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Marm Lisa by Kate Douglas Wiggin

Part 3 out of 3

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profitless, and by means of which the twins were transferred from the
comfortable middle distance they had previously occupied to the
immediate foreground of duty. The lens might slip, but while it was
in place she saw as clearly as another woman.

'Will you?' repeated Mistress Mary, wondering at her silence.

Mrs. Grubb gave one last glance at the still reproach of Lisa's face,
and one more at the twins, who seemed to loom more formidably each
time she regarded them; then drawing a deep breath she said, 'Yes, I
will; I WILL, no matter what happens; but it isn't enough to give up,
and you needn't suppose I think it is.' And taking a passive twin by
either hand, she passed out of the door into the crowded
thoroughfare, and disappeared in the narrow streets that led to Eden

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