderness area of North America;
game will disappear from
Williams, A. Bryan, British Columbia game warden
Wilson, Mrs. Minnie Moore
Wilson, Alexander, on the passenger pigeon
Wilson, Erasmus,
on quail feeding;
on Carrick's bird day
Wilson, Governor Woodrow, signs bill against machine guns
Wilson, James, Secretary of Agriculture
Winchester Arms Co.
Wind Cave Bison Range
deer killed in,
new laws needed in
Woburn Park, David's deer at
Wolves destroyed;
in British Columbia
Wombat in list of fur-bearers
Women promote bird slaughter
Wood, George E.
Wood, Lieut.-Col. William
eaten in seventeen States,
disappearing in Louisiana,
nesting in Zoological Park
Woodpeckers, food of
Wooley-Dod, Arthur G.
Wool-Growers' Association
opposes game preserves
World, New York
Worthington, C.C.
Wrens destroy boll weevil
efforts by, to feed starving elk,
elk case,
laws needed,
succor of elk in,
National Monuments in,
State Game Preserve in

+ + + + +

Yale University
Yalakom Game Preserve, British Columbia
Yellowstone Park,
animals in;
bison herd of,
elk in,
protected animals of,
Yoho Park
Yosemite National Park
Yukon Territory, sale of game in

+ + + + +

Burchell's, extinct
in Cape Colony
Zoological Park, New York
ducks killed in,
thylacine in,
wood-duck, quail and rabbits in,
woodpeckers decreasing in
Zoological Society, New York
gift of bison herd from,
on "extermination,"
protects birds of New York City
Zoologists, duty of American




Illustrated by 220 original drawings by Beard, Rungius and
Sawyer, and 100 photographs by Sanborn, Keller and Underwood, and
with numerous maps and diagrams. Treats of the most important
mammals, birds, reptiles and fishes of North America. More than
400 pages, double column, 5-1/2 x 8 inches. $3.50, net.


Illustrated photographically by John M. Phillips. Adventures and
observations in the home of the White Goat, Grizzly Bear and
Mountain Sheep. Awarded gold medal by Camp-Fire Club of America.
8vo., pp. 353. Net, $3.00.


Illustrated by MacDougal, Phillips, and the author. Explorations
and adventures in the wonderland of the Sonoran Desert: Tucson,
Arizona to the Pinacate Mountains. 8vo., pp. 366. Net, $3.00.


The adventures and explorations of a hunter-naturalist in India,
Ceylon, the Malay Peninsula and Borneo. (Eighth edition).
Illustrated. 8vo., pp. 512. Net, $2.50.


A complete handbook for the amateur taxidermist, collector,
osteologist, sportsman and traveller. (Seventh edition).
Illustrated. 8vo., pp. 364. Net, $2.50.

=OUR VANISHING WILD LIFE: Its Extermination and Preservation=

A book of warning and appeal, for use in defense of wild life.
Illustrated. 8vo., pp. 428. Net, $1.50.

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