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Contigo Pan y Cebolla by Manuel Eduardo De Gorostiza

Part 5 out of 5

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*reposar* repose

*representacion* _f._ performance, production

*representante* _m._ representative

*representar* act, represent

*reproducir* reproduce

*republica* _f._ republic

*repugnar* repudiate

*repulsa* _f._ repulse

*requerer* require, demand

*requisito* requisite

*Resaca* Resaca de la Palma (small town in Texas on the Rio Grande,
near which the American forces defeated the Mexicans in battle in

*residir* reside

*resignacion* _f._ resignation

*resignar* resign

*resolver* solve; resolve, decide

*respecto: ---- de* concerning

*respeto* _m._ respect

*respetuoso* respectful

*respirar* breathe

*responder* answer; *---- de* answer for

*respuesta* _f._ answer

*restante* remaining

*resto* _m._ rest; _pl._ remnants, remains

*resuelto* (_pp. of_ *resolver*) resolute

*resultado* _m._ result

*resultar* result; turn out

*resumen* _m._ resume, summary

*retirar(se)* withdraw

*retratar* portray

*retrato* _m._ portrait

*reunir(se)* unite, join; gather

*revelar* reveal

*reves* _m._ reverse; *al ----* on the contrary

*Revillagigedo (Revilla Gigedo), Juan Vicente de*, ablest of the
viceroys of New Spain, ruling over Mexico as the 52d viceroy from 1789
to 1794

*revolucion* _f._ revolution

*rezar* pray; (_referring to speaking or writing_) say

*rico* rich

*ridiculo* _m._ reticule, handbag

*rigodon* _m._ rigadoon, a kind of quadrille.

*rigor* _m._ rigor; *ser de ----* be strictly in accordance with the
rules (_cf. French *de rigueur*_)

*rincon* _m._ corner

*rio* _m._ river

*ripio* _m._ scrap; *no perder ----* miss nothing

*riqueza* _f._ riches, wealth

*risueno* smiling

*Roa Barcena, Jose Maria* (1827-1908), distinguished Mexican poet,
journalist, and historian

*rodeo* _m._ turn, winding; *andar con ----s* beat about the bush

*rodilla* _f._ knee; *de ----s* on one's knees

*rogar* pray

*romantico* romantic

*romper* break

*Ronda* Ronda (city in southern Spain)

*rondon* _m._ (_French *rondon*_ swoop; impetuosity; _*en rondon*_
impetuously) *de ----* suddenly, abruptly; *entrar de ----* enter
suddenly an unceremoniously; enter without knocking

*ropa* _f._ clothing

*rosa* _f._ rose

*ruido* _m._ noise

*ruin* low, base

*sabana* _f._ sheet

*saber* know; hear (_in the sense of_ find out, discover)

*sacar* take out

*sacerdotal* sacerdotal

*sacrificar* sacrifice

*sala* _f._ sitting-room; parlor

*salario* _m._ wages

*salchicha* _f._ sausage

*salida* _f._ exit

*salir(se)* go out; come out; leave; _fig._ turn out; *---- con la
suya* gain one's point

*saludable* healthful

*saludar* bow or speak in greeting

*salvar* save

*San* (_contraction of_ *Santo* _used before masculine given names_)
saint; holy

*sangrar* bleed

*sangre* _f._ blood; *estar de ---- fria* be cool

*santiamen* _m._ (_from the Latin words *Spiritus Sancti, Amen*_)
instant; *en un ----* in a jiffy

*santisimo* most holy

*santo* _m_. saint

*sarten* _f._ frying-pan

*satisfaccion* _f._ satisfaction

*satisfacer satisfy

*satisfecho* (_pp. of_ *satisfacer*) satisfied

*sazon* _f._ season; *a la ----* at that time, then

*se* _reflexive pron._ himself, herself, itself, themselves, for
himself, to himself, _etc._; _often with the force of an indefinite
subject_ one; = *le, les*, _in the combinations_ *---- lo, ---- la,
---- los, ---- las,* _where_ *se* _is not reflexive_

*secamente* dryly, bluntly

*secretaria* _f._ secretaryship

*secreto* _m._ secret

*secularizacion* _f._ secularization

*seda* _f._ silk

*seguida: en ----* at once

*seguir* continue; follow

*segun* as; according to

*segundo* second

*seguridad* _f._ security

*seguro* sure; true; *a buen ----* certainly

*seis* six

*selvatico* wild

*sellar* seal; stamp; *papel sellado* paper or document stamped with
the government seal so as to make it legal

*semana* _f._ week

*semejante* similar; such

*sencillo* simple

*sensacion* _f._ sensation

*sentarse* sit down

*sentido* _m._ sense

*sentimental* sentimental

*sentimiento* _m._ regret; sentiment

*sentir* feel; regret; notice; *--se* feel

*sena* _f._ sign, signal; *por mas ----s* furthermore; as a stronger

*senalar* indicate

*senor* _m._ sir; gentleman; master; _with family name of gentleman_ Mr.

