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Mr. Punch's History of the Great War by Punch

Part 5 out of 5

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Hay, Ian, book by,
Healy, Mr. Tim, champions Government,
Heligoland Bight,
Naval engagement in,
Hertling, Erzberger's campaign against Chancellor,
Hidden Hand, the,
Hindenburg, Marshal von
Assumes command of Austrian troops,
Presented with house,
Retreats on Western Front
Hindenburg line breached
His latest
Home Front, the
Derby, Lord, most prominent man on
Drink, a dangerous enemy
Education of those on
Flower-beds sacrificed
Khaki weddings
London Police strike
Pessimists, cure for
Railway Travelling, discomforts of
Trials of mistresses on
Hooge, British success at
Horne, General
Hotels commandeered
House of Commons
Attends church
Characteristics of
How to brighten the period of reaction
Hunding line
Hun to Hun
Hyde Park used for training troops

India, "lonely soldiers" in
Indian troops
Infectious hornpipe, the
Influenza, Spanish
In honour of the British Navy
In reserve
Inseparable, the
Invasion by sea, English Press fears
Debate on, in Parliament
Dominates proceedings in Parliament
Exempted from Military Service Bill
Greenwich time applied to
Insurrection in West of
Insurrectionist leaders executed
Irreconcilables triumph at General Election
Maxwell, Sir John, appointed to supreme command
Nationalists attack Sir John Maxwell
Placed under martial law
Irish Convention
Exile, the
Harvest labourers
Bainsizza plateau saved
Declares war on Austria
Push on the Isonzo

Jaffa, British in
James, Mr. Henry
Adopts British nationality
Tribute to England by
Jazz, outbreak of
Jellicoe, Lord, retires from post of First Sea Lord
Jericho captured by Allies
Jerusalem captured by British
Joffre, General, announces rolling back of enemy
John, Mr. Augustus, paints Mr. Lloyd George's portrait
Jones, Mr. Kennedy
Declares beer a food
Resignation of
Journalists visit the Fleet
Jutland, Battle of

Kaiser, German
Absent from Francis Joseph's funeral
Attila's understudy
Blasphemer and Hypocrite
Denies responsibility for War
Disappointed with Allah
Encourages war on non-combatants
First War birthday
Flees to Holland
Foiled before Nancy
Has another grandson
Murderer of innocents
Orders blockade of England
Poses as friend of the people
_Punch's_ views on
Refrains from active participation in military operations
Reprimands Prince Frederick Leopold of Prussia
Sorry for France
Speech to Eton College Volunteers
Talks of his conscience
Kaiser, Ex-, saws trees
Karl, Emperor of Austria's suggestion _re_ Alsace-Lorraine
Karlsruhe bombarded by Allied airmen
Kerensky, appointed head of Russian Provisional Government
Keyes, Admiral, locks up German submarines
Kiel, mutiny at
Kipling, Mr.
Kitchener, Lord
Asks for more men
Death of
Eulogies of
Gives frugal information to Lords
Meets critics in Parliament
Obtains 1,000,000 men
Starts on the _Hampshire_ for Russia
War Minister
Kluck, General von, failure of
_Koelnische Zeitung_ and _Punch_
Kuehlmann, von, fall of
Kultur, the reward of
Kut captured by British

Demands of
Real voice of
Representation of
Lansdowne, Lord, writes to _Daily Telegraph_
Laon, recaptured by Allies
Last Throw, the
Law, Mr. Bonar
Announces air-raid reprisals
Appointed Leader of the House
Declares policy _re_ indemnities
Introduces Budget
Made Chancellor of the Exchequer
Travels to France by aeroplane
Will not discuss military situation,
League of Nations takes shape
_Leinster_, the, sunk by Germans
Appearance of
Attempted assassination of
Installed as dictator
Liberators, the
Lichnowsky's disclosures
Liege, Fall of
Lies, German campaign of
Lighting Orders, enforcement of
Lille regained by Allies
Lissauer, Herr, decorated by Kaiser
London, daylight air-raids extend to
Lonely soldiers
Long, Mr. Walter, his remedy for carping criticism
Loos, fighting at
Lord Mayor's banquet simplified
Lost chief, the
Lost land, a
Louvain, sack of
Lovelace, the modern
Ludendorff resigns
_Lusitania_, the
American victims
Sinking of
Luxuries, imports of, curtailed
Lynch, Colonel, undertakes to raise Irish brigade

