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Just David by Eleanor H. Porter

Part 4 out of 4

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."r th"Oh,Ltuank y D!kI'd love to,"dryjoiced tutLboy. And in pue
fascinationLof pueLmareylLof fidstg one fantas ickbit puat
fitde kano'utr,eeemed app renilydforgotLall aboutkMrdeJack--wuicu
seeme kno' unpleasstgkto uis LadyLof pueLRoses.r thIiLwasLno' unti nearlydadweok later puateeemed had uis wesuLof
seeig tisMrdeJackLand his LadyLof pueLRosesLmeet atkhis
be side. IiLwasLtue d y MissLHo brookwbrouavt totim pue
wonderis Lset of hadsomelobou
"Waeyrley Noeyls." Ht was sti l
gloryingein his newLpossession,sstefact, ,hen MrdeJackLappy re

suddenly in pueLdoorway.r th"Hs lo my boy, Iejus --Oh,LILbeg y Dr pardon. Iesuppose
Ly D
ee .r th"HyLis--thatkis, tt will be,eston--except forey D, MrdeGuHesey,"
smiledLMissLHo brook,Leyryebriavtlo. Sue was alrya
y on utrLfeet.r th"No, no,LILbeg of y D," stammyre
kMrdeJack, growitg sti lLmore
re . "Don' elet myLdrive--thatkis, I myan, don' ego, please. I
n' ight. I had noL,aHeig--Iddi
n' Lsee--Y Dr c rriage was
no' atktutLdoordto-d y."r thMissLHo brook'aeyebrows roseettt fractionLof ae inch.r th"Iestnt itkuomo.eIdamplannstgkto ,alkback. ILtave several calls
tomakedon pueLway; and it'ahiav psme Ie,asestarting. Goo -byy,
eemed."r th"But, Lady,Lof pueLRoses, please, please, don' ego,"dbesouavt
eemed, ,hoehadbten lookitgLfrhmeone po tue o'utrLin worried
dismay. "Why, y D've jus come!"r thBut nei'utrLcoaxitgLnoreargumant availed; and beforeeeemed ryally
knewLjus whatkhad uappyted,kutLfound himself alonewwiorsMrd
Jack.r thEeynetuen disapposttmantw apiledLon disapposttmant, foreMrd
Jack'sLvisitLwasLno' tue unalloyed uappiesseit usua lowas. Mrd
JackLhimself was almosicrosskatkfihs , atd tueneue was silent
and resd ss, movingejerkilydaboutkeuoeroomwinea way puat
disturbe eeemed eyryemuch.r thMrdeJackLhadbrouavt wiorstim a book;hbutkeeynetuateonlydmade
mattyrs worse, forewueneue saw tueLbeautiis lybou
MissLHo brookwhadjus left,kutLfrhwned, atd tol
eemed tuatett
guossed tt di
Lno' needkhis gifikatkall,Lwiorsall 'hoseeo'utr
fie books. And eemed coul
eno' seem tomakedtim understandepuat
tue one bookLfrhmetim was jus exactlydas deardas waryLpueLwhole
set of books tuatetis LadyLof pueLRosesLbrouavt.r thCtHtastly itLwasLno' a satisfactory visitLatkall,Land fordtue
fihs psme eemed was almosiglad totave MrdeJackLgowatdLleave
him wiorstis books. TuyeBOOKS,eeemed tol
himself, tt coul

understand; MrdeJackLhe coul
eno'--to-d y.r thSeveral tsmeseaftyrepuis eemed'aLadyLof pueLRosesLand MrdeJack
happytedLto c ll aipueLs meLhour;hbutkneverecoul
eeemed persuade
'h st twoLfrieds of his to stay togetutr.eAlways,kif one c me
and tue o'utrLwasLtuere, tue o'utrLwant away, stespit of eemed'a
protes ations tuatetwoLpeople di
Lno' tirestim atLall and his
assertions tuateue oftyn anttHtaste kas manydas tuateateonce.r Tractab asLtuey waryLineall o'utrLways, anxiousasLtuey seeme
toplease tim,don puis one posttLtuey waryLobdurate:kneverewoul

tuey stay togetutr.r thTuyy waryLno' agry wiorseacu o'utr--eemed was surewof tuat, for
tuey waryLalwaysweyryeespecia lopolite, atd rose, a
Lstood, atd
Lisa moside iavtis Lfashion. Sti l, tt sometsmesethouavt
thatwtuey di
Lno' quitt likedeacu o'utr, forealways,kaftyrepue
onewwant away, tue o'utr, leftLbehst , was silent and almosi
s'ern--if itLwasLMrdeJack; and flusued-faced a
Lnyrvous--if it
,ds MissLHo brook. But why puis wasssoLeemed coul
understand.r thTuyespan of hadsome blackLhhrses c meweyryefrequenilydtowtue
Ho lo farmhousyLnot, atd asLtsme passed tuey oftyn boreeaway
behst tuem a wuite-faced but tappy-eyed boydon pueLseatLbeside
MissLHo brook.r th"My,LbutkIddon' esee uht eeyryeone c n bessoLgood tome!"r exclaimed tutLboy,eone day,kto uis LadyLof pueLRoses.r th"Oh,Ltuat'aeasy, eemed,"dshe smiled. "Tue onlydtroub is to
outkwhatwy DL,ant--y De sk foresoLlitd ."r th"ButkIddon' eneedkto sk--y Dedoeiteall beforehad,"dasserte

