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In Morocco by Edith Wharton

Part 4 out of 4

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colors of
taken by the French
Tetuan, bronze chandelier of
Timbuctoo, the Sultanate of
Tingitanian Mauretania
Tinmel, ruins of mosque at
Tlemcen, the conflict for
Touaregs, the
Tower, of Hassan
of the Koutoubya
Tunisia, Almohad sanctuary of

Vandals, the, African invasion by
Veiled Men, the
Versailles and Meknez
Villages, "sedentary"
Volubilis, ruins of
bronze _sloughi_ of
founded by Romans

Wedding, Jewish, procession bringing gifts for
Windus, John
Women, Moroccan,
dress of
of Sefrou
of the harems
in Sultan's harem
in harems of Old Fez
in harem of Marrakech
in harem of Rabat


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