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On the Origin of Species, 6th Edition by Charles Darwin

Part 11 out of 11

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Pollen of fir-trees
--transported by various means

Pollinia, their development

Polyzoa, their avicularia

Poole, Col., on striped hemionus


Pouchet, on the colours of flat-fish

Prestwich, Mr., on English and French eocene formations




Psychology, future progress of

Pyrgoma, found in the chalk

Quagga, striped

Quatrefages, M., on hybrid moths

Quercus, variability of

Quince, grafts of

Rabbits, disposition of young

Races, domestic, characters of

Race-horses, Arab

Radcliffe, Dr., the electrical organs of the torpedo

Ramond, on plants of Pyrenees

Ramsay, Prof., on subaerial denudation
--on thickness of the British formations
--on faults

Ramsay, Mr., on instincts of cuckoo

Ratio of increase

Rats, supplanting each other
--acclimatisation of
--blind, in cave


Reason and instinct

Recapitulation, general

Reciprocity of crosses

Record, geological, imperfect

Rengger, on flies destroying cattle

Reproduction, rate of

Resemblance, protective, of insects
--to parents in mongrels and hybrids

Reversion, law of inheritance
--in pigeons, to blue colour

Rhododendron, sterility of

Richard, Prof., on Aspicarpa

Richardson, Sir J., on structure of squirrels
--on fishes of the southern hemisphere

Robinia, grafts of

Rodents, blind

Rogers, Prof., Map of N. America

Rudimentary organs

Rudiments important for classification

Rutimeyer, on Indian cattle

Sageret, on grafts

Salamandra atra

Saliva used in nests

Salmons, males fighting, and hooked jaws of

Salt-water, how far injurious to seeds
--not destructive to land-shells

Salter, Mr., on early death of hybrid embryos

Salvin, Mr., on the beaks of ducks

Saurophagus sulphuratus

Schacht, Prof., on Phyllotaxy

Schiodte, on blind insects
--on flat-fish

Schlegel, on snakes

Schobl, Dr., on the ears of mice

Scott, Mr. J., on the self-sterility of orchids
--on the crossing of varieties of verbascum

Sea-water, how far injurious to seeds
--not destructive to land-shells

Sebright, Sir J., on crossed animals

Sedgwick, Prof., on groups of species suddenly appearing

Seedlings destroyed by insects

Seeds, nutriment in
--means of dissemination
--power of resisting salt-water
--in crops and intestines of birds
--eaten by fish
--in mud
--hooked, on islands

Selection of domestic products
--principle not of recent origin
--objections to term
--natural, has not induced sterility

Sexes, relations of

Sexual characters variable

Sheep, Merino, their selection
--two sub-breeds, unintentionally produced
--mountain, varieties of

Shells, colours of, littoral
--hinges of
--seldom embedded

Shells, fresh-water, long retain the same forms
--fresh-water, dispersal of
--of Madeira
--land, distribution of
--land, resisting salt water


Silene, infertility of crosses

Silliman, Prof., on blind rat

Sirenia, their affinities

Sitaris, metamorphosis of

Skulls of young mammals

Slave-making instinct

Smith, Col. Hamilton, on striped horses

Smith, Dr., on the Polyzoa

Smith, Mr. Fred., on slave-making ants
--on neuter ants

Snake with tooth for cutting through egg-shell

Somerville, Lord, on selection of sheep

Sorbus, grafts of


Spaniel, King Charles' breed

Specialisation of organs

Species, polymorphic
--common, variable
--in large genera variable
--groups of, suddenly appearing
--beneath Silurian formations
--successively appearing
--changing simultaneously throughout the world

Spencer, Lord, on increase in size of cattle

Spencer, Mr. Herbert, on the first steps in differentiation
--on the tendency to an equilibrium in all forces

Sphex, parasitic

Spiders, development of

Sports in plants

Sprengel, C.C., on crossing
--on ray-florets


Squirrels, gradations in structure

Staffordshire, heath, changes in

Stag-beetles, fighting

Star fishes, eyes of
--their pedicellariae

Sterility from changed conditions of life
--of hybrids
--laws of
--causes of
--from unfavourable conditions
--not induced through natural selection