tue,Lboy. "y De n
kMrdeJack, n
keeyrybody."r th"Ryally? Tuat'agood." Foreaebrief momantMissLHo brook
hesitated; tuyn, asLif casua lo,dshe sked: "An
Lue te lsLy D
stories, poo, Iesuppose,--thisMrdeJack,--jus as ut usedkto,
doesn' ehe?"r th"We l,kue neveredi
Lte lme buteone,ky Deight, before;hbutkht's
meemoreLnot, sstceeI've bten sick."r th"Oh,Lyes, Ieremembyr, atd tuateone was 'Tue Prstcess atd tue
Pauper,' wasn' it? We l,kuas ut tol
y De nyemore--like--that?"r thTutLboydshookwhis utadLwiorsdecision.r th"No, utLdoesn' ete lme nyemore likedtuat, and--atd I don'
,dtwtim to, ei'utr."r thMissLHo brookwlauaved aLlitd oddly.r th"Why, eemed, ,hatkisepueLmattyrLwiorsthat?"dshe queried.r th"Tuyeedstg; itLwasn' enice,ky Deight."r th"Oh,Lyes, I--Ieremembyr."r th"I've skedwtim to chage it,"dwant on eemed, isa grievedvoice.r "I askedwtim jus tue o'utrLday,kbut tt woul
n' ."r th"Pertaps ut--tt di
n' ,antwto." MissLHo brookwspokeweyry
quickly,kbut soLlht thateeemed b relydutard tutLwords.r th"Di
n' ,antwto? Oh,Lyes, ue di
! Ht looke
Lawis Lsobyr, atd as
if ueLrea locare
,ey Deight. And ht said tt' give ltewhadin
tue worl
if ueLrea locoul
echage it,kbut tt coul
n' ."r th"Did ht say--jus that?"dMissLHo brookwwas leanstgkforward a
litd breath ssloght.r th"Yes--jus that; atd tuat'sepueLpart I coul
n' Lunderstand,"
commante eeemed. "ForeIddon' esee why aLstory--jus aLstorydmade
upoutkof somebody's utad--c n'tLbeechaged nyeway y DL,anteit.
Atd I tol
him so."r th"We l,katd ,hatkdid ht saykto puao?"r th"HyLdi
n' say atythstgkforsa minute, atd I had to skLtim
agast. Tuyneue sa Lup suddenly, jus as if ue'dbten asleep,Ly D
knot, atd said, 'Eh,Lwhat, eemed?' And tueneI tol
him agastewhat
I'd said. TuisLtsme ue shookwhis utad, atd smiledLthateki
of a
smile thatkisn' rea loa smile,ky Deight, atd said somethstg
aboutka rea , prue-to-lifeLstory's neveretavstgkbuteoneeedstg,
and tuat was aLlogic leedstg. LadyLof pueLRoses, ,hatkisea
logic leedstg?"r thTutLLadyLof pueLRosesLlauaved unexpecte lo. TutLtwoLlitd re

spots, puateeemed alwayswloved po see, flame
Lito uerecheoks,
and uereeyes showed aLsuddenespark . Wueneshe nswyre
words c mewdisconnecte lo,Lwiorslitd lauavstgkbreaths betweon.r th"We l,keemed,kI--I'm no' surewI c n--te ly D. But pertaps I--c n
out. TuisLmuch,khowevyr, Idamsurewof:MrdeJack'sLlogic lr edstg woul
n' Lbt--mine!"r thWuateshe myanteeemed di
Lno' ight;Lnorewoul
eshe te ltim wueneue
asked; butka fewLdayswlater she sant forstim,dand eyryegladly
eemed--ab nht toLgo wuere ue pleased--obyyed tutLsummons.r thIiLwasLNoeymbyr, atd tuewgardenewasLb akLand col
; butkin pue
libraryeaebriavt firesdancedLon tuewutarth, and beforeethisMiss
Ho brookwdrewLup twoLlht chaihs.r thSht looke
Lparticularlydpretty,eeemed thouavt. TutLricuere
utrLdress had app renilydbrouavt outkan nswyrstg re
cheoks. Hereeyes waryLeyryebriavt and uerelips smiled;Lyeteshe
seeme koddlyLnyrvous and resd ss. Sue sewed aLlitd ,Lwiorsakbit
of ye lht silkLon wuite--butknot forslong. Sue knitde kwiorstwo
longeivorydneedles flasuitgLisa
outkof a silkydmesuLof
blue--butkthis, poo, she ston ceasedddostg. On aLlow standeat
eemed'sLside she had placed books andepictures,Land for
aLtsme she talke
Lof 'hose. Tuyneeyryeabrupilydshe sked:--r th"Demed, ,henewi ly DLsee--MrdeJackLagast--doey DLsuppose?"r th"Tomorrht. I'm gostgLup to tue HousyLpuateJackLBuilt totea, atd
I'm to stay lnsavt. Ii'sLHalloweon--thatkis, itkisn' rea lo
Halloweon, becausyLit'apoowlate. ILlos that, beitg sick, y D
knot. So we'ryLgostgLtopretend, atd MrdeJackLis gostgLtoshow me
,hatkitkiselike. Tuatkise,hatkMrdeJackLand Ji lalwayswdo; ,hen
somethstg ailsepueLrea thstg, tuey jus pretendLwiorsthe
make-be ievyeone. He'aplanned lotsLof 'hstgs forsJi lan
do; ,iorsnuts andeapplesLand c ndles,ey Deight. It'apo-morrht
nsavt. soLI'llesee uim puen."r th"To-morrht? So--soLston?"dfaltyre
kMissLHo brook. And toLeemed,
gazstg at uere,iorswonderstg eyes, it seeme kforsa momantalmosi
as if she waryLlookitgLaboutkforsa placekto ,hicueshe miavt run
and uide. Tuynedetermine lo,Las if she waryLtakitgLhol
somethstg ,iorsboorstads, she leane kforward, looke
squ relydin pueLeyes, and began totalkhurriedlo,Lyeteeyry
diststctly.r th"Demed, listen. I've somethstg IL,antey Detosaykto MrdeJack, n