MacCabean Boy Scouts
MacNeill, Mr. Swift
Endeavours to purge peerage of enemy dukes
Resents setting up of War Cabinet
Made in Germany
Mangin, General
Manifesto of German artists and professors
Marine, Mercantile, tribute paid to by Parliament
German push to
Germans again hurled back across
Mary, Queen of England, tribute to
Massacres by Bolshevists
Maude, General
Captures Kut
Death of
Maunoury, General
Maurice affair, the
Max, Burgomaster of Brussels
Max, Prince
German Chancellor
Issues pacific manifesto
McKenna, Mr.
Chancellor of Exchequer
Introduces Bill for raising War Loan
Meatless days
Men of forty-one wanted
Merchant ships
Dutch, sunk by German submarine
Neutral, torpedoed by German submarines
Mesopotamia, tide turning in
Messines Ridge captured
Michaelis, Dr.
Appointed German Chancellor
Military Service Bill
Becomes law
Ireland exempted from
Milner, Lord
on misleading war news
honour due to
Ministry of Munitions created
trials of
Fall of
Recaptured by Serbians and French
_Monmouth_, H.M.S.
British reach
Retreat from
Monte Sabotino captured by Italians
Moon our enemy
Morning Hate
Prussian household having its
Mort Homme
carnage at
Mottoes and proverbs
Mule humour
Mueller, Captain
a chivalrous antagonist
smart people work at
Museum, British
war spirit at
Museums, London
Mutiny of sailors at Kiel
Muzzling Order

Fall of
Narrows, the,
failure to get through
National Industrial Conference
National Party, the new
National Registration Bill
second Reading of
National Thrift Campaign
its efficient work
Need of men, the
Neuve Chapelle captured by British
New Armies
Composition of
Education of
Training of
New Conductor, the
New Guinea taken by Allies
New language, the
racing stopped at
Newspaper readers
"credibility index" for
Nicholas, Emperor of Russia
Generalissimo of his armies
Nineteen-nineteen Model, the
Northcliffe, Lord
and his correspondence
visits U.S.A.
North Sea
U-boats active in
Novo-Georgievsk taken by enemy
Noyon recaptured by Allies

Officer, wounded
experiences of
Officers, young
splendid record of
Oil discovered in Derbyshire
Old Man of the Sea
Old-timer, the
Omen of 1908
On Earth--Peace
One up!
On the Black List
Opera by English composer produced
Optimist, the
Order of British Empire
Orlando, Italian Statesman
Naval exploit at
Regained by Allies
O.T.C. and the Universities
Our Man
Our persevering officials
"Ourselves Alone"
motto of Sinn Fein
cadet battalions at

Dilemma of
Impressed by Germany's lamentations
Exodus to
Peace Conference at
Shelled by long-distance gun
Dissolution of
Extension of life of
Houses of, Stars and Stripes and Union Jack fly over
Passchendaele Ridge stormed by British
The children's
Penny Postage gone
Perfect Innocence
British enter
Fall of
Recovered by Allies
Persuading of Tino, the
hero of Verdun
Italians cross the
Picture galleries, London, closed
Pill-boxes, German, made of British cement,
Pitiful pose, a,
Place in the moon, a,
Place of Arms, a,
Plain duty, a,
Plumer, General
Stands firm on the Piave,
Victorious in Flanders,
Poison gas, Germans use,
Police, London, strike,
Political truce,
Politician who addressed the troops, the,
_Pommern_, the, sunk by British,
Portugal enters War,
And Publicity,
And War Loans,
Newspaper, absence of,
Campaign against Mr. Asquith,
German, humours of,
Prince of Wales
Relief Fund,
Takes his seat,
Prinkipo, proposed conference at,
Prisoner, British, sentenced for calling Germans "Huns,"
German, arrive in Ireland,
German offer _re_,
Propaganda, German, in United States,
An old Arab,
_Punch's, re_ Kaiser,
Proportional Representation rejected,
Cartoons and the _Koelnische Zeitung,_

