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Increasing Efficiency In Business by Walter Dill Scott

Part 6 out of 6

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and, in short, of everything that is dear to the imagination of a healthy
American boy.''--New York Sun.

Bacon--While Caroline Was Growing. By JOSEPHINE DASKAM

Only a genuine lover of children, and a keenly sympathetic
observer of human nature, could have given us this book.''
Boston Herald.

Carroll--Alice's Adventures, and Through the Looking Glass. By
One of the immortal books for children.''

Dix- A Little Captive Lad. By MARIE BEULAH Dix.

``The human interest is strong, and children are sure to like it.'' Washington

Greene--Pickett's Gap. BY HOMER GREENE.

``The story presents a picture of truth and honor that cannot fail
to have a vivid impression upon the reader.''--Toledo Blade.

Lucas--Slowcoach. By E. V. LUCAS.

``The record of an English family's coaching tour in a great old-
fashioned wagon. A charming narrative, as quaint and original as
its name.''--Booknews Monthly.

Mabie--Book of Christmas. By H. W. MABIE.

``A beautiful collection of Christmas verse and prose in which all
the old favorites will be found in an artistic setting.''--The St.
Louis Mirror.

Major- The Bears of Blue River. BY CHARLES MAJOR.
`` An exciting story with all the thrills the title implies.''

Major--Uncle Tom Andy Bill. BY CHARLES MAJOR.

``A stirring story full of bears, Indians, and hidden treasures.'' Cleveland

Nesbit--The Railway Children. By E. NESBIT.

``A delightful story revealing the author's intimate knowledge of
juvenile ways.''--The Nation.

Whyte- The Story Book Girls. BY CHRISTINA G. WHYTE.

``A book that all girls will read with delight--a sweet, wholesome
story of girl life.''

Wright- Dream Fox Story Book. BY MABEL OSGOOD WRIGHT.

``The whole book is delicious with its wise and kindly humor, its
just perspective of the true value of things.''

Wright- Aunt Jimmy's Will. BY MABEL OSGOOD WRIGHT.
Barbara has written no more delightful book than this.''

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