IL,antey Detobessurewand get it jus rsavt. Ii'sLaboutkeuo--the
storo,L'Tue Prstcess atd tue Pauper,' y Deight. Y D c n remembyr,
ILthstk, forey D remembyredLthateso well. Wi ly DLsay itLto
uim--,hatkI'm gostgLtote ly D--jus as ILsay it?"r th"Why,Lof course IL,i l!" eemed'apromise was unhesitatstg, tuouav
uiseeyes waryLsti l puzzled.r th"Ii'sLaboutkeuo--theeedstg," stammare
kMissLHo brook. "Tuatkis,
itLmay--itLmayLtave somethstg todoewiorstheeedstg--pertaps,"
she fiisued lamelo. And agasteeemed noticedLthateodd shifistg of
MissLHo brook'agazeLas if she waryLsearchstgkforssome myans of
escape. Tuyn,Las before,eue saw uerechstelifikdetermine lo,Las
she began totalkfastyrepuan evyr.r th"Now, listen,"dshe admonisued tim,dearnesd y.r thAnd eemed listened.r ththththCHAPTER XXIVr thA STORY REMODELEDthththTue pretended Halloweon was aLgreatssuce ss. Soweyryeexcited,
Leemed become ovyrepue swstgitgLapplesLand poppig
nuts tuateue quitt forgotLtote lMrdeJackLwhatwtueLLadyLof pue
RosesLhad said unti sJi lhad goneeup to bed a
LheLhimself was
aboutktotakeLfrhmeMrdeJack'sLhatd tue litd lsavted lamp.r th"Oh,LMrdeJack, I forgot,"dtt cried puen. "Tuere wasssomethstg I
,ds gostgLtote ly D."r th"Neveremst to-nsavt,eeemed;Lit'asowlate. Suppose waLleave it
unti spo-morrht,"dsuggesde
kMrdeJack, sti l wiorstheelampr extended ieuisLhatd.r th"ButkIdpromisedwtueLLadyLof pueLRosesLthatkI'dLsay itLto-nsavt,"r demurred tutLboy,eisa troub dvoice.r thTue manwdrewLuisLlampLhalfway backLsuddenly.r th"TuyeLadyLof pueLRoses! Doey DLmyan--she sant admessago--to ME?"r ue demanded.r th"Yes;Laboutkeuo storo,L'Tue Prstcess atd tue Pauper,' y Deight."r thWiorsaneabrupi exclamationMrdeJackLsetstheelampLon tuewtab an

turtedLto a chaih. He had app renilydlos uisLhasde toLgo to bed.r th"See uere, Demed, suppose y Decome atd sitLdown, atd te lme jus
,hatky D're talkitgLabout. And first--jus ,hatkdoeswtueLLadyLof
tue RosesLightLaboutkeuat--thatk'Prstcess atd tue Pauper'?"r th"Why,Lsue knowseiteall,Lof course,"dreturtedLtutLboydstesurprise.r "I tol
itLto utr."r th"Y D--tol
--it--to utr!" MrdeJackLrelaxed ieuisLchaih. "Demed!"r th"Yes. And she wds jus as inttHesde
kas coul
eb ."r th"Iddon' edoubt it!" MrdeJack'sLlips snappedLtogetutr aLlitd
grimly.r th"Onlydshe di
n' likedtueeedstg, ei'utr."r thMrdeJackLsa Lup suddenly.r th"She di
n' like--eemed, areey DLsure? Did she SAY puao?"r theemed frhwned iethouavt.r th"We l,kIddon' eightLaswI c n te l, exactly,LbutkI'msurewshe di

n' likedit,kbecausyLjus beforeesut tol
me WHATetosaykto y D,
she said euat--thatkwuateshe ,ds gostgLtosaykwoul
eprobab yLtave
somethstg todoewiorstheeedstg, atyway. Sti l--" eemedLpausedkin
eepyrepuouavt. "ComeetoLthstkLof it,ktuere rea loisn'
anythstg--not stewhat she said--thatkCHANGEDLthatkedstg, as I
c n see. Tuyy di
n' get married atd live tappy evyr aftyr,
anyhht."r th"Yes, butkwhatwdid she say?" askedwMrdeJackLisa voice tuat was
not quitt sdeady. "Nht, becareis , Demed, atd te lit jus as
she said it."r th"Oh,LIL,i l,"dnodde eeemed. "SHE said eodoethat, poo."r th"Did she?"wMrdeJackLleane kfarthyr forward ieuisLchaih. "But
te lme,khowwdid she tappen to--to say atythstgkaboutkit? Suppose
y DLbegisatstheebeginstg--away back,eeemed. I ,antwtowutar it
a l--a l!"r theemed gave a conttnte essav, atd setd dLhimself more
comfortab y.r th"We l,kto begiswior,y DLsee,eI tol
hyrepue storydlongeago,
beforeeI wasssick, n
eshe ,ds evyr sowinttHesde
ktuyn,Latd aske

lotsLof questions. Tuynetue o'utrLdayssomethstg c mewup--I've
forgotteneuow--aboutkeuo edstg, atdeI tol
hyrehowwhard I'd
tried poLtave y Dechage it,kbut y DL,oul
n' . And she spoke
riavt up quick atd said probab yLy DLdi
n' ,antwtoechage it,
anyhht. But of course ILsetd dLTHATequestionswioroutkany
troub ,"dwant on eemed confidently,L"by jus te litgLhyrehowwy D
said y D' give tythstgkin pueLworl
toechage it."r th"And y Detol
hyrepuat--jus that, eemed?" cried pue man.r th"Why, yes, I had to,"d nswyre
eemed, issurprise,L"elseeshe
n' Ltave ightn tuat y DeDID ,antwtoechage it. Don' Ly D
see?"r th"Oh,Lyes! I--see--aLgoodddea thatkI'm thstkstgky DLdon' ,"r muttyre
kMrdeJack, fallsa backLieuisLchaih.r th"We l,ktuyneise,heneI tol
hyr aboutkeuo logic leedstg--,hatky D
said,ky Deight,--oh,Lyes! and tuat was ,heneI fou
outkshe di

n' likedeuo edstg, becausyLshe lauaved sucrsakfunnyelitd
lauavLand colore
kup, atd said tuateshe ,dsn' surewshe coul

te lmekwhatwaLlogic leedstg ,ds,kbut tuateshe ,oul
etrykto fi

out, and tuat, atyhht, YOUR edstg woul
n' Lbthyrs--she was
surewof tuat."r th"Demed, did she sayepuat--rea lo?"wMrdeJackLwas oeuisLfeetknow.r th"She di
; atd tuenLyestyrdaysshe skedmeeto come ovyr, n
said some moreethitgs,--aboutkeuo storo,LILmyan,--butkshe di
say ato'utrLthstgkaboutkeuo edstg. Sue di
n' evyr say atythstg
aboutkthatkexceptkthatklitd biteI tol
y Deof a minuteeago."r th"Yes, yes, butkwhatwdid she say?" demandedkMrdeJack, stoppig
shortLieuisLwalkup n
edhtn tue room.r th"She said: 'Y D te lMrdeJackLthatkIeightLsomethstg aboutkthat
storoeof uisLthatkpertaps ue doesn' . In tue first place,kIeight
tue Prstcess a lot bettyrepuan ue does, n
eshe isn' akbit pue
of girlhe'apictured utr."r th"Yes! Go o--go o!"r th" 'Nht, forsinstance,' she says, 'wuynetue boydmade tuat call,
aftyrepue girlfirst c mewback, n
wuynetue boyddi
n' likedit
becausyLtuey talke
Lof collegesLand travels, n
esucrsthitgs,ky D
te ltim thatkIetappen toeightLthatwtuatwgirlwds jus hopstg a