*senora* _f._ lady; madam

*senoria* _f._ lordship; ladyship

*senorita* _f._ young lady; mistress, Miss

*senoron* _m._ great lord, grandee

*separacion* _f._ separation

*separar(se)* separate; leave

*sepultar* bury

*sequedad* _f._ dryness, bluntness

*ser* be; *no sea que* for fear (lest)

*sereno* serene

*serio* serious

*servicio* _m._ service

*servidor* _m._ servant

*servir* serve; *----se* be pleased; take the trouble; *----se de*
make use of; *de que ----ia* what would be the use

*sesenta* sixty

*seso* _m._ brain

*si* if; whether; _expletive_ why; *un ---- es no es* somewhat; _with
negative sometimes_ at all

*si* yes; *lo que ----* what certainly

*si* _reflexive pron. used with prep._ himself; herself; yourself;
themselves _etc._

*sibarita* _m. and f._ sybarite, lover of luxury

*siempre* always; at any rate; *---- que* every time that

*siesta* _f._ afternoon nap

*siete* seven

*significado* _m._ meaning

*significante* significant

*signo* _m._ point; *---- de admiracion* exclamation point

*silencio* _m._ silence

*silla* _f._ chair

*simpatico* likable, congenial, nice

*sin* without

*sinceramente* sincerely

*sincero* sincere

*sindico* _m._ syndic, trustee

*Sinforosa* woman's name

*sino* besides; except; but

*sintoma* _m._ symptom

*siquiera* even; at least; *ni ----* not even

*sitio* _m._ site, place

*situacion* _f._ situation

*sobrar* be more than enough; be over and above

*sobre* _m._ envelope; _prep._ on; above; over

*sobrecoger* overcome

*sobresalir* stand out

*sobrina* _f._ niece

*sobrino* _m._ nephew

*sociedad* _f._ society

*solapa* _f._ lapel

*soldado* _m._ soldier

*solemne* solemn; impressive; out and out

*solemnidad* _f._ solemnity; *pobres de ---- y solemnes pobres*
utterly and hopelessly poor

*soler* be in the habit of; be accustomed to

*solicitar* solicit; beg

*solo* _adj._ only, single, alone; *a solas* alone

*solo* _adv._ only

*soltar* loose; let go

*soltero* single, unmarried

*sombra* _f._ shade

*sombrero* _m._ hat

*sonreir(se)* smile

*sonar* dream

*soplar* blow; blow out

*sordido* sordid

*sorprender* surprise; *----se* be surprised

*sorpresa* _f._ surprise

*sortija* _f._ ring

*sospechar* suspect

*sostener* sustain, support

*Sr.* Senor

*su* his; her; its; your; their

*suave* smooth

*subir* come up; go up; climb; bring up; *---- de punto* grow,

*subsistencia* _f._ subsistence

*subterraneo* subterranean

*suceder* happen

*sucedido* _m._ happening

*sudor* _m._ perspiration, sweat

*suelo* _m._ ground; floor

*sueno* _m._ dream

*suerte* _f._ fate; luck

*sufragio* _m._ vote; favor

*sufrir* suffer

*sujeto* _m._ person, fellow

*suma* _f._ sum; amount; number; *en ----* finally

*superior* superior

*suplica* _f._ supplication

*suponer* suppose

*suposicion* _f._ supposition

*supuesto* (_pp. of_ *suponer*) supposed; *---- que* considering,
granted that; *por ----* of course

*suscitar* rouse

*suspirar* sigh

*suspiro* _m._ sigh

*sustentar* sustain

*susto* _m._ fright, scare

*suyo* his; of his; hers; of hers; its; yours; theirs; _etc._

*tal* such; *---- cual es* as he is; as she is; as it is; *el ----, la
----,* the said (_cf._ *la ---- carta* the letter in question); *----
cual vez* once in a while; *con ---- que* provided that; *no ----* no
such thing; *que ----* how goes it; *---- para cual* tit for tat; two
of a kind

*talante* _m._ expression; state of mind; *de mal ----* in a bad humor

*talento* _m._ talent

*tamano* so large; so great; such

*tamarindo* _m._ tamarind (tree or its fruit)

*tambien* too, also

*Tampico* Tampico (seaport on eastern coast of Mexico)