_Queen Elizabeth_, H.M.S., attacks in Dardanelles,
Queries, futile, to wounded soldiers,
For various commodities,
"Queue War,"

Rabbit, the elusive,
Raids by sea,
Rasputin, sinister figure of.
Rationing, compulsory,
Rawlinson, General,
Recruit who took to it kindly,
Recruiting, posters to aid,
Redmond, Major William
Falls in Flanders,
Makes thrilling speech,
Tribute to, in Commons,
Redmond, Mr. John, death of,
Reichstag not blind to facts,
Rejuvenating effect of Zeppelins,
Reprisals on German cities advocated,
Repudiation, the,
Return of the Mock Turtle-Dove,
Reventlow, Count, and the Kaiser,
Reward of Kultur, the,
Rheims Cathedral bombarded,
Rhine, British Army's watch on the,
Rhondda, Lord
Appointed Food Controller,
Death of,
Richter, Dr. Hans, clamours for British extinction,
Riga, Gulf of, German defeat in,
Riga occupied by Germans,
Rivers, French, find their voices,
Roberts, Mr., Minister of Labour,
Roberts, Lord
Death of,
Germans pay tribute to,
His reticence,
Robertson, Sir William
Accepts Eastern Command at home,
Appointed Chief of Staff,
Robinson, Lieutenant, brings down Zeppelin,
Roosevelt, Mr., invents new invective,
Roumania joins Allies,
Royal Family, British, fine example of,
Royal Flying Corps,
Great losses of,
Running amok,
Rupprecht, Crown Prince, entertains journalists,
Army retreats,
Bolshevist _coup d'etat._
Bolshevist regime stained with massacres,
Dark hour of,
Debacle in,
End of Tsardom
Ex-Tsar and family shot,
Russia (_contd_.)
Provisional Government dissolved
Recovering herself
Republic proclaimed
Russian Army said to have passed through England

Saint-Quentin recaptured by Allies
St. James's Park, lake in, drained
St. Mihiel salient flattened out by Americans
Allies land at
Triumphant advance by Allies on
Saluting abolished in Russian Army
Sands run out, the
San Gabriele, Italian success at
Santa Klaus, _Punch_ welcomes
Scapa Flow, German Fleet surrenders at
Germans scuttle their warships at
Scarborough bombarded
Scott, Admiral Percy
Expert adviser to Lord French
Scrapper scrapped, the
Sedan, American Army reaches
Austrians and Germans invade
Liberation of
Domestic, problem
Officer's description of
Sevastopol, Germans reach
Shaw, Mr. Bernard
Colossal arch-super-egotist
Visits Front
Shirkers' War News
Shortt, Mr., appointed Chief Secretary for Ireland
Siegfried line
Sinn Fein
Creed of
Plays at war
Smart people, callousness of
Smith-Dorrien, General, at Le Cateau
Smuts, General, commands in East Africa
Soissons, Germans capture
Soldier and civilian
Soldiers, British
Cannot imitate Hun
Ordeal on Western Front
Tribute to
Solid, xiv
Some bird
Battle of the, commences
Guns heard in England
Results of Battle of the
"Song of Plenty"
South-West Africa
German, gives in to Allies
Germans poison wells in
Spanish influenza
Speaker of House of Commons re-elected
Spee, Admiral von, goes down with his squadron
Spies, German
_Spurlos versenkt_
Spy-hunting in East Anglia
Spy play, emergence of
Storm driven
Strain on the affections
Strauss, Herr, does not sign German artists' manifesto
Study of Prussian household having its Morning Hate
Sturdee, Admiral
Submarine frightfulness, the new, commences
Submarines, British, in the Baltic
Submarines, German
Grimsby's fight against
Locked up
Torpedo British battleships
Suffragists' cause triumphs
Suits, standard
Sumner, Lord, on Houses of Parliament
Sunlight-loser, the
Suvla Bay, British heroism at
Sweden assists German Secret Service
Sweepers of the sea
Swooping from the West