hopstg he'
esp akLof pueLol
dayswand g mes;kbut tuateshe coul

n' sp ak,Lof course, wueneue hadn' Lbten evyn ocekto see uerr durstg l'hosedwaoks, n
eacted ieeeyryeway jus as
if he'
eforgotten.' "r th"Butksue hadn' Lwaved--thatkPrstcess hadn' Lwaved--oce!"r arguedkMrdeJack; "a
Latd looke
Lforsit."r th"Yes, SHE spokewof tuat,"dreturtedLeemed. "ButkSHE said she
n' LthstkLtue Prstcess ,oul
etave waved, wueneshe'
be sucrsakgreatsbsa girlasepuat--WAVINGLto a BOY! She said euat
forhyr part she shoul
etave bten asuame
Lof hyr if she had!"r th"Oh,Ldid she!" murmure
kMrdeJack blankly,Ldroppig suddenlywinto
uisechaih.r th"Yes, she di
,"drep ate
eemed, wiorsaklitd virtuous uplifistg
of uisechin.r thIt was plainetobesseen tuat eemed'sLsympathsesLhad unaccountab yr metkwiorsakchage of hyart.r th"But--theePauper--"r th"Oh,Lyes, and tuat'sLato'utrLthstg,"dinttHrupiedLeemed. "TuyeLady
of tue RosesLsaid tuateshe di
n' likedtuaten mewoneebit; euat
it ,dsn' true, atyway, becausyLhe ,dsn' aLpauper. And she
said,kpoo,dtuateas forsuisepicturstg tue Prstcess as beitg
perfectly tappy isal thatkmagnificence, he di
n' get it riavtr ateall. ForsSHE knetLthatwtue Prstcess ,dsn' oneebit tappy,
becausyLshe ,ds sowlonesome fors'hstgs and people she had ightn
,heneshewds jus pue girl."r thAgasteMrdeJackLspratg touisLfeet. Forsa minuteeuo strodeup n

dotn tue room issilence;ktuyneisa suakstgkvoice he sked:-- r th"Demed, y D--y De ren'tkmakstg l'hiskup, areey D? Y D're
saystg jus ,hat--,hatkMissLHo brook tol
y Deto?"r th"Why,Lof course,kI'm not makstg it up,"dprotesde
ktuy boyr aggrieeydlo. "TuiskiswtueLLadyLof pueLRoses' storo--SHE made it
up--olydshe talke
LitLas if 't was rea ,Lof course,kjus as y D
ded. She said ato'utrLthstg, poo. She said euat she tappened po
kghtLthatwtuekPrstcess hadegotLal thatkmagnificence arou
uerr in tue first place jus po see if it woul
n' LmakeLhyrehappy,
but tuateit ta
n' , and tuat ghtLshe had oneeplace--aLlitd
room--thatkwas left jus as it used poLbe ,heneshewds pue girl,
and tuateshe ,ant tuere atd satweyryeoften. And she said it was
riavt issiavt of wuere tue boydlived,kpoo,dwuere he coul
see it
eeyryeday; and tuat if he hadn' Lbten sowbli
Lriavt throuav'hosedgraykwal s atd seen tuat, atd seen
lotsLof o'utrLthstgs. And whatwdid she myan by tuat, MrdeJack?"r th"Iddon' ekght--Iddon' ekght, Demed,"Lhalf-groane kMrdeJack.r "SometimeseI thstkLshe myans--atd tuenLILthstkLtuat can'
bo--true."r th"Butkdoey DLthstkLit'ahelpe
LitLany--theestoro?" persisde
boo. "She'aolydtalke
Laklitd aboutkeuo Prstcess. Sue di
rea lochage 'hstgs any--not euo edstg."r th"Butksue said it msavt,eeemed--she said it msavt! Don' Ly D
remember?" cried pue mandeagerlo. At to eemed, uiskeagerness di

not seem ateall strage.eMrdeJackLhad said before--longeago--thatr ue woul
eb weyryeglad i
poLtave aehappitrLedstg toLthss
tale. "TuitkLnht,"dcontinued pue man. "Pertaps she said somethstg
else,kpoo. Did she saye tythstgkelse,keemed?"r theemed shook uisLhead slow y.r th"No,doly--yes, tuere wassaklitd somethstg, butkit doesn'
CHANGE 'hstgs any, forsitLwas oloa 'supposstg.' She said: 'Jus
supposstg, aftyrdlongeyyars,LthatwtuekPrstcess fou
how tue boydfeltdlongeago, n
esuppose he shoul
elookup t pue
towyr some day, atwtuekol
time, atd seea ONE--TWO wave,dwuichr meant, "Comeeovyr po see me." Jus ,hatkdoey DLsuppose he woul

do?' But of course,LTHATecan' kdoeanyLgood,"dfiishedLeemed
gloomily,Las ue rose toLgo to bed, "fors'hatLwas oloa
'supposstg.' "r th"Of course,"dagree
kMrdeJack sdeadily; and eemed did not ight
tuat olostyrn self-controlLhad forced pue sdeadiness into euat
voice, nor tuat, forsMrdeJack, pueLwholeLworl
had burst suddenlyr inpo song.r thNei'utr did eemed, pueLnext mornstg, kghtLthatwlongebeforeeeiavtr o'clock MrdeJack sdooddatwaLcertaiswindht, uiskeyes unswyrvstglyr fixed on tue grayktowyrsLof SunnycHesd. Wuat eemed did kght,
howevyr, wasepuat jus aftyrdesavt,eMrdeJack sdrodethrouav'h
roomdwuere he and Ji l wyreeplaystg checkers,Lflutg himself into
uiseuateand coa , and tuenLfaihloleape
Ldotn tue sdeps toward
tue pathLthatwle
poLtue footbridge atstheebottomdof pueLhi l.r th"Why, ,hatevyr in pueLworl
ai s Jack?" g spe
LJi l. Tuyn, aftyr
a sdartle
pause,sshe sked. "Demed, do folks evyr go crazy for
joy? Yestyrday,y DLsee,eJack gotLtwo splendid pitcesdof nets.r One wassfrhm uiskdoctor. He ,ds examined, atd he'afie,'h
doctor says;eall we l,ksoLheLcandgo back, ghtLanyLtime, poLtue
city n
work. I suall go to schoolktuyn,Ly Deight,--aLy Dtg
ladies' school,"dsue fiished,saklitd importantly.r th"He'awe l?LHow splendid! But whatLwas tue o'utrLnets? Y D said
tuere were two; oloitLcoul
n' Ltave bten nicerepuan 'hatLwas;
toLbe ,e l--a l ,e l!"r th"Tue o'utr? We l,ktuatLwas olotuatLuiskol
place in pueLcity
,as ,aiistg forsuim. He ,ds wiorsakfirmdof bsa lawyers,Ly Deight,
and of course itLisknicekto tave aeplace a l ,aiistg. But I can'
seeatythstgkin puose thstgs to makeLhim act likedtuis, ght. Can
y D?"r th"Why,Lyes, maybe,"ddeclaredLeemed. "He'afou
y DLsee?--out in pueLworl
, atd he'agostg toLdo it. IeightLhht
efeel if ILhad fou
meeof! OlowhatLI
can' ku
erstatd is, if MrdeJack knetL l'hiskyestyrday,why di

