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Cameos from English History, from Rollo to Edward II by Charlotte Mary Yonge

Part 11 out of 11

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White Ship, the story of the wreck of.
William the Conqueror, son of Robert the Magnificent,
acknowledged his father's heir;
his accession;
early conspiracies against him;
defeats the rebels;
his war with Anjou;
marriage with Matilda of Flanders;
founds the Abbey of St. Stephen at Caen;
his grave and burial there;
his visit to Edward the Confessor;
Edward leaves the crown of England to him;
Harold becomes his prisoner;
obtains an oath of assistance from him;
receives tidings of Harold's coronation;
summons a parliament at Lillebonne;
prepares for the invasion of England;
lands at Pevensey;
his appearance at the battle of Hastings;
his victory there;
his coronation;
his mode of satisfying his followers;
attacks the Camp of Refuge;
makes peace with Hereward;
his high character;
his principal friends;
his many disappointments;
character of his wife;
of his daughters;
of his sons;
rebellion of Robert Courtheuse against him;
his grief at Queen Matilda's death;
his fatal accident at Mantes;
interview with his sons on his death-bed;
leaves the crown of England to William Rufus;
his death;
history of the submission of London to him;
his dealings with the Welsh.
William Rufus, his father's love for him;
interview with his father on his death-bed;
he nominates him successor to the crown of England;
his oppression of the Church and people;
rapine under him in England and Normandy;
his remorse at his sacrilege;
makes Anselm Abp. of Canterbury;
his war with his brother Robert;
his disputes with Anselm;
exiles him for life;
his friend Ralph Flambard;
increases the severity of the Forest laws;
his dream the night before his death;
his death in the New Forest;
burial at Winchester;
relics of his death still remaining;
doubts by whom he was killed;
his conduct to Helie de la Fleche.
William Etheling, eldest son of Henry I.;
marries Matilda of Anjou;
drowned in the White Ship.
William Fitzosborne de Breteuil,
his proceedings on the death of Rufus.
William of Scotland, captivity of;
purchases his freedom.
William, son of Rollo,
his father leaves him his dukedom;
surnamed Longsword;
his character;
father of Richard the Fearless;
his base murder;
burial at Rouen.
William, son of Robert Courtheuse;
given in charge of Helie de St. Saen;
his career and early death.
Winchelsea, Robert, Abp. of Canterbury,
opposes Edward I.'s exactions on the Clergy;
their reconciliation;
holds the Synod of Mertoun;
Edward's vengeance on him;
his death and character;
his denunciations of Gaveston.
Winchester, the council of;
burial of Rufus at;
Maude besieged there;
sacking of, by Simon de Montfort.
Wolves' heads, the tribute of, from Wales.
Woodstock, Fair Rosamond at.
Worcester cathedral, rebuilt by Wulstan.
Wulstan, the last Saxon bishop, account of;
chosen Bp. of Worcester;
his conduct at the council of Winchester;
legend of his staff at the Confessor's tomb;
retains his bishopric;
rebuilds his cathedral;
his death;
William the Conqueror's friendship for him.
Wych, Richard, Bp. of Chichester, history of;
his good works and death.

York and Canterbury, jealousy between.

Zoe, Empress of Constantinople,
her love for Harold Hardrada.


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