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On the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin

Part 9 out of 9

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Stripes on horses, 163.

Structure, degrees of utility of, 201.

Struggle for existence, 60.

Succession, geological, 312.

Succession of types in same areas, 338.

Swallow, one species supplanting another, 76.

Swim-bladder, 190.

System, natural, 413.

of giraffe, 195.
of aquatic animals, 196.
rudimentary, 454.

Tarsi deficient, 135.

Tausch on umbelliferous flowers, 146.

Teeth and hair:
correlated, 144.
embryonic, traces of, in birds, 451.
rudimentary, in embryonic calf, 450, 480.

Tegetmeier, Mr., on cells of bees, 228, 233.

Temminck on distribution aiding classification, 419.

Thouin on grafts, 262.

aquatic species of, 185.
mocking, of the Galapagos, 402.
young of, spotted, 439.
nest of, 243.

Thuret, M., on crossed fuci, 258.

Thwaites, Mr., on acclimatisation, 140.

Tierra del Fuego:
dogs of, 215.
plants of, 374, 378.

Timber-drift, 360.

Time, lapse of, 282.

Titmouse, 183.

Toads on islands, 393.

Tobacco, crossed varieties of, 271.

Tomes, Mr., on the distribution of bats, 394.

Transitions in varieties rare, 172.

on islands belong to peculiar orders, 392.
with separated sexes, 99.

Trifolium pratense, 73, 94.

Trifolium incarnatum, 94.

Trigonia, 321.

Trilobites, 306.
sudden extinction of, 321,

Troglodytes, 243.

Tucutucu, blind, 137.

Tumbler pigeons:
habits of, hereditary, 214.
young of, 446,

Turkey-cock, brush of hair on breast, 90.

naked skin on head, 197.
young, wild, 216.

Turnip and cabbage, analogous variations of, 159.

Type, unity of, 206.

Types, succession of, in same areas, 338.

enlarged by use, 11.
rudimentary, 451.

Ulex, young leaves of, 439.

Umbelliferae, outer and inner florets of, 144.

Unity of type, 206.

effects of, under domestication, 11.
effects of, in a state of nature, 134.

Utility, how far important in the construction of each part, 199.

Valenciennes on fresh-water fish, 384.

Variability of mongrels and hybrids, 274.

under domestication, 7.
caused by reproductive system being affected by conditions of life, 8.
under nature, 44.
laws of, 131.

appear at corresponding ages, 14, 86.
analogous in distinct species, 159.

natural, 44.
struggle between, 75.
domestic, extinction of, 111.
transitional, rarity of, 172.
when crossed, fertile, 267.
when crossed, sterile, 269.
classification of, 423.

sterility of, 251.
varieties of, crossed, 270.

Verneuil, M. de, on the succession of species, 325.

Viola tricolor, 73.

Volcanic islands, denudation of, 284.

Vulture, naked skin on head, 197.

Wading-birds, 386.

Wallace, Mr.:
on origin of species, 2.
on law of geographical distribution, 355.
on the Malay Archipelago, 395.

Wasp, sting of, 202.

Water, fresh, productions of, 383.

Water-hen, 185.

Waterhouse, Mr.:
on Australian marsupials, 116.
on greatly developed parts being variable, 150.
on the cells of bees, 225.
on general affinities, 429.

Water-ouzel, 185.

Watson, Mr. H. C.:
on range of varieties of British plants, 58.
on acclimatisation, 140.
on flora of Azores, 363.
on Alpine plants, 367, 376.
on rarity of intermediate varieties, 176.

Weald, denudation of, 285.

Web of feet in water-birds, 185.

West Indian islands, mammals of, 395.

on species in large genera being closely allied to others, 57.
on the tarsi of Engidae, 157.
on the antennae of hymenopterous insects, 416.

Whales, fossil, 303.

Wheat, varieties of, 113.

White Mountains, flora of, 365.

Wings, reduction of size, 134.

of insects homologous with branchiae, 191.
rudimentary, in insects, 451.

crossed with dog, 214.
of Falkland Isles, 393.

Wollaston, Mr.:
on varieties of insects, 48.
on fossil varieties of land-shells in Madeira, 52.
on colours of insects on sea-shore, 132.
on wingless beetles, 135.
on rarity of intermediate varieties, 176.
on insular insects, 389.
on land-shells of Madeira, naturalised, 402.

Wolves, varieties of, 90.

habits of, 184.
green colour of, 197.

Woodward, Mr.:
on the duration of specific forms, 293.
on the continuous succession of genera, 316.
on the succession of types, 339.

World, species changing simultaneously throughout, 322.

Wrens, nest of, 243.

Youatt, Mr.:
on selection, 31.
on sub-breeds of sheep, 36.
on rudimentary horns in young cattle, 454.

Zebra, stripes on, 163.


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