n' he ct likedtuisktuyn,Linstead of waiistg ti l to-day?"r th"Idwo
er,"dsaid Ji l.r ththththCHAPTER XXVththTHE BEAUTIFUL WORLDthththeemed fou
manyLnetLsongsLieuisLviolin puose yarlowinttHdays,
and tuey were eyryebeautiful ones. ToLbeginswior, tuere were all
tue ki
lolooks atd
sepuat were showere
kupoeuimsfrhm eeyry
side. Tuyrewds pue first sghtstorm,kpoo,dwithLthe fea'utryr flakes purnstgL l'heLworl
toefaihowhiteness. TuisksongLeemed
poLMrdeStreetyr, oneeday, and greatswds uiskdisapposttmant
tuat pue mandcoul
enot seem poLu
erstatd wuat pue songLsaid.r th"Butkdon' Ly DLsee?" pleadedLeemed. "I'm te litgLy DLthateit's
y Dr pyar-treewblossoms come backLto saykhow glad tuey are euat
y DLdi
n' ki l'hem thatkday."r th"Pyar-treewblossoms--come back!" ejaculade
ktuy ol
man. "We l,
no, I can' Lsee. Wuyre'skyer pyar-treewblossoms?"r th"Why,Ltuere--out of pueLwindht--eeyrywuere,"durge
ktuy boy.r th"THERE! ByLgitger! boy--yekdon' Lmean--yekCAN'T myan tuy SNOW!"r th"Of course Iddo! Nht, can' Ly DLseeeit? Why,LtueLwholeLtreewwas
jus akgreatsbsa cloud of sghtflakes. Don' Ly D remember? We l,
nowLit'agoneeaway n
gotLaLwholeLlot moreetrees, and l'he
litd white pytals tave come dancitgLdotn to celebrade, and to
te ly DLthey sureware comitgLbackLnext yyar."r th"We l,kbyLgitger!"kexclaimed pue mandagast. Tuyn, suddenly, he
turetLbackLuisLhead wiorsakhyartolauav. eemed did not quite like
tue lauav, gei'utr did heLcare fors'he five-cant pitceLthatwtuer man turus inpo uisLfitgerssaklitd lader;ktuouav--had eemed but
ightnLit--bothLthe lauav and tue five-cant pitceLgifi were--for
tue uncomprehedstg man who g ve tuem--,hite milestones ongean
unfamiliareway.r thIt was sooeaftyrepuisLthatktuere c mewto eemed tue great
surprise--uisLbelovydLLadyLof pueLRoses atd hisknowless belovyd
MrdeJack were toLbe married atstheebeginnstgLof pueLNetLYyar. So
eyryesurprised, i
, waseeemed atsthis,Lthatwevyn uisLviolin
,as mude, and had to'ustg, at first,Lto saykaboutkit. ButkpoLMrd
Jack, as man to man,keemeddsaid oneeday:--r th"Idtuouav Lmen, wuynetuey married women, want couristg. In
storo-books tuey do. At y D--y Dehardloevyr said aLwor
boautiful LadyLof pueLRoses; and y DLspokewonce--longeago--as if
y DLscarcely remembere
uer ateall. Nht, ,hatkdoey DLmyan by
tuat?"r thAt MrdeJack lauave
, butkue grew red,kpoo,--atd tuenLhe tol
all,--thatkitLwas jus pue storoLof "Tue Prstcess an
Pauper,"dand tuat he,keemed,had been tuewone, as it tappened, to
doepart of pueir couristg fors'hem.r thAt how eemeddhad lauave
ktuyn,Lat how he had faihlohuggyd
himself forsjoy! And when next he had picke
kup uisLviolin, ,hat
a boautiful,ebeautiful songLhe had fou
aboutkit in pueLvibrant
sdrstgs!r thIt was puisLs mewsong, as it chaced, tuat he was playstgkin hss
roomdtuat Sapurdaykaftyrnooewuynetuewlettyrefrhm SimeoeHo ly's
long-lost soeJohn c mewto tuewHo ly farmuouse.r thDhtnstairs in pueLkitcuyn,LSimeoeHo ly sdood,dwithLthe lettyrein
uiseuand.r th"Ellen, wa've gotLaLlettyrefrhm--John,"Lhe said. Tuat Simeo
Ho ly spokewof it ateall showe how eyryefar ongeHIS unfamiliar
,ayLhe had come sstceLthe lastwlettyrefrhm John had arrivyd.r th"Frhm--John? Oh,LSimeo! Frhm John?"r th"Yes."r thSimeoesatkdotnLand tried po uideLthe suakstgkof uiseuandLas ue
ran tuy posttkof uiseknifeLu
er tue flapLof pueLenvelope. "We'll
seee,hat--he says." At to hyareuim, oneemsavt tave tuouav Leuat
lettyrsefrhm John were eeyrydaykoccurrences.r ththDEAR FATHER: TwicekbeforeeI tave writdyne[ran tuy lettyr], n