Tanks, coming of the
Tannenberg, Russian repulse at
Tares, the Sower of
Doing great work in India
Efficiency and keenness of
Teutons, panegyric of, in _Die Welt_
Thiepval taken by Allies
Threatened Peace Offensive,
Thrift campaign,
Tirpitz, Grand Admiral, dismissed,
Tisza, Count, admits defeat,
To all at home,
Tommy, British
Needs no vocabulary,
Philosophy of,
To the Glory of France,
Townshend, General
Besieged in Kut,
Heroism of his force,
Tramcar humour,
Tramps disappear from England,
Transitional period,
Trawlers, honour due to,
Trenchard, General, retires from Air Staff,
Trenches, sportsmanship of,
Trench warfare commences,
Trials of a camouflage officer,
Trotsky released from internment,
Tsing-tau, Japanese take,
Tuber's repartee, the,
Appeals to Berlin for funds,
Defeated in Caucasus,
Defeated on Suez Canal,
Enters war,
Granted armistice,
Two Germanies, the,
"Two heads with but a single thought,"

U-boat interned at Cadiz,
Appear off U.S.A.,
Sir E. Geddes's diagram _re_,
Ulstermen and Conscription,
Unauthorised flirtation, an,
Unemployment dole,
United States
Accused of stealing cypher key,
German propaganda in,
Issues warning Note on neutral trading,
No peace with Hohenzollerns,
Unsinkable Tirp., the,

V.A.D., tributes to,
Venizelos, M., resumes power,
Germans closing in on,
Struggle around, begins,
Triumph of French at,
Council, foresight of,
Peace signed at,
Very much up,
Vienna, peace kite-flying at,
Villager, English, and prospects of invasion,
Vimy Ridge, Canadians capture,
Volunteers, training of,
Von Pot and von Kettle,

Wales, South
Miners' strike,
Provides recruits,
Wanted--a St. Patrick,
Anniversaries of,
Cabinet, Mr. Henderson resigns from,
Changes wrought by,
Conference of the Empire called,
Daily cost of,
News, the shirkers',
Propaganda, need for a, at home,
Teaching geography,
Ward, Colonel, defends Compulsory Service Bill,
Warsaw, Russians lose,
Waterloo Campaign and Great War,
Wayside Calvary, the,
Weddings, khaki,
Well done, the New Army,
Wemyss, Sir Rosslyn, on R.N. and mercantile marine,
Whigs and Tories, strife between, revived,
Whitby bombarded,
Wilhelm I.'s message to wife,
Wilhelmshaven indefinitely closed,
William o' the Wisp,
Wilson, General, appointed Chief of Imperial Staff,
Wilson, President
And the _Lusitania_,
Declines to be rushed,
Forbearance of,
His Fourteen Points,
Last Note to Germany,
Launches a new phrase,
Wittenberg, ill-treatment of prisoners at,
Wolff, mendacity of,
Woman Power
Belgian, used as a screen
Driving vans
Licensed as taxi-drivers
Obtain the Vote
Opportunities taken by
_Punch_ delighted at their varied work
Undertake men's work,
War and poetry,
Word of ill-omen, a,
Wotan line,
Wounded, return of, to England,

Germans repulsed at,
Germans stopped at,
Second battle of,
Third battle of, commences,

ZEEBRUGGE, naval exploit at,
Zeppelin, Count, swears to destroy London,
French bag several,
One brought down at Cuffley,
Plague of, stayed,
Raid encourages emulation,

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