*tampoco* neither; nor that either; nor they either; _etc._

*tan* (_short form of_ *tanto*) as; just; so, such; *---- amigas* such
great friends

*tanto* as much; so much; _pl._ as many; so many; *tanta novela* so
many novels; *otro ----* the same thing; *en ---- que* while

*tapa* _f._ lid

*tarabilla (taravilla)* _f._ chatterbox; chatter

*tardar* delay; be long in coming

*tarde* late

*tatarabuelo* _m._ great-great-grandfather

*te* _m._ tea

*teatro* _m._ theater; stage; drama

*telarana* _f._ cobweb; *tener ----s en los ojos* not see clearly

*telegrafo* _m._ telegraph; *hacer ----s* talk by signs

*temblar* tremble

*temblor* _m._ trembling

*temer* fear

*temeroso* afraid

*temprano* _adj. and adv._ early; soon

*tendencia* _f._ tendency

*tener* have; *---- que* _with inf._ have to; *---- presente* have in
mind; remember; *---- vergueenza* be ashamed; *---- a menos* consider
beneath one; *---- cuidado* worry; *que tiene* what is the matter

*tercero* third

*Teresa* Theresa; *Santa ---- de Jesus* (1515-1582) Spanish nun who
was one of the greatest of the mystical writers

*terminacion* _f._ ending

*terminar(se)* end

*termino* _m._ term; *medio ----* compromise

*terrible* terrible

*territorio* _m._ territory

*tertulia* _f._ informal gathering of friends and relations

*tesoro* _m._ treasure

*testigo* _m._ witness

*tia _f._ aunt

*Tiburcio* man's name

*tiempo* _m._ time; *a ----* on time

*tientas: a ----* at random; fumblingly, gropingly

*tierno* tender

*tierra* _f._ earth; land; *---- de por medio* space between

*tieso* stiff, stubborn

*tiesto* _m._ flower pot

*timido* timid

*tintero* _m._ inkwell

*tio* _m._ uncle

*tirar* throw, throw away; fire; *--se un pistoletazo* shoot one's

*titubear* hesitate

*titulo* _m._ title

*tocar* touch

*todavia* still; yet

*todo* all; *con ----* however

*toilette* _French word for_ dress, attire

*toma* _f._ taking

*tomar* take; *toma* _exclam._ come; the idea; there; here is

*tomate* _m._ tomato

*tonto* _m._ fool; _adj._ foolish

*topar* run across; meet by chance

*torbellino* _m._ whirlwind

*torcer* twist

*Toribio* man's name (in this play that of a man-servant)

*tornaboda* _f._ day after a wedding

*tornillo* _m._ screw

*torno: en ---- de* around

*tortilla* _f._ omelet

*tortolillo* _m._ little turtle-dove

*toser* cough

*trabajar* work

*trabajo* _m._ work; hardship

*trabucazo* _m._ shot fired from a *trabuco* or blunderbuss

*traducir* translate

*traer* bring

*tragar* swallow

*tragedia* _f._ tragedy

*tragico* tragic

*traidor* _m._ traitor

*tramo* _m._ flight of stairs

*tranquilidad* _f._ tranquillity

*tranquilizar* calm

*tras* after; behind

*trasero* back (_cf._ *puerta falsa*)

*traslucirse* be inferred

*trasto* _m._ piece of furniture (_depreciative_)

*tratado* _m._ treaty

*tratar, tratar de,* treat, deal with; arrange by agreement; try;
*---- con* associate with; *--se* be a question of

*treinta* thirty

*tremedal* _m._ quagmire

*tremendo* tremendous

*tres* three

*tresillo* _m._ card game

*tributar* pay (as homage)

*triste* sad

*tristeza* _f._ sadness; fit of sadness

*tromba* _f._ vortex

*tronar* thunder; *por lo que podia ----* for what might happen

*tronco* _m._ trunk, log

*trono* _m._ throne

*tropezar* stumble; *---- con* stumble upon; meet accidentally

*trueno* _m._ thunder

*trueque* _m._ exchange; *a ---- de* in exchange for

*tu* thou, you

*tunante* _m._ scoundrel

*tuyo* thine, yours

*ultimo* last

*unico* only

*uniforme* _m._ uniform

*uno* one; a; an; _pl._ some; a few; a pair of, a couple of

*una* _f._ finger-nail; toe-nail; *---- y carne* on very friendly

*urgir* urge

*usia* _m. and f._ (_contraction of_ *vuestra senoria*) your lordship;
your ladyship

