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Only An Irish Boy by Horatio Alger, Jr.

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as "only an Irish boy," but her necessity was greater than her pride,
and she saw no other way of escaping the poorhouse. So she
ungraciously accepted. But Andy did not care for thanks. He felt that
he was doing his duty, and he asked no other reward than that
consciousness. Mrs. Preston was allowed to make her home, rent free,
in Mrs. Burke's old house, Andy having built a better and more
commodious one, in which he had installed his mother as mistress. Mrs.
Preston grew old fast, in appearance, and fretted without ceasing for
the fortune and position which she had lost. Her husband left her, and
has not since been heard of. As for Godfrey, Andy secured him a
passage to California, where he led a disreputable life. There is a
rumor that he was killed in a drunken brawl at Sacramento not long
since, but I have not been able to learn whether this is true or not.
His loss of fortune had something to do with his going to the bad, but
I am afraid, with his character and tendencies, that neither in
prosperity nor in adversity would he have built up a good character,
or led an honorable career. His course had been, in all respects, far
different from that of our hero, who, already prosperous, seems likely
to go on adding to his wealth, and growing in the esteem of the best
portion of the community. His success, aided, indeed, by good fortune,
has served to demonstrate the favorable effects of honesty, industry,
and good principles, upon individual success. He is not the first, nor
will he be the last, to achieve prosperity and the respect of the
community, though beginning life as "only an Irish boy."


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Spelling has been left as in the original book. Specifically, the
dialect and typographical errors have been left unchanged.

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