St. Helena, productions of

St. Hilaire, Aug., on variability of certain plants
--on classification

St. John, Mr., on habits of cats

Sting of bee

Stocks, aboriginal, of domestic animals

Strata, thickness of, in Britain

Stripes on horses

Structure, degrees of utility of

Struggle for existence

Succession, geological
--of types in same areas

Swallow, one species supplanting another

Swaysland, Mr., on earth adhering to the feet of migratory birds

Swifts, nests of


Switzerland, lake inhabitants of

System, natural

Tail of giraffe
--of aquatic animals

Tanais, dimorphic

Tarsi deficient

Tausch, Dr., on umbelliferae

Teeth and hair correlated
--rudimentary, in embryonic calf

Tegetmeier, Mr., on cells of bees

Temminck, on distribution aiding classification

Tendrils, their development

Thompson, Sir W., on the age of the habitable world
--on the consolidation of the crust of the earth

Thouin, on grafts

Thrush, aquatic species of
--mocking, of the Galapagos
--young of, spotted
--nest of

Thuret, M., on crossed fuci

Thwaites, Mr., on acclimatisation


Tierra del Fuego, dogs of
--plants of


Time, lapse of
--by itself not causing modification


Toads on islands

Tobacco, crossed varieties of

Tomes, Mr., on the distribution of bats

Transitions in varieties rare

Traquair, Dr., on flat-fish

Trautschold, on intermediate varieties

Trees on islands belong to peculiar orders
--with separated sexes

Trifolium pratense


--sudden extinction of

Trimen, Mr., on imitating-insects

Trimorphism in plants


Tuco-tuco, blind

Tumbler pigeons, habits of, hereditary
--young of

Turkey-cock, tuft of hair on breast

Turkey, naked skin on head
--young of, instinctively wild

Turnip and cabbage, analogous variations of

Type, unity of

Types, succession of, in same areas


Udders enlarged by use

Ulex, young leaves of

Umbelliferae, flowers and seeds of
--outer and inner florets of

Unity of type

Uria lacrymans

Use, effects of
--under domestication
--in a state of nature

Utility, how far important in the construction of each part

Valenciennes, on fresh-water fish

Variability of mongrels and hybrids

Variation, under domestication
--caused by reproductive system being affected by conditions of life
--under nature
--laws of

Variations appear at corresponding ages
--analogous in distinct species

Varieties, natural
--struggle between
--domestic, extinction of
--transitional, rarity of

Varieties, when crossed
--classification of

Verbascum, sterility of
--varieties of, crossed

Verlot, M., on double stocks

Verneuil, M. de, on the succession of species

Vibracula of the Polyzoa

Viola, small imperfect flowers of

Virchow, on the structure of the crystalline lens

Virginia, pigs of

Volcanic islands, denudation of

Vulture, naked skin on head


Wagner, Dr., on Cecidomyia

Wagner, Moritz, on the importance of isolation

Wallace, Mr., on origin of species
--on the limit of variation under domestication
--on dimorphic lepidoptera
--on races in the Malay Archipelago
--on the improvement of the eye
--on the walking-stick insect
--on laws of geographical distribution
--on the Malay Archipelago
--on mimetic animals

Walsh, Mr. B.D., on phytophagic forms
--on equal variability

Water, fresh, productions of


Waterhouse, Mr., on Australian marsupials
--on greatly developed parts being variable
--on the cells of bees
--on general affinities


Watson, Mr. H.C., on range of varieties of British plants
--on acclimatisation
--on flora of Azores
--on rarity of intermediate varieties
--on Alpine plants
--on convergence
--on the indefinite multiplication of species

Weale, Mr., on locusts transporting seeds

Web of feet in water-birds

Weismann, Prof., on the causes of variability
--on rudimentary organs

West Indian islands, mammals of

Westwood, on species in large genera being closely allied to others
--on the tarsi of Engidae
--on the antennae of hymenopterous insects


Wheat, varieties of

White Mountains, flora of

Whittaker, Mr., on lines of escarpment

Wichura, Max, on hybrids

Wings, reduction of size
--of insects homologous with branchiae
--rudimentary, in insects

Wolf crossed with dog
--of Falkland Isles

Wollaston, Mr., on varieties of insects
--on fossil varieties of shells in Madeira

Wollaston, Mr., on colours of insects on sea-shore
--on wingless beetles
--on rarity of intermediate varieties
--on insular insects
--on land-shells of Madeira naturalised

Wolves, varieties of

Woodcock with earth attached to leg

Woodpecker, habits of
--green colour of

Woodward, Mr., on the duration of specific forms
--on Pyrgoma
--on the continuous succession of genera
--on the succession of types

World, species changing simultaneously throughout

Wright, Mr. Chauncey, on the giraffe
--on abrupt modifications

Wrens, nest of

Wyman, Prof., on correlation of colour and effects of poison
--on the cells of the bee

Youatt, Mr., on selection
--on sub-breeds of sheep
--on rudimentary horns in young cattle


Zebra, stripes on


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