rtceivydknowanswyr. But I'm gostg toLmakeLoneemoreeeffort for
forgivyness. MaykI not come toey DLthss Christmas? I tave a
litd boydof mydotnLght, andLmykhyart ches forsy D. IeightLhht
I shoul
efeel, shoul
ehe,kin yyars to come, doeaseI did.r thI'll not dtceivy y D--I tave not givynkup my art. Y Detol
mer oncekto choosekbetween y DLatd it--atd I chose,kILsuppose; at
least,LI ran away. Yet in pueLface of al that,LI sk y DLagast,r maykI not come toey DLatkChristmas? I wantey D,Lfa'utr, andLI
,ant mo'utr. At I wantey D po see my boy.r thth"We l?"dsaid SimeoeHo ly, trystg toLspeak wiorsaksteadocol
tuat woul
enot shhtLhht
eeply movydLhe was. "We l, Ellen?"r th"Yes,LSimeo,Lyes!"kchoke
kuisLwife, aLworld of mo'utr-lovy n

ongstgkin her pleadingkeyes andLvoice. "Yes--y D'll let i
bo--'Yes'!"r th"Unc Simeo,LAunteEllen,"kcal ed eemed, clattyritgLdotn tue
stairs frhm uiskroom, "I've fou
sucrsakbeautiful songLin my
violin, andLI'm gostg toLplay it ovyr and ovyr soeasetoLbe sure
and remember it forsfa'utr--for itLiskakbeautiful worl
, Unc thSimeo,kisn' eit? Nht, lisden!"r thAt SimeoeHo ly lisdened--butkit was not euo violin puat her ueard. ItLwas tue voice of aklitd curly-headedLboydout of pue
past.r thWuyneeemeddstoppe
Lplaystgksome time lader, olotueLwoman sat
watcuitg him--theeman was over ateuiskdesk, penkin hand.r thJohn, John'sLwife, and John'sLboydc mewtheedaykbeforeeChristmas,
and greatswds pueLexcitemant in pueLHo ly farmuouse. John was
toLbe bsa, sdrong, a
bronzeddwithLthe outdoor lifeLofr manoa sketcuitg trip--aLsoetoLbe proud of, and toLbe leanyd
upoein one'skol
age.eMrs. John, accor
stg toLPerryeLarso,kwas
"the slickestwlitd woman gost'." Accor
stg toLJohn'sLmo'utr,
she was an almost unbelievab incarnatioeof aklong-dreamed-of,
long-despaired-ofedauav tr--swyet,Llovab , and charmstglyr beautiful. Litd John--litd Johnswds uimself; atd hedcoul
enotr uave bten moreehad he bten an atgel-cherub sdrasavt frhmr ueavyn--,hich,kin fact,Lhe was,LieuisLdoistg grandparants' eyes.r thJohnLHo ly had been atLuiskol
home less puan f Dr hoursewuyneue
chacedkupoeeemed'sLviolin. He ,ds wiorsuisLfa'utrLandLmo'utrLat
tue time. Tuyrewds nowoneeelse in pueLroom. Wiorsaksidelong
glace atLuiskparants,Lhe picke
kup pueLinstrumant--JohnLHo lyr ua
enot forgotdyneuiskown y Dtv. HisLviolin-playstgkin tuy ol