*usted* _m. and f._ (_contraction of_ *vuestra merced*) you

*vacio* empty

*Valencey (Valencay)* site of a magnificent chateau near Chateauroux
in southern France (Ferdinand VII, after participating in the
disgraceful family bickerings before Napoleon at Bayonne, was
virtually a prisoner at Valencay from 1808 to 1815)

*valer* avail; be worth; *---- mas* be better; *---- mas asi* be
better so; *valgame Dios* _exclam._ may God help me; you don't say so

*valeroso* brave

*valiente* brave; fine

*valor* _m._ valor

*valle* _m._ valley

*vamos* (_from_ *ir*) _exclam._ come; I say

*vanidad* _f._ vanity

*vano* vain

*vapuleo* _m._ flogging

*vario* various; different; _pl._ several

*vaso* _m._ glass, tumbler

*vaya* (_from_ *ir*) _exclam._ come; my goodness

*vecina* _f._ neighbor

*vecinilla* _f._ (_dim. of_ *vecina*) little neighbor

*vecinita* _f._ (_dim. of_ *vecina*) little neighbor

*vecino* _m._ neighbor; _adj._ neighboring

*vejez* _f._ old age; peevishness or whim of an old person

*vela* _f._ candle

*Velasco* family name

*vencedor* _m._ conqueror

*vencer* conquer

*vender* sell

*veneno* _m._ poison

*venir(se)* come; *--le a uno* suit; *venga mi onza* let me have my

*ventaja* _f._ advantage

*ventajoso* advantageous

*ventana* _f._ window

*ventura* _f._ luck, chance

*ver* see; *tener que ----* have to do (with); *ya se ve* it is plain

*Veracruz* Vera Cruz

*veras* _f. pl._ truth; *de ----* really

*verdad* _f._ truth; *a la ----* to tell you the truth

*verdaderamente* truly

*verdadero* genuine, true

*verde* green; young; _fig._ inexperienced; naughty

*vergueenza* _f._ shame

*veridico* true; true to life

*verificarse* take place

*verosimil* probable

*verosimilitud* _f._ likelihood

*versatilidad* _f._ fickleness

*vestido* _m._ dress

*vestir dress

*vez* _f._ time; *otra ----* again; *de una ----* all at once; *a su
----* in their turn; *en ---- de* instead of; *las mas veces* most of
the time

*viajar* travel

*vicio* _m._ bad habit

*victima* _f._ victim

*vida* _f._ life; living; *por ---- mia* upon my word; *por mi ----*
(_exclam. of entreaty or supplication_) for pity's sake; as you love
me; *en mi ----* never

*vidriero* _m._ glazier

*viejecito* _m._ (_dim. of_ *viejo*) little old man

*viejo* old; _m._ old man; *ir a ----* be getting old; *el Viejo y la
Nina* title of a play by Moratin

*viento* _m._ wind; *ir ---- en popa* go smoothly

*viernes* _m._ Friday

*vigilancia* _f._ vigilance

*vil* vile

*vinagre* _m._ vinegar; grouchy person

*vino* _m._ wine

*violentar* do violence to; force

*virgen* _f._ virgin; *Virgen Maria* Virgin Mary, Mother of Christ

*Virginia* Virginia

*virtud* _f._ virtue

*virus* _m._ virus

*visita* _f._ visit; visitor

*viso* _m._ colored slip worn under a dress of transparent material;
*---- cana* green slip (the color of the growing cane)

*vispera* _f._ day before (a fixed date or event)

*vista* _f._ sight; glance

*visto* (_pp. of_ *ver*) seen; *por lo ----* apparently

*viuda* _adj. used as noun_ widow

*viudo* _adj. used as noun_ widower

*vivacidad* _f._ vivacity

*vivir* live

*vizconde* _m._ viscount

*vocacion* _f._ vocation

*volcanico* volcanic

*voluntad* _f._ will; good will

*volver(se)* turn; return; *---- a* _with inf._ again

*voto* _m._ vow; prayer; *---- va* _exclam. expressing astonishment or

*vuelta* _f._ turn; return

*vuestro* your

*vulgar* common, ordinary

*Washington* Washington

*y* and

*ya* already; now; yet; yes (_sometimes a more decided affirmative
than_ *si*); *---- no* no longer

*yerno* _m._ son-in-law

*yerro* _m._ error

*yo* I

*zafarse* get rid

*Zaragoza* Zaragoza, city in Spain (_English spelling_ Saragossa)

*zarandillo* _m._ (_dim. of_ *zaranda* sieve) one who steps lively
here and there; *traerle a uno como un ----* make one come and go
frequently; keep one on the jump

*zaraza* _f._ chintz

*zas* _exclam._ (_cf. English_ zip)

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