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Mobilizing Woman-Power by Harriot Stanton Blatch

Part 3 out of 3

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30. Give the Names and Addresses of two British Householders with
permanent addresses in the British Isles who have known applicant for
two or more years, but are not related to applicant, to act as
References, having previously obtained their permission to use
their names.

(a) (Mayor, Magistrate, Justice of the Peace, Minister of Religion,
Barrister, Physician, Solicitor or Notary Public).
Acquaintance dating from year ________
(b) Lady.
Acquaintance dating from year _______

31. Name and Address of Head of College or School, recent Business
Employer, Head of Government Department, Secretary of Society or some
other person who can be referred to for a report on your
qualifications for the work selected. (The Quartermaster of your
V.A.D. could be given if you have worked in her department.)

In what capacity employed?

How long employed?

32. Are you willing to serve at home or abroad?

33. Are you willing to serve in Civil Hospitals from which
personnel have been withdrawn for War Service?

34. Are you willing to serve:--

(a) With pay,
(b) For expenses only,
on the terms of service laid down in our terms of service?

N. B.--Members who can afford to work for their expenses only are
urgently needed.

35. Date after which you will be available for duty.

36. (a) Are you pledged to serve in any other organisation?
(b) If so, what?

37. (a) Have you served with the Women's Legion or any
similar organisation?
(b) If so, what?

I hereby declare that the above statements are complete and correct to
the best of my knowledge and belief.

Date .......... Usual Signature ..........

_For Office Purposes_, please add your full Christian Names and Surname
legibly written.

I certify that the above declaration is, to the best of my knowledge and
belief, true; and that M ............ is a fit and proper person to be
employed by the Joint V.A.D. Committee.


Date .......... Signed ....................

Date .......... Countersigned ....................
_County Director_.

NOTE.--Commandants are held responsible for all statements on this form
being accurate so far as it is possible for them to find out, also for
the fact that the member who signs it is a British subject, and in every
way suitable for appointment by the Joint V.A.D. Committee.

This form must be signed by the Commandant, who should then send it to
the County Director for counter signature and forwarding to

_Application No._

_For Official use only_.



N.B.--No woman need apply who is not prepared to offer her services for
the duration of the war and to take up work wherever she is required.

1. Name in Full (Mrs. or Miss).

2. Permanent Postal Address.

2a. State nearest Railway Station.

3. Surname at birth, if different.

4. For what work do you offer your services? State your
qualifications for this work. (The occupations for which women are
required are set out in the accompanying leaflet.)

5. Are you willing to serve:--
(a) At Home and Abroad as may be required.
(b) At Home only.

6. If selected and enrolled how many days' notice will you require before
your services are available?

7. Age and date of birth.

8. Place and Country of Birth.

9. Nationality at Birth.

10. Present Nationality
(if naturalised give date).

11. Whether single, married or widow.
If married state number of children,
(a) under 12 years old.
(b) " 5 " "

12. If not single state Nationality of Husband.
(a) Is your husband serving with the Forces?
(b) If so, where?

13. Father's Nationality at Birth.

14. Mother's Nationality at Birth.

15. Father's Occupation.

16. State school or college where educated.
At what age did you leave School?

17. Particulars of any other Training, stating Certificates held.

18. (a) Name and Address of your present employer
(_see Note on other side_).

N.B.--(The employer will not be referred to unless he is given as a
reference under paragraph 20 below.)

(b) Nature of his business.

(c) Capacity in which you are employed.

(d) Length of your service with him.

(e) Salary which you are now receiving.

19. Previous business experience (if any) giving dates, salaries
received, and names of Employers.

20. Give below for purposes of reference the names of two or more
British householders with their permanent addresses, one of whom
should be, if possible, your present or previous Employer, a Teacher,
a Town Councillor, Mayor or Provost, Justice of Peace, Minister of
Religion, Doctor or Solicitor, who has known you for two or more
years, but is not related to you. One of the references must be
a woman.

(a) Name.
Profession or Occupation.

(b) Name.
Profession or Occupation.

(c) Name.
Profession or Occupation.

An offer of Service can in no way be regarded as a final enrolment.

_I hereby declare that the above statements are complete and correct to
the best of my knowledge and belief_.

_Date_ ___________ _Usual Signature_ ____________

This Form should be filled in by the Applicant and returned
to:--Employment Exchange _________________________

* * * * *


Women who are already engaged in any of the following occupations will
not be accepted unless they bring with them a letter from their Employer
or Head of Department stating that they have permission to volunteer:--

(i) Government Service.

(ii) Munition work.

(iii) Work in a Controlled Establishment.

(iv) Full-time work in an establishment engaged on contract
work for a Government Department.

(v) V.A.D. Military Hospitals and Red Cross Hospitals.

(vi) School Teaching.

(vii) Local Government Service.

No woman who is a National Service Volunteer or is employed in
Agriculture will be accepted.

N.B.--Applicants are urged not to give up any present employment until
they are called upon to do so.

(Part of the application form used in England by the
Women's Land Army.)

* * * * *


* * * * *


There are three Sections of the Women's Land Army.



(3). FORAGE.

If you sign on for A YEAR and are prepared to go wherever you are sent,
you can join which Section you like.


1. To sign on in the Land Army for ONE YEAR.

2. To come to a Selection Board when summoned.

3. To be medically examined, free of cost.

4. To be prepared if PASSED by the Selection Board to take up work
after due notice.



1. A MINIMUM WAGE to workers of 18/- a week. After they have passed
an efficiency test the wages given are L1 a week and upwards.

2. A short course of FREE INSTRUCTION if necessary.


4. FREE MAINTENANCE in a Depot for a term not exceeding 4 weeks if
the worker is OUT OF EMPLOYMENT through no fault of her own.

5. FREE RAILWAY travelling, when taking up or changing Employment.

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