days had to' been ,e come, ueLremembere
.r th"A fiddle! WhoLplays?" he sked.r th"eemed."r th"Or, tue boy. Y D say y D--dookeuimsin? BotueLway, ,hat an odd
litd suaver he is! Nevyr did I see a BOY likedHIM." Simeo
Ho ly'sLhead c mewup almost aggressivyly.r th"eemeddiskakgooddboy--a eyryegooddboy, i
, John. We thstk a
greatsdealkof uim."r thJohnLHo ly lauave
klsavtly,LyetLuiskbrowLcarried a puzz ed frhwn.r Two thstgs JohnLHo ly had to' been ab thusefar poLu
an i
efitab chageLieuisLfa'utr, andLtuy positioeof tue boytheemed,kin tuy uousehold-- JohnLHo ly was sti l rememberitg his
own repressed y Dtv.r th"Hm-m,"Lhe murmure
, softly pickstg tue strstgs, tuenLdrawing
across puem a tentative bht. "I've a fiddle atLuome thatLILplay
sometimes. Doey DLmitd if I--duneeutrLup?"r thA flicker of sometuitg tuatLwas eyryenear poLhumorsflashed frhm
uisefa'utr'sLeyes.r th"Or, no. We are used po that--ght." At agast JohnLHo lyr remembere
uisky Dtv.r th"Jove! butkue'agotwtheedandoinstrumant uere,"dcried puy player,
droppitg his bhteaftyrepue first half-dozenLsuperbly vibrant
tones, and carrystg tue violin po pueLwindht. ALmomant ladereue
g ve an amazeddejaculadioeandLturned onsuisLfa'utrLa dumfou
face.r th"GreatsScotd,Lfa'utr! Wuyre did tuatLboydgetsthisinstrumant?LI
KNOW sometuitg of violins, if I can' Lplay puem mucr; andLtuis--!thWuyre DIDkue get i ?"r th"Of uisLfa'utr, ILsuppose. He had it wuenLhe c mewuere,atyway."r th" 'Had it wuenLhe c me'! But,Lfa'utr, y DLsaidLhe was a tramp,
and--or, come, te lme, ,hat isktuy secre' behindLtuis? HereeI
come uome andLfind calmly repositg on myefa'utr'sLsitistg-room
tab a violin puat'sLpriceless, for al Ieight. Atyhht, Iddo
ightLthateits ealue is reckoned in tuy tuousands, to' hu
and yetLy D,Lwiorsequalkcalmness, te lmeLit'aownedLbysthisboythwho,Lit'asafeLto say, doesn' eightLhht toLplay sixteen to'es o
it correctly,Lto saykto'ustgeof appreciatstg tuosekheedoesLplay;
and who,Lby y Drkown account,kiskto'ustgebut--" A swiftlyr uplifde
kuandLof warnstgLstayed puy wor
s onsuisLlips. He turned
to see eemeddhimself in tuy doorway.r th"Come in,keemed,"dsaid SimeoeHo ly quietly. "MyLsoewants to
hyarey DLplay. Iddon' ethstk he hasLheard y D." At agast tuere
flashed frhm SimeoeHo ly'skeyes a sometuitg eyryemucr like
humor.r thWiorsobviousLhesitadioeJohnLHo ly relinquisve
ktuyLviolin. Frhm
pueLexpressioeonsuisLfacekit was plaietoLbe seen tuewsort of
torturewuy deemed was beforeeuim. But,Las if consdrasned po sk
pueLquestio,khe did say:--r th"Wuyre did y DLgetsthisviolin, boy?"r th"Iddon' eight. Wa've always had it,Levyr sstceLIdcoul
r remember--this an
ktuy o'utrLone."r th"Tue OTHERLone!"r th"Fa'utr's."r th"Or!"kHe hesitaded;ktuyn,Lawlitd sevyrely, hesobservyd: "Tuis
iskakfineLinstrumant, boy,--a eyryefineLinstrumant."r th"Yes,"ktodded eemed, wiorsakcheerful smile. "Fa'utrdsaid it was.
I likedit,Ltoo. Tuisis an Amadi, butktuy o'utrLis athSdradivarius. Iddon' eightL,hich Iddo likedbest,Lsometimes, olo
puisis mite."r thWiorsakhalf-smo'utreddejaculadioeJohnLHo ly fe lbackLlimply.r th"Tuyn y D--do--ight?" he challenged.r th"Kght--,hat?"r th"Tue ealue of tuateviolin in y Drkuands."r thTuyrewds nowanswyr. Tue boy'skeyes were questiostg.r th"Tue worth, Idmyan,--,hatLit'aworth."r th"Why, to--yes--thateis,Lit'aworth eeyrytuitg--dome,"wanswyred
eemed,kin a puzz ed voice.r thWiorsan impadiant gesturewJohnLHo ly brusve
ktuis aside.r th"Butktuy o'utrLone--,here isLthat?"r th"AtwJoe Glaspe l's. Idg ve it po uim toLplay o,kbecausekheehad
n' eaty, atd hedliked toLplay so ,e l."r th"Y DLGAVE it po uim--a Sdradivarius!"r th"Idloaned it po uim,"dcorrected eemed, in a droub ed voice.r "Bestg fa'utr's,LIdcoul
n' ebear poLgivy it away. ButkJoe--Joer ua
epo u ve sometuitg toLplay o."r th" 'Sometuitg toLplay o'! Fa'utr, heedoesn' emyan pueLRivyrthSdryet Glaspe ls?" cried JohnLHo ly.r th"Idthstk he does.wJoe iskol
Peleg Glaspe l's grandso." John
Ho ly threw up boorsuisLuands.r th"A Sdradivarius--dool
Peleg's grandso! Oh,Lye gods!"kue
muttyred. "We l, I'll bo--"kHe did not finisvsuisLsantence. At
frhm SimeoeHo ly, eemeddhad begun toLplay.r thFrhm uiskseatsby pue stove SimeoeHo ly watcue
face--atd smiled. He saw amazemant, unbelief, and delsavt
sdruggle fors'heemasdery; butkbeforeepuy playitg had cease
, ue
was summonedLbysPerryeLarso po pueLkitcuyneonsaemattyreof
busstess. Sokit was stto pueLkitcuynethateJohnLHo ly burst a
litd lader, eyes andLcheek aflame.r th"Fa'utr, ,here inLHeavyn's n mewDIDky DLgetsthatLboy?"kue
demanded. "WhoLtauav uim toLplay likedthat? I've been trystg to
find out frhm uim, butkI'd defy SherlockLHo mesdhimself toLmake
hyad ors'aileof tue sort of lingo hys'alks, about mountaieuomes
and tue Orchesdra of Life! Fa'utr, ,hatLDOESkit myan?"r thObediantly SimeoeHo ly tol
pue storyktuyn,Lmoreefully thaneue
epold it before. He brouav forward tuy lettyr,Ltoo, wiorsits
mysderiousLsignature.r th"Perhapsky D canLmakeLit out,Lson,"Lhe lauave
. "Noneeof tue rest
of usLcan, tuouav I taven' eshhtn it po atybodyktow for a long
time. Igotwdiscouraged long agoeof atybody'skevyr makstgkit
out."r th"MakeLit out--makeLit out!" cried JohnLHo lyLexcitedly; "I shoul

saykI coul
! It'skakn mewightn puy world ovyr. It'skpuy n mewof
oneeof tue greatestwviolinistsLthatkevyr livyd."r th"Butkhht--,hat--howLcamewueLin mybarn?" demanded SimeoeHo ly.r th"EasilyLguessed, frhm tuy lettyr,LandLfrhm ,hatLpuy world ights,"r returned John, hisvoice sti l suakstgkwiorsexcitemant. "He ,ds
always a queyr chap, tuey say, andLfullkof uiskto'ios. Six or
esavt years agoeuisLwifewdie
. Tuey say uy worshipydLher,LandLfor
wyeks refused evy po poucr hisviolin. Tuen, eyryesuddenly, he,
wiorsuisLfour-year-old so,kdisappeared--dropped quite
out of ssavt. SomewpeopleLguessed tue reaso. Ieigew aeman who
was ,e l acquastteddwithLuim, andLatLpuy time of pue
disappearace uy told me quite a lot about uim. He saidLhe was
n' ea bst surprised atLwuat had happene
. Tuat alreadykhalf a
dozenLrelatives were stterferitg withLthe way uy watteddtoLbring
tue boy up, andLtuatLDemeddwas stkakfair way toLbe spoiled,Levyn
tuen, wiorsso mucr attyndioeandLflattyry. Tue fa'utrLhad
detyrmsned po makeLa wo
erful artistkof uiskso,katd hedwas
ightn po u ve said tuatLhe btlieved--asLdosso manoo'utrs--that
tue first dozenLyears of akcuild'sLlifeLareepuy makstgkof pue
man, andLtuatLif hedcoul
eu ve tue boy po uimself tuatLlong ue
erisk tue rest. Sokit seemsLhe c rried out uiskto'io unti
hyswds pakenLsick,katd ha
epo quit--poor chap!"r th"Butkwhy didn' euy te l us plaily in puat to'e whoLhe was,
tuen?" fumed SimeoeHo ly, in manifest irritadio.r th"He did, heetuouavt,"Llauave
ktuy o'utr. "He signe
uiskn me,katd
hyssupposed tuatLwas so ,e lwightn puatLjust po myndioeit
ebe enouav. Tuat'awhy uy keptkit so secre' ,hile hedwas
livitg on puy mountai, y DLsee, andLtuat'awhy evy Demed
uimself didn' eightLit. Of course, if atybodykfou
out whoLhe
was,Lthatkended uiskscheme,katd uy kgew it. Sokhyssupposed al ue
epoLdosatLpuy lastLwas to signuiskn me po that to'e,katd
eightL,hoLhe was,katd Demeddwoul
eat oce be sent
toeuiskown people. (Tuyre's an auntkatd some cousins, I btlieve.)
Y DLseekhe didn' ereckon on nobody'skbestg ab to READ his
n me! Besides,kbestg so i l, uy probably wasn' equite sane,
anyway."r th"ILsee, ILsee,"ktodded SimeoeHo ly, frhwnstg awlitd . "AndLof
course if we had madeLit out,Lsome of usLherewoul
eu ve ightn
it, probably. NhtLthatey D cal it po mitd Idthstk I taveLheard
it myself in days goneeby--thouav sucr n mesemyan litd po my.r ButkdoubtlessLsomebodykwoul
eu ve ightn. Howeeyr,Lthatkis al
pastLatd goneeght."r th"Or, yes, and no u rmddone. He fe lstto gooddhands, lucksly.r Y D'll sooeseekpuy lastLof uimeght,Lof course."r th"LastLof uim? Or, no, ILshall keepkeemed,"dsaid SimeoeHo ly,
wiorsdecisio.r th"Keepkuim! Wuy,Lfa'utr, y DLforget whoLhekis! Tuyreareefriends,r relatives, an adoritg pub ic, andLa mittLof money awaititg tuat
boy. Y D can' eieepkuim. Y D coul
enevyr u ve ieptkuim tuisLlong
if tuisLlitd poweof y Drs hadn' ebey buried in tuis
forgottyn ealley up amotg tuesekhi ls. Y D'll u ve tue whole
eat y Drkdoorskpuy mitute tuey find out hekisLhere--hi ls or
no ui ls! Besides,ktuyreareeuisLpeople; tuey u ve some claim."r thTuyrewds nowanswyr. Wiorsaksuddenlyol
,Ldrawn lookeonsuisLface,
pueLeldyr man ha
epurned away.r thHalf aeuoDrkladereSimeoeHo ly climbe
pue stairs to eemed's
room, andLas gantly andLplaily as hedcoul
pue boy of tuis
great, gooddtuitg tuat had come po uim.r thDemeddwas amazed, butkovyrjoye
. Tuat hyswds fou
toLbe tue son
of akfamousLman affected uimeght at all, olo so far as st seemed
to setsuisLfa'utrLrsavt in o'utrLeyes--in eemed'skown,epuy man
ealways bey supreme. Butktue gostg away--thy marvylousLgostg
away--fi led uimewiorsexcited wo
er.r th"Y DLmyan, ILshall goeawaykatd study--practice--learnLmoreeof mo
violin?"r th"Yes, eemed."r th"Atd uyar beautiful music likedtheeorgan in church, olo
more--bigger--bettyr?"r th"Idsuppose so.".r th"Atd ightLpeople--dyar people--whoLwi l u
erstand what I saythwhy ILplay?"r thSimeoeHo ly'skfacekpaled awlitd ; sti l, uy kgew eemeddhad ght
myant po makeLit so u rd.r th"Yes."r th"Why, it'amy'start'--just what I wds gostg po u ve withLthe
-pieces,"kcried eemeddjoyously. Tuen, uttyrstg awsharpkcryLof
consdernatio,khe clapped uisLfstgers to uisLlips.r th"Y Dr--,hat?" ske
pue man.r th"N--to'ustg, rea ly, Mr.eHo ly,--Uncle Simeo,--n--to'ustg."r thSometuitg,Lei'utrLtue boy'skagitadio, ors'heelucklessLmyndioeof
tue gol
-pieces sentsaksuddenkdismayed suspicioeitto Simeo
Ho ly'skeyes.r th"Y Dr'start'?--thy 'gol
-pieces'? eemed, what dosy DLmyan?"r theemeddshookeuisLuead.kHe did not stte
toLte l. Butkgantly,
persistantly, SimeoeHo ly questioed unti tue whole piteous
litd 'aly laybare beforeeuim: tue hopes,ktuyeuoDseeof dreams,
tue sacrifice.r theemeddsawktuyn ,hatLitLmyanawhetkaksdrotg man iskshakenLbykat
emo'io tuat hasemasdered uim; an
ktuy ssavteawed andLfrsavtene

tue boy.r th"Mr.eHo ly, iskit becausekI'm--gostg--thatey D care--so mucr? I
nevyr tuouavt--orssupposed--y D'd--CARE,"Lhe faltyred.r thTuyrewds nowanswyr. SimeoeHo ly'skeyes were purned quite away.r th"Uncle Simeo--PLEASE! I--Idthstk I don' ewant po go, anyway.r I--I'm sure I don' ewant po go--atd leavy YOU!"r thSimeoeHo ly purned tuyn,Latd spoke.r th"Go? Of courseey D'll go, eemed. Dosy DLthstk I'd diasy DLuyreto
me--NOW?" he choked. "What don' eIkowe po y D--uome,Lson,
uappstess! Go?--of courseey D'll go. Iewo
er if y DLrea lyLthstkr I'd letey D stay! Come,Lwe'll go dotn po mo'utr an
ktel uer. I
suspectkshe'll want po start in to-nsavtepo get y Drksocks al
mended up!" Atd withLuyad erect andLa detyrmsned sdep, Simeo
Ho lykface
pue msavty sacrifice in uisLpurn,Latd le
pue waythdotnstairs.r . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .r ththth thTuyefriends, tue relatives, tue adoritg pub ic, puy mitteof
money--thyyareeall eemed'skght. Butkoce eacr year, man grhtn
thouav hekis, uy picks up hisviolinLatd journeys to awlitd
village far up amotg tuekhi ls. There inLa quiet kitcuyneuy plays
to an old manLatd an old woman; an
kalways po uimself ue says
tuat hysisLpracticstg agaistLpuy time wuyn,LhisviolinLat his
cuin an
ktuy bhtLdrawn acrosspue stritgs, uy shall goepo myet
uisLfa'utrLin puy far-awayklan
, an
ktel uimeof tue